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  1. Both Decker and Marshall are shifted into the slot just as much for mismatches as it is because Fitz cant throw outside the numbers. Our offense minimizes the plays he just cant make.
  2. For all the Enunwa makes no difference post in this thread, so far in this game the longest play of the game is 16 yards...on the catch that just set up our only points. The guy has a place in our offense that is value add.
  3. career .500 qb rYan fitzpatrick? May want to check that, last year he went 6-6...that was his best career record in a season. He had a top 3 run game, Andre Johnson and Hopkins at wr, and #7 defense and he went 6-6....he never even had a .500 record in his first 10 years I n the league. I'm sure he is far worse than a .500 .qb. No way kap or Bradford are worse than fitz... Fitz if we took our green glasses off is one of the worst 5 starting qbs in the NFL.
  4. you have no idea how he would look in the system we run...no one does...
  5. Rams - likely new HC Texans - O'Brien Clevelend - likely new HC Jets - Bowles Bears - Fox Eagles - Kelly Most logical fit is Philly with Bradford a free agent, pending who likely replaced Pettine and Fisher....These are my thoughts on the teams that would at least kick the tires.
  6. If Gaily liked what he saw, I agree. I actually like the way he plays (mobile with a strong arm) for our division based on the weather. You have to look at 60% career comp 56 TDs and 26 INTs and think what you said, he'd instantly be the most talented QB on the roster. However, my concern is his mental ability to pick up what our QB needs to do. My understanding is he struggles to read defenses and progress through reads...that doesn't excite me...
  7. I would be intrigued but he wouldn't be my top choice of QB additions...
  8. Don't want him but won't be shocked if we add him after dumping Geno.
  9. Colin Kaepernick to IR, ends his season, likely time with 49ers Posted by Michael David Smith on November 21, 2015, 2:06 PM EST APColin Kaepernick will not play again this season. And may not ever again play for San Francisco. The 49ers announced today that Kaepernick has been placed on season-ending injured reserve. That means Blaine Gabbert is the starter the rest of the way, and he’ll be backed up by Dylan Thompson, who was called up from the 49ers’ practice squad. It’s a stunning end for Kaepernick, who just a couple years ago was widely regarded as not just a franchise quarterback but
  10. Miles staying Martin to the PS? Good for Miles.
  11. good teams make their breaks...I agree we are what our record says we are...an inconsistent team. Look at our offense, defense, and special teams...which unit can you count on showing up week in and week out? As inconsistent as our team performs, not sure how anyone can watch this team and feel they should be 7-2. They'd need to show up and perform consistently for me to feel that way. Your scenario feels like "if all the breaks went the Jets way they should be 7-2." Look at the Patriots injury list this season and tell me they aren't the ones making lemonade out of lemons...hate the
  12. Technically that's not how it works. It should say "Too bad..."
  13. we will see. I appreciate your crystal ball prediction though.
  14. When we signed cro, revis, and skrine I always felt this was going to be a red shirt year for Milliner. Now that cro has played himself out of his contract with no dead money to concern our cap situation, Milliner's value or lack there of will be next year when he likely battles Williams for Cro'a #2 spot. This is a recovery year for Milliner. I don't expect anything from him.
  15. Hoyer's been pretty efficient. He does have 4 picks and 3 lost fumbles in 7 games, so we can count on a turnovers if he had played. But he does have 13 TDs and 4 INTs...he's not playing too bad... Yates on the other hand has 4 TDs 7 INTs and 6 lost fumbles for his 15 career games...tough to sell me on Yates being too special with his 4 career TDs and 13 turnovers...even in last week's win he completed 45% of his passes...
  16. Same thing for me. I had a concussion and can't remember the evening after a certain point. I even try occasionally when people talk about the night, but I can't. I 100% know what players are talking about when they say they watch themselves on film and couldnt remember any of the plays they were watching on film.
  17. that's what fins fans say about Tannehill every year...then December comes. well, if the fact he hasn't beat a team with a winning record since 2011 doesn't bother you, and he continues to under perform in big moments doesn't bother our easy to please fan base (sarcasm), I guess he's fine...
  18. why are you concerned? Haven't you blindly bought into Fitzmagic, Especially after last week's spectacular showing? im going to have a hard time watching another week of a 86 year vet staring down WRs, missing decker run wide open on a clear out route (shouldnt you throw it to the guy the middle of the field was cleared out for, not force the ball to an injured well covered Marshall), and essentially look like Geno Smith 2.0 much longer...we're seeing some bad habits from Fitz lately...
  19. wait, wait, wait...the 8-0 bengals hold the Texans to 10 points and lose...despite Miami hanging 44 points on the same defense a couple weeks earlier, and it's okay that they lost to the Texans with TJ Yayes at QB...but there's no excuse for the Jets? Huh, makes sense to not me...
  20. our defense needs to make some plays this week. While our defense was very solid vs the bills...their D made things happen and ours didn't. I'd like to see 1-2 turnovers because I know we are good for that many...
  21. A better question is will any of you truly give a damn?
  22. Bengals couldnt beat him but beat everyone else...do they not deserve to make the playoffs either?
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