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  1. It’s spread so blatantly like a HS rumor how can one believe it, total opposite of this front offices personality. Rosen/Darnold or bust.
  2. QB player comparisons

    Darnold = Tony Romo Rosen = Matt Ryan Mayfield = Steve Young Allen = Kerry Collins Rudolph = Derek Anderson
  3. NYP: The Whispers around Giants’ No. 2 pick

    Logically, I don’t see how the Giants make a trade back if it isn’t for a top 5 pick. That means they would be passing up a QB, Barkley, Chubb or Nelson for B replacement. Makes zero sense.
  4. Sadly for me, and the Browns too, I believe a lot of this.
  5. Your final ranking of the 5 QBs

    Rosen ——— Mayfield Darnold Falk Rudolph
  6. New Unis?

    Black looks good in some schemes. Black and green looks like vomit, people need to let this one go...
  7. My top 3 mock

    CLE - Allen NYG - Darnold NYJ- Rosen
  8. Pounding something or other
  9. Who would that be? Gettleman said his pick at number 2 is someone he sees wearing a gold jacket one day.
  10. Haven’t even began talking what happens when the Browns take Allen or Barkley and Darnold is sitting there for the Giants.
  11. The greatest probability was the Giants take Rosen, if this is, true thats gone. Gettlemen would also have to trade down for the first time as GM, in his first year as GM for a new team. Idk about you but usually people stick to doing what got them there.
  12. Josh Allen pro day...today [Friday 3/23]

    Can’t wait for the Browns to take this guy #1
  13. The hype for this guy is Jamarcus Russell esque, its getting embarrassing.
  14. Hard for me to believe the Giants trade out of their spot. They addressed their biggest need at LT in FA and can continue to fill in the line with vets and mid round guys. Two huge needs staring them right in the face with the QB depth and ridiculous talent in Barkley. To ever be this high in the draft again with this situation is slim to none (unless you’re CLE).