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  1. I wondered why this was the case for 3 quarters in Pitt, then in the 4th, he became a magical decision maker. Still am, something happened.
  2. JJ II is only playing 33% of Jets defensive snaps right now… he should probably be around 50.
  3. Is that Archuletta on color? When did he become a Steeler? What a buffoon.
  4. How do they say he was fine all week if he wasn’t in the concussion protocol? What are the differences between the protocol and being evaluated?
  5. I expect G. Wilson’s target volume will go down and be eaten up by a combo of Moore & Berrios.
  6. Jets have hardest remaining SOS in the league, based on records. Who knew
  7. I definitely think he will make a difference in the development of the play. Two areas where I think we will see drop off are: - More INTS -Less volume for G. Wilson
  8. This is true and probably why he is still unemployed, he’s was exposed big time in that game. Hopefully some time away has cleared his head.
  9. Only other teams in both categories, Chargers and Cardinals. But look at the talent at QB they have. FWIW Jets bottom 5 in Rush attempts and middle of the pack in Y/A.
  10. Jets still leading the league in passing attempts through 3 weeks. No balance what so ever. Excellent recipe for when Wilson comes back, I would be prepared for the INTS to start piling up unfortunately.
  11. 2 dumb plays, goes from a puny to a TD. Have to be better situationally.
  12. I kind of agree, the Browns game was back and forth always within a possession and so was the 1st half of Ravens game. The lazy answer if they always play from behind. They lead the league in PA by 17% more than the second place team and 4x as much as the last. It’s more of a WCO approach to supplement the run with short passes. It’d be nice to see them establish some kind of run game balance.
  13. Good post, Wilson needs to soak in how Flacco is getting the ball in the play makers hands and taking what the defense is giving them. They don’t need hero ball or forced throws that become turnovers.
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