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  1. I heard on NFL radio he is not yet, but should be by training camp. Could also be his last year on the team if he doesn’t perform, he becomes a cap savings cut option in 2023.
  2. Schedule goals to not drown: Win at least 2 games in October. Go 3-3 in the division.
  3. Remove all the defensive stats and be top half in both 3rd down stops and pts against.
  4. He’s from a zone blocking scheme and will probably be way ahead of those guys as far as experience making calls in that type of system. Could most likely fill in either T spot this year in a pinch. Long term value will depend on how he develops.
  5. Both 4th rounders sound developmental but at least fit the scheme.
  6. Awesome, looks to be right around when Jets were starting to ascend.
  7. My top 6 in order: Hall Dean Watson Brisker Jones Ebiketie
  8. I think the whole old age thing for any drafted player is overrated. Second contracts for players are becoming increasingly hard to get because of perceived value, unless you’re a QB. They will have him for his prime years, and is drafted to contribute immediately.
  9. Feels like TB is primed to pick him, but if he is there I want him.
  10. Right idea, wrong targets. It was your boy JJII!
  11. It is high, it is farrrr, it … is … outta here!!
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