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  1. Due diligence...................... PERIOD
  2. jetspenguin

    Jets +9 @ Jax

    clarification......... EX- season ticket holder 20 years and 140 posts? So basically you aint have shyt to say for 20 years and NOW you come out of the closet?
  3. jetspenguin

    Jets +9 @ Jax

    This post makes you unlikable.
  4. let's not put him in Canton yet
  5. lol I quoted you, you went back and changed it........whatever man
  6. lol IF by definition expressed doubt. You are smarter than that man....stop it.
  7. The fact that you said IF means even you doubt the validity of the video. What part are you not following?
  8. This is the problem with everything else after this........
  9. So we are ASSUMING he doesnt have the power to audible? Literally this is a video of him guessing what happened. He has NO idea if Sam could/couldnt audible or what the coaching staff is thinking. Damn it's gonna be a long 2 weeks.
  10. I dont necessarily disagree with what you said EXCEPT......... we have NO evidence that we ever had a franchise QB to ruin. The last I checked they all SUCKED to begin with and all we have proven is that we cant make shyt from shinola.
  11. They are not going to ruin him as long as he doesnt get hit a lot and honestly while he is running for his life, his mechanics are off, he is off on throws because he doesnt have time to get set but he isnt taking a lot of sacks. Aikmans first year he ran for his life too and back then the qb's werent as protected and he didnt get ruined. Carr got ruined because of the hits not the hurries. Sam looks a little skittish because he knows there is swiss cheese in front of him but he isnt stupid and he can run. As long as he doesnt take the hits he will outlast this regime and be fine.........and he probably knows it already.
  12. they said that about Belli before Brady came along too.......not advocating, just stating a fact.
  13. jetspenguin

    The next three years (Wash, Rinse, Repeat)

    Who are all these new people? and why are they ALL starting threads? News flash!!! Bowles has mostly sucked for 3 years, we dont need 12 new threads to say it.

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