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  1. I use the reddit threads but i have a popup blocker.....never even see the ads. I have been using it for years. I use https://www.standsapp.org/?utm_source=AppWindow
  2. nah....not that I am an expert BUT......if you take a closer look, you can see they were.....uhmm......."enhanced"
  3. I honestly dont care how he sounds in front of a media that I mostly have no respect for. He has the respect and recommendation of a LOT of people in the industry. I dont care if he cant spit fire into a mic.
  4. Good job done by all involved......no complaints here. Now we can get to work
  5. This.....I read page 1 and 2, skipped a few pages and then totally got lost in the t-shirt conversation. I couldnt figure out for the life of me why Douglas wanted Todd McShay to wear a god damn t-shirt to work. I literally had to read the pages backward to figure out what has everyone so riled up.
  6. except that Mac didnt hire the coach...but the acquisition of players part is correct.
  7. I thought you were "Skeptable"??? This sounds mighty optimistic there buddy
  8. no dude, NKeal is going to be a beast. I wanted us to draft him. Playing with brady is going to do wonders for his career bot as long as TB plays. Gronk may actually come back but I dont believe it. If he was on the fence he could have just held out on the announcement until he was sure one way of the other.
  9. I think Mayfield will be at a disadvantage playing against his old coach. I believe the kid is good but he isnt a world beater yet. Win
  10. THANK YOU!!! Where is all the circus is in town commentary from the media? Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  11. So they steal my Gucci sweater then heads to Bells house for accessories? I think i got the best of that deal...woop woop!! Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  12. damn, I thought I'd be the first one to say "who gives a rat's arse?" but too many of you fellers beat me to it
  13. You and I are thinking the same thing friend. Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  14. It's almost comical to see so many assume that because Gase and Douglas know each other they will automatically be on the same page more often than any other candidate. CJ can hire a completely different person and that person and Gase can still get along, be in the same page and be successful. Why the automatic if we dont hire Douglass we are doomed type of thinking? For all you know for sure....Douglas has had no positive influence in his current organization and can suck. I thought the purpose of interviewing several candidates was to formulate an opinion. Going in with your mind already made is would be an exercise in idiocy. Let the team interview the best qualified and make a choice. Gase needs to play his position and the GM can do his job. Mac failed because he was a bad GM, not because he and Gase didnt get along. Those bad picks and trades came prior to and after Gase arrived. Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.

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