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  1. Does anyone know if it will televised anywhere?
  2. As far as I'm concerned this is on the agent. Wants to get a reputation in the field for driving tough bargains and winning and is not open to negotiating, ie. giving something up to get something.
  3. 41+. As a matter of fact I am exactly twice the 41. When I started watching pro ball in college in the late fifties (yes 1950ies) I rooted for the Giants because they were the only game in town. The Titans were a fun addition and when they became the Jets and got Broadway Joe I began rooting for the underdog. I was for trading down and building the team, though now that I see that they didn't even discuss a trade with the 49ers I realize that they are serious about starting fresh and are most likely to draft a QB. I am developing trust in the FO and can go either way. I'm an optimist (at
  4. I think Clark is end of Winters, not Edoga. Frees up around 7 million to spend on a free agent/after draft cut.
  5. I started living with my wife some fifty years ago. The first decade or so we went through the bullsh*t so eloquently described in the above postings. At some point, many years in, I proposed a new way of doing things and, wonder of wonders, she said she liked the idea. Simple and elegant, the concept is that the presents are a surprise....... to the giver. With this scheme, as the Xmas or birthday season approaches we buy ourselves exactly what we want, up to a predetermined limit. On the happy day we unwrap the perfect gift and it is usually a happy surprise to the one who nominally gave the
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