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  1. great bands - but to me swift seems a bit girly teeny bopperish for a grown men who play pro footy. but i have to remember they dont make music like they used to
  2. theres nothing wrong with any of those music geniuses - not a Denver fan, but hes a legend but taylor swift
  3. Atleast it’s out of his hands - unlike tyreek
  4. Whoa!! somethings going down
  5. Draft carter - the kid has insane moves and can catch. Look at his tape if you haven’t yet
  6. Can’t they agree to trade in principle - and finalize it when the league year begins?
  7. A little different since Darnold atleast got to practice with his scrubs Baker got to practice with them for 20 min in a hotel parking lot
  8. Jets won’t win - even browns practice squad receivers Chubb, hunt and hooper is all they need since we also have a 2nd amd 3rd string secondary.
  9. Jags will win. I’ve said it once on here and I’ll say it again. They’re winning the game Me: jets will get Trevor 12/25/20
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