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  1. That was a silly comparison of first time head coach Bowles and Parcells who was moving into his 3rd rebuild? Do we want to compare Bowles to Gibbs return to the skins when he added Brunell and took them to the play-offs twice? Bowles is a first time head coach who is going to make mistakes...like a rookie anything...but he can work on culture while he improves and matures as a HC. He does have 100% control over that effort without worrying about learning on the job, but comparing him with hall of famers seems a bit silly. Did we think we hired Bill Parcells when we hired Bowles? By week
  2. I would bet a WR coaches response would be if you think a WR's only job is catching a football, this game is far too complicated and complex for me to even know where to begin on describing their responsibilities. We are rotating 3 different WRs in the #3 WR spot...do you think Enunwa, Devin Smith, and Kerley's responsibilties and expectations are the same when they check into the game...or do you seriously think coaches just ask them to catch the ball? Wake me up when you're ready to have a serious conversation on this topic. Devin Smith is a rookie that dropped some big balls. He isn't
  3. Yeah, if you want a smaller, less physical, slower, weaker, less help in the run game version of Decker and marshall. He's doesnt add any dimensions to the offense that isn't already on the field. Unless he's covered by a LB or safety, the advantage goes to the defense. Kerley is a classic case of a player the fanbase of the team respects him more than anyone outside the fanbase that sees him for what he is...a JAG. Smith at least has speed, Enunwa can run block, has size and speed, kerley runs good routes at his 4.6 40 time...which is why teams often put LBs and safeties on him...most of
  4. That's honestly how I feel. With Revis not here to cover Landry, I think he has a big day, maybe 130-150 yards. fitzmagic continues to be Fitzmagic and Phins win 34-17.
  5. There was once this rookie WR that struggled with drops all season long...between him and JJ Stokes it was a wonder either scrub was still on the team. Then this happened for the rookie in the play-offs and well, his career took off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iUDTAejSzw Same could be said for Javon Walker if I wanted to tell the same story for another rookie who couldn't catch and became a building block. Point is, we dont know what we have in Devin Smith, but this instant gratification we expect from draft picks is getting nauseating from our shortsighted fanbase...
  6. Good, matches all the QB classes since Eli, Rivers, Big Ben...grow some balls, do your research, and find your guy. Dont copout.
  7. Love the title of this thread...pretty sure a poster has started a thread with this exact name for our last 3 or 4 games (insert Raiders, insert Bills, insert Texans, now insert Dolphins)...guess we have some fans that think they're a broken clock... Let's see our team look like a play-off team in an actual legit game for the first time in 6 weeks and then maybe making the play-offs would actually matter. Im not sure making the play-offs would be a good thing for this team...
  8. the last 2 QBs before him at Mich St...cousins and hoyer, also guys who survived with mediocre arms in that system and supported by a top defense in the nation. Proceed with caution.
  9. agreed on that. Give me one bad game in the last 10 over 4 of the last 5 any day of the week.
  10. I can't think of a bigger expert of rectums.
  11. For all the sh!t eating grinning people have enjoyed putting Revis down this week...his coverage of Landry, especially in the red zone, including a game winning pick, was monumental in us winning that game. Not having him to cover Landry may be the difference this week.
  12. Well, for all the posts about how Kapernick is no way the guy, and that's the direction I'm leaning too...one thing is for sure, he's better than what we've got, for what's that worth. One thing you can say is he doesn't turn the ball over...56 TDS and 26INTs, for his career. Meanwhile, Fitz is on pace to throw 18 INTS this year, something that almost took Kap 4 years to do...so while he might not be the franchise qb we are looking for, this move would be considered an obvious upgrade, but likely a Tannehill quality QB. Will be interesting to see what happens after he's cut...
  13. We did steal him actually. Rotoworld reporting he graded out as one of the top special teams players in the NFL last season...not that we need help in that area...
  14. The interesting part of the story is they wanted him over Coples
  15. Mark Sanchez 2011 - 26 TDs 18 INTs 3475 yards Ryan Fitzpatrick current stats projected 16 games - 27 TDs 18 INTs and 3500 yards we have Mark Sanchez at QB again.
  16. depends if the issue is effort versus under performing. I can see a guy cut on the spot for not giving effort, versus a guy that's just getting beat while giving effort. I feel that's the difference.
  17. if you think you already know Mac is incompotent, well, I think the most incompotent thing you'll see in your life is in the mirror...
  18. if Fitz could do a lot of things, he'd be a hero...but we aren't talking about him because of what he can do, the issue is with all the things he can't do. We could start with 6 TDS and 7 INTS in the last 5 games and go from there, but the Geno like statistics and turnover rate for an 11 year vet is scary enough...we could say what's plain as day, good teams have players like Fitz as back ups not starters for a reason. No one gets excited to have Frank Reich as their week 1 starter and think play-offs, even if you start 4-1 from the outside looking in you know the 4-1 start is fools gold. F
  19. if they made f'n t-sh*ts for him when We were 4-1, which was way too much credit since he was turning the ball over 1.5 times per game (a rate that even surpassed Geno - 2014) I think it's fair to kick him when he's down too. If you're man enough to absorb the credit, you have to be man enough to shoulder some blame. If not, hand over the position because that's what playing QB in the NFL is about
  20. I don't know if it's SOJ or SOJ fans. A rebuild takes time...SOJ fans aren't patient, so I see a lot of that. Only an idiot thinks we go from 4-12 to championship game contenders. Were there some buffoons thinkING 12-4 with Ryan Fitz "never won more than 6 games in a season" Patrick? There was an entire chat board that did think we were going 12-4 with Fitzpatrick that kicked you off if you didn't agree with that. Even that site is shut down these days. Fans should be evaluating their expectations as much as the organization right now. We had the #6 pick for a reason.
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