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  1. Draft carter - the kid has insane moves and can catch. Look at his tape if you haven’t yet
  2. Can’t they agree to trade in principle - and finalize it when the league year begins?
  3. A little different since Darnold atleast got to practice with his scrubs Baker got to practice with them for 20 min in a hotel parking lot
  4. Jets won’t win - even browns practice squad receivers Chubb, hunt and hooper is all they need since we also have a 2nd amd 3rd string secondary.
  5. Jags will win. I’ve said it once on here and I’ll say it again. They’re winning the game Me: jets will get Trevor 12/25/20
  6. I look at it this way. No one thought the jets had a fighting chance against the rams in LA - so why can’t the jags beat the Bears - a much more inferior team than the Rams in Jacksonville??? this is not over by a long shot
  7. Hell will freeze over before this scenario comes to fruition unfortunately......
  8. Why is it every time they show gase on the sideline he’s doing a crossword puzzle?
  9. This sticks out for me the most even if there were plays more exciting. Watching as 14 year old in s fla and wearing my Gastineau jersey the next day in HS made it extra sweet
  10. Well this explains why no one has signed him as of yet the dudes living in a alternate reality
  11. he also plays with wynonas big brown beaver
  12. Even if they have a vaccine by September it has to undergo testing on human subjects - then after several months an approval - then it has to be produced, which at the fastest rate is about 4 million a month a vaccine won’t be ready for a good 2 years for everyone minimum
  13. Prob because buffalo is more talented on both sides of the ball
  14. Before I opened it I looked at the date to make sure it wasn’t 4/1 ****er...
  15. He should be the pick. If hes there - you have to take him I’ll understand if they take a tackle - but this kid is going to be a star
  16. not trading him last year turned out to be a big blunder...
  17. he doesnt have enough weapons around him....the article isnt off base at all.
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