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  1. Nope saw him two weeks ago in Niagara Falls and he was so thin that he looked sick...no way he’s coming back I know he Has started a line of supplements - this I’m thinking is the announcement but like a few posters said....who gives a sh*t
  2. i get what you mean..i do but i take my chances, hes that good of course if we dont get the first pick this conversation means nothing
  3. i was on the "no way you trade darnold" bandwagon if you will.....but after losing all these games, him playing like a worse version of neil oddonell, - and just a few min ago watching highlights of tua, who looks like russel wilson meets lamar jackson. i say trade darnold for a 2 - trade leveon and, adams for 2 and a 3 respectfully. build around tua. hes going to be a bonafide star IF WE GET THE FIRST PICK I ONLY DO THIS SINCE TUA IS GETTING TAKEN FIRST
  4. Individual drills tomorrow and depending on how that goes, is how they will determine if he participates in full practice Friday
  5. goodness gracious, he still following the jets on IG - im looking at it as i type this

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