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  1. He's hot. I think the Jets take care of business next week and the Patriots game becomes huge. If Fitz can get us that win, we're cooking into the play-offs as a team no one wants to play.
  2. Chad is dumber than I thought. its easily Mac as the biggest offseason acquisition...the guy who brought in Bowles, Fitz, Marshall, Revis, Skrine, Carpenter, Gilchrist, and drafted Williams... there's one right answer to biggest offseason acquisition for the Jets, and chad is wrong. No Mac, likely no Fitz...and likely none of the other guys I mentioned, or not all of them.
  3. steelrs have den and cin next 2 games, but we need to save that potential real estate for our game vs Pats
  4. anand williams...revis, williams, cro, and gilchrist behind skriNE and Pryor mixing it up...
  5. My vote is actually a combination of Mauldin and Pryor stepping up thei game enough to carry us into the play offs. If they don't, we may be in big trouble.
  6. between Shaun Ellis, Leonard williams, and Catapano...I'm catted out (yes, I made up that word).
  7. yeah, I think it's a good idea for him to dust the cobwebs off by covering OBJ...good call...
  8. Remind me when critiquing how a professional sports team says "go team" isn't stupid... I'm going to ignore those who find the subject intellectually stimulating.
  9. have you watched the kid in December? Pass. start hot finish in a steaming pile. Plus he's bottom 3 in the league every year in completed passes over 5 yards. Captain check down...no thank you. He's a loser, IMO.
  10. I was hoping for a late flyer on Cobb Rb Minn late in the draft or Duke Johnson in the middle rds (RB Miami). Glad we got Mauldin though...not so much on Harrison OG over Cobb though. I think Cobb will eventually be the #1 back for the titans.
  11. The dline is easily the area that I was most wrong and remain disappointed with. I definitely thought when Richardson came back we'd see one of the greatest dlines ever...like when the Vikings had the Williams boys in the middle, and then you added a young John Randle to it in the draft in Williams...definitely wrong there. Watt by himself was a better dline than our 3 combined unfortunately. I thought our secondary would be elite when factoring in the pressure from the dline...qbs would have to get the ball out early, making coverage easier and with these dbs, they'd feast on qbs. No w
  12. people who talk out of both sides of their mouth are annoying in any context of life, the fact we have so many fans who enjoy SOJ feelings is especially annoying. I don't read every post on every thread so I give less than 2 sh1ts who else said your point was crap. Glad my post only confirmed what was already said. we lose and bowles fiery speeches don't work and he should be on the hot seat. We win and he isn't fiery enough in the locker room after a win. Good grief.
  13. I'd be pretty pissed if the jets acted like they accomplished something in beating the phins. so is the point of this thread that the jets are supposed to act like they lost their virginity after every win vs acting like they've been there before? And if they did act like they won the super bowl, the point of this thread wouldn't be the other way, right? "Jets over excited about beating the fins." have I ever said the Jets fanbase sucks sometimes?
  14. hard to get excited about 1 game. We've seen that movie with Kevin Kolb, AJ Feeley, etc where they look good in spurts but once the game film is out they fall apart...that's what happened to him with the Rams. I can't imagine with McCown and Manziel the Ravens spent much time game planning for Davis. I'm not sold with a week of preperation he looks as good as last night and looks more like the guy the rams cut....
  15. I'm guessing Tonya Harding could use some $$$
  16. right? Though I do wonder why we still have fans stroking Rex as his team stands 5-6 with the red hot Texans coming to town. They haven't won a game after winning their super bowl versus us in classic Rex fashion; and despite being 3 point favorites this week, I'm sure no one would be surprised if they're eliminated from the play-off race this week with another rex like collapse from shooting his wad too early in the season with a meaningless, at this point, game against us...but I guess some like that sort of thing and miss it...
  17. which is why the video I posted is so relevant...the 9ers win that play-off game because they did exactly the opposite of what you state above. You play the best players and you go to the open guy. He will learn as he goes. Why was Seattle even in the Super Bowl last year? The guy who kept getting open all game was a guy who didn't catch a pass all season and went Undrafted. 130 yards later, he looks like Calvin Johnson vs the Pats secondary. You throw to the guy that's open. if we put Kerley in place of smith, it doesn't matter, because Kerley doesn't get open running those routes
  18. I think this is it. He's now just playing, likely like college, and thinking less. I think his brain was on overload last year. for all the Devin smith bashers, it's the same for him. As gaily point out, he only played 1 wR position in college and didn't need to know them all. This is the first time in smiths career he needs to know the responsibility of all 3 wR positions. Once he stops swimming in his own head, we should see the player we drafted, assuming he can master the mental gymnastics.
  19. That $7 mill cap number ensures that will happen...especially when the cut = $0 dead money.
  20. Thank the lord Tannehill sucks. Now Fitz, can you put together something that resembles an offense? You and Chan are supposed to be on the same page; so far you are, you both suck!
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