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  1. Easily the butt fumble, then followed buy the last decade plus of utter ineptitude..
  2. I like the idea of trading down from #2 and picking Lance. You can either trade Sam for more draft capital or use him as a starter this year and let Lance sit for a year.
  3. If you get one of the streaming services that are legal that has local stations, all you need to do is get a VPN that uses a server in the New York area for Jet games. I have been looking into this and will try and this into my viewing this fall. So far NordVPN is the best option to get the New York Market. Express VPN does not have a server in NY. Hope this helps
  4. You need to check out the University of Minnesota's OL.. They have a guy bigger the Becton.....plus the rest of the OL is larger than the average NFL OL I believe.
  5. K. Roger and Bowles need to go, those 2 seem to sink this team over and over again..
  6. If the kid from Missouri comes out , I think he should be in contention for the pick. I think he plays on the 27th vs Texas
  7. Any thoughts on Lock from Missouri, could be another 1st round option.
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