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  1. How old is he now? Could be a good veteran pick up and some insurance for RT
  2. Mastering the playbook should be the easy part for Hack. His football IQ is what you look for when evaluating potential franchise qbs. With this I would expect he will not struggle with making protection adjustments ( especially if he has forte by his side). I honestly expect to see him make good reads and more often than not throw the ball to the right receiver. Taking all of that away, if the ball is thrown to the right receiver (i.e. he diagnosed the defense, made the adjustments, put the receiver in a position to succeed) has his mechanics improved that the ball will be in the ri
  3. Powell, Forte, Enunwa, Anderson. I was close to removing Powell and adding ASJ, but with him missing games to start the season and us having such a ? at qb its hard to imagine having too many players hitting 40+ receptions.
  4. I have no idea who will be available next year but there is a good chance we will need to use some of the money on the offensive line. RT, LT and C are still major question marks heading forward. If any of them faulter this year we will want to go look for the best to protect that 1st round qb we will be drafting in 18.
  5. Honestly this is very impressive coming from a rookie. We were all told he was a natural born leader but to already be taking the reigns and taking verbal command of the defense on the field is a really good sign for us.
  6. I believe most of the complaints are coming from some of the moves the front office has done this offseason. Its not the cuts but how they have been done for career jet players that have rubbed some of the fans the wrong way. There is no excuse to release Mangold through a phone call while he is on vacation with his family. I get it, its a ruthless business but it also shows a complete lack of appreciation from the franchise to a player that has done everything he has been asked to do, been named to multiple pro bowls and has never once been an issue for the team. Harris and Decker are
  7. The reality is McCown started OTA's because he has run an NFL offense that has similar language to what Morton is running. Give the young guys ( Petty and Hack) some time to adjust to another new offensive scheme / language before we crown McCown the king of the tank.
  8. You only get a comp pick if you are not active in free agency. The reality is that we have 60+ mil in cap room next year and will be active in free agency which destroys any chance of accumulating any comp picks.
  9. Seriously, that florida georgia game is one of the best tailgating experiences you will ever have.
  10. He is our new version of Bryan Thomas. Always setting the edge, doing the dirty work and racking up 4-6 sacks a year. Not only do we need an OLB that can do that I will take that any time for a 3rd round pick.
  11. McCown is a litmus test. If Petty or Hack cannot outperform a 37 year old perennial back up quarterback then we have a pretty good idea what to expect out of the young bucks. Could they develop better with more years down the road? Sure, but if neither of them show just the raw talent to win the job we should be in full tank mode for a qb next year and let Mccown get his 1 or 3 wins this year.
  12. I gave it an A. Fills a need and was the BPA. Guy has all the tools and heart to become game changer / household name in our secondary. Lets hope he can reach his ceiling.
  13. Completely forgot about the drug issues, my bad
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