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  1. Do you mean Williams, then I'd agree. I might have been a little hyperbolic because he's not terrible, he's just useless with simillar but much more talented players in wilk and Sheldon.
  2. A top dlineman pick that isn't game changing or even better than his predecessor is a bust in my mind.
  3. We're not getting both. We're getting a watered down out of position Sheldon to accommodate a less talented player. Is Leonard was just depth it would suck because it would be kind of a wasted top pick, but this line would be a lot more explosive.
  4. Yeah he was a top pick. Trent Richardson still had trade value after showing how much you can suck being a featured back just because he was a top pick from a big school.
  5. The guy in your avatar, one of the most naturally talented dlineman in the league, is suffering because his versatility and athleticism is being used against him to accommodate golden boy.
  6. So who do you think the weak link on the line is?
  7. No explosiveness, no strength, no emotion. can people stop blaming wilk for getting double or triple teamed? Or Sheldon for playing horribly out of position (inside lb wtf), largely to accommodate "big cat"? Other than a flukey Bengals game this guy hasn't done squat while being single teamed all game. He's looking more like a 6th rounder than a sixth overall pick. Can we start the fire sale by getting rid of this bum while he still has trade value
  8. Bad things happen to people all the time. I'm sick of the media forcing this "woe is Jim Kelly" narrative down our throughts.
  9. Combine stats dont tell the whole story but Sheldons numbers look better. 40 times are useless for dlineman.
  10. He shouldn't be proud of his HOF career? this is a business, every player is and should be about "me".
  11. Sheldon is a freak athlete, while Williams is above average at best. I think it's ridiculous we are even comparing their athleticism.
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