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  1. Another DWB traffic violation by Mayberry cops, Gomer and Goober
  2. Giants win on 12th NLDS HFA lead is now TWO games
  3. Final week of regular season Tonight Mets off, Dodgers at SF Tues - Thurs. Mets at Phils, Dodgers at Giants Fri-Sun Gnats at Mets, Padres at Hollyweird
  4. Heading to Heathrow Thursday night arriving Friday AM Go Jets Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  5. Sorry No longer discussing, commenting or thinking about Geno The topic is worthless Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  6. Please stop insulting other posters Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  7. Doubtful That horrendous decision would be the last straw for me and many Jet fans Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  8. Thank God Todd Bowles settled the non issue that has gotten 12 rancorous, duplicative and unecessary threads started since yesterday He said Ryan's our starter. Period GeNONONO the dumpster fire of QB will not be walking on the field
  9. CONGRATS johnny, I voted for you a number of times
  10. In a close contest between johnnysd, Mike135 and Jet Nut it gives me great pleasure to announce that johnnysd has been elected President and Grand Poobah of the Geno the Trainwreck Fan Club, Pom Pom Wavers and Ruin the Jets Season society [emoji1]
  11. Somebody send this clown a gift certificate to Lenscrafters. Fitzpatrick was "Below average" for two wins but he wants the Jets to put a dumpster fire BUST who stunk for two full seasons in as the starter IMMEDIATELY Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  12. The only real mistake the Jets made yesterday was activating Punchy in the first play and awakening the club known as "Jet fans with a death wish" to unleash their demands to run this dumpster fire of a QB onto the field
  13. Go Gators FU Gnats Now back on topic... Got two of these today....
  14. Todd Bowles said the best three words a Jet fan could hear in his post game presser "RYAN'S OUR STARTER" Thank you, Coach
  15. Could have been Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin and Lance Alworth in their primes. Geno would have still thrown three picks in five throws in less than a quarter, run backwards out of field goal position, run out of his own EZ for a safety, executed a behind the back fumble that made today's Marshall lateral and Sanchez' Buttfumble look tame and been the worst rated starting QB in the NFL for two full seasons.
  16. He at least was an NFL QB for two teams.... We have loons at this forum screaming wildly and demanding that based on one half and after two solid winning games, we replace our starter with a garbage fire who has been the absolute worst rated QB for two full seasons. Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  17. Sorry about your blindness, Helen Keltic, but those of us with eyes have seen enough of Geno to recognize his stinkedness had nothing to do with weapons and everything to do with his stinkedness
  18. A voice of reason and sanity. Warning though, the Geno pom pom wavers will be launching a barrage of personal attacks and namecalling in your direction as soon as they read this. After all Fitzpatrick is not allowed one mediocre half and must be immediately benched but Geno gets two seasons as the worst in football and "just needs a bit more time to develop his massive physical tools and talent. Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  19. Don't take those odds to Vegas After a betting proposition costs you chips for 32 consecutive rolls of the dice, the odds are overwhelming that you will go bankrupt by continuing to bet on it. And Geno is the ultimate losing betting proposition Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  20. Suffered in today's game. Vick to start for Pittsburgh Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  21. Ryan Fitzpatrick is an NFL QB Bryce Petty may become a good one next season Geno Smith never has been nor never will be more than a bad backup
  22. True I understated He's a billion times better than crappy Geno Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
  23. Why would Bowles want to destroy an entire season and probably get fired by starting that pile of garbage Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
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