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  1. lol its hilarious because the idiot who wrote this article has ZERO to do with the Jets front office and has no affiliation with them whatsoever. He is just randomly speculating and stirring the pot so fans can get all worked up over nothing. We have an offensive HC now, from the owner on down they have done nothing but make it clear they want to support Sam and change the identity of the franchise. They are even changing the damn uniforms, paid out huge money for the RB of the decade and if they trade down people here STILL think they wont even consider an offensive player? lol Cmon man...I know we have a sh*tty history but they are doing everything possible to change it right before your eyes and people still refuse to admit it because its more comfortable to bitccch and moan about what we used to do under the 47 previous defensive coaches we had.
  2. jetspenguin


    Disagree on Wentz,,he is not even close to washed up. He is the eagles QB and has looked great when playing. He has had some bad luck with the injury bug but unless that continues he will be there for 10 years and they will win with him at the position.
  3. jetspenguin


    Good points but Winston was an overrated boob. He mental make up is weak and he is too focused on crab legs to make the playoffs. Not to mention the coaching...it wasnt spectacular down there. I think now and then that Mariota was overrated but you make a good point. Geoff? Agreed, I'm not impressed, his supporting cast played as much of a role as ours did when we had "The Sanchize"
  4. jetspenguin


    This is a good one. I think we can make it in as a wild card because I think the steelers, baltimore and san diego will take a step back. I think the pats will struggle a bit but still take the east and we will sneak in at 10-6. The film the league has on Darnold in last years offense I dont think will help as much because we will run a different system this year, we have better play makers and frankly all of our offensive people didnt play together a lot last year due to injuries. There wasnt a lot of time to gel and there was a rookie leading the charge, all will improve this year. Darnold struggled a lot in the begining of the year despite all the flowers up his ass people were shoving but those last few games it was like the kid was a beast. I swear I cant remember watching a QB play for us that I said to myself ok we got the ball now, watch how we score. Truly a different QB, and I think he is gonna light it up. Plus I dont think our defense can be much worse than it was last year with Todd. Frankly, I dont see how we cant be better. I still have zero faith in Josh Allen, he is big, strong, athletic and fast. The kid is all enthusiasm and is a good leader. I just dont think he will be able to play the position at a high enough level in his second year to make them a serious threat. He needs to be a little more accurate and while his mobility is a big plus he has to get better in the pocket. He wont be able to outrun or jump over everyone for very long and the League has a year of film on him in that same offense now. Their running game will be a beast with slim shady, frank gore and chris ivory. They are all getting older but splitting the load will help when they start to break down as older players inevitably will. The 3 of them together make up 1 pretty good back but the kid will need more time. Mayfield has a squad. He BETTER make the playoffs or that fan base will lose their nut. They are already screaming super bowl but I personally have no faith in the coach. He was only a OC for 8 games and that was the first time in in his whole career I believe. He was never an OC before and was never a head coach in the league. I think he will get out coached and lose a few games because of inexperience, clock mismanagement, etc...i.e. there is a learning curve in every job and I think he has his hands full. He is managing a lot of very strong personalities and well....lets see how it goes. I wouldnt be surprised if the Browns dont make it to the playoffs but it wont be because of Mayfield, it will be because of the coach. Josh Rosen- I still think the kid has the goods, he was a deer in headlights a bit last year, wasnt able to get through his reads quick enough and that fallacy of him being the most pro ready was exposed. On the other hand I live in AZ and was able to see first hand what he was working with and the Cards did him no favors. I think by the end of the season they were starting all rookies on the Oline, the coach was on the way out, the OC had been fired, it was just a mess. I think he will definitely get traded possibly to the Giants, Redskins or Miami. I am personally rooting for Miami so we can have three young QB's in the same division developing and competing right at the time that Brady's skills diminish. I'd love to see them ride the basement floor of the division for the next ten years when Beli retires and they hire Josh McDaniels to be the HC. Oh glory day!! That being said I think ultimately he will go to Washington or the jints. He is a cheaper acquisition for the jints than a trade up for Haskins will be, it would be a media coup to have Rosen and Barkley playing together for the next 5 years, the GM will look like a genius. He has been made to look like a fool without a plan and I think he will try to pull this off and steal some spotlight from the Jets. I think Rosen needs a chance to sit behind Eli for 8 games then take over, he can win here in NY and they will love him. If he goes to the Redskins then he will not make the playoffs, they suck, the HC sucks, I dont even know how he has a job and I have less than zero faith in the ownership's ability to build a winner.
  5. "shut up L Bell, you just run the ball." Seriously?
  6. I think thats easy to see why....NY is dirty, high taxes, cranky people with bad attitudes......but it's still better than living in Cleveland.
  7. are you talking about them or us?
  8. jetspenguin

    Vontaze Burfict released by Bengals

    75k for a leg stomp...but only 10k for a kick in the nutz?!??! WTF?!?! #NUTSNOTVALUED Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  9. jetspenguin

    Offensive Line or Bust!

    Rd1- allen/bosa Rd 2- C Rd 3- CB Rd 3- LT Rd 4- RG I dont care after those holes are filled Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  10. They will sign him when his asking price comes down. Right now he thinks more of himself apparently than teams are willing to pay and as such there is ZERO chatter about him. When he gets a grip of reality then the Jets will be amongst several teams to give him a second thought. Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  11. I never get spam and just click one link to open and watch the game. I have used it for 3 years running now....but I have a pop up and add blocker on my browser so that might be why I never see any of that stuff. Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  12. pm me if you need a link to watch the games online for free...this is too easy
  13. I dont understand why people pay anymore........I see every game in hd on reddit every year, cast to my TV crystal clear.

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