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  1. No ...Palmer was good. He wasnt "great" until he hooked up with Bruce Arians in AZ....and even if I gave you that one, it's still .........just.......one..........guy.
  2. Why do you keep bringing up all those other schools? We are specifically talking about USC, none of the other schools are relevant to this specific point.
  3. so.....you're saying he shouldn't get another chance? You never played sports I guess
  4. you seriously think Brady throws those 4 int's?
  5. lol wow dude....I know he shartted himself tonight but he does get to redeem himself no?
  6. No, he is pretty much right. With the exception of Carlson Palmer most have been horrible and even Palmer didnt crank it up until later in his career. That may not have any relevance whatsoever with the success or failure of Sam but there is no string of USC QB's to hang the history on. If Sam does take us to the big be he will be the ONE success story at the position out of that school.
  7. No, don't sugar coat it. A bad game can be expected from time to time, hello I expected one tonight. I did NOT buy into all the nonsense hype from last week but this kids looks much worse than I thought I'd ever see him look. He looks Bryce Petty lost tonight. He isnt alone, the line sucks, the WR's are seriously not competitive but Sam just flat out looks like he should be benched the rest of this game...for his own good. But there is no-one else to play so he has to keep running from ghosts. Trust me tomorrow this will be a redux of the butt-fumble game as far as the media is concerned.
  8. or....he's already told Sam what to so and Sam isnt executing. If a coach says to a player you know what to do then it is more likely that player is choking, freezing, seeing ghosts, whatever. Let's be real here tonight. Gase was always a bad choice but tonight Sam looks like he doesnt belong on this field with the pros.
  9. seeing ghosts? like I am pretty sure I'v never heard a qb say that....the kid is shook
  10. what the fug is this shyt? this is what i left work early for? good freaking grief

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