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  1. Rosen too much a risk?

    hashbrown #FAKENEWS
  2. I dont know why but I keep forgetting about him....not enough media love I guess.
  3. That's fair but I wasn't comparing him to Hack. You can compare just about any QB with Hack and they will look better. My point is this, yes he is 6'5 and has a cannon and is mobile but he didn't think it was important enough to try to improve prior to draft time. And as far as being Farve, lol thats a pretty lofty comparison
  4. lol that is a problem. just sling it and see what happens wont win a lot of games in the NFL. I dont know about his mechanics but his accuracy is definitely an issue. And if his approach is so cavalier that he has not thought enough or worked enough to improve it throughout his college career what does that say about his work ethic? I have to seriously wonder about a kid who "seemingly" was able to address his accuracy issues in the combine and senior bowl but didnt think it was important enough to address all through college.
  5. He isn't Johnny Manziel

    Hahahahahahaha, wait....did he head butt that guy without a helmet on in the first few seconds of the video? Ball grabbing, pole posting, helmet smashing aint scared of jack shyt and is a odds on bet to punch Manish in the twaat? YUP, thats our boy!!
  6. makes a lot of sense except that Allen wasnt very successful in that traditional system.
  7. no not everyone agrees......I think darnold will bust Rosen Mayfield Darnold Allen
  8. THEORY: Jets are targeting Baker Mayfield

    This my friend is the answer to your question. Your argument is that he has a great record against weaker competition? The senior bowl is a very, very small sample size that cannot overcome his large amount of tape and bad stats. Any squirrel..
  9. I swear I thought about this possibility too. Teddy did pretty well when he had AP running the ball, maybe the Jets want to duplicate that success by getting him Barkley (who is a Jet at heart) to play with. That kid would LOVE to come home to play for his favorite team and Teddy would benefit from having a true beast at the RB position....but alas, we signed a RB a week ago.
  10. THEORY: Jets are targeting Baker Mayfield

    Everything you said about him is correct.....but this is also correct. He doesnt WIN, he is off target almost as much as he is on and when playing against superior talent he FOLDED up the tent and took his big arse arm home to flip pancakes.
  11. THEORY: Jets are targeting Baker Mayfield

    Are you kidding? You are using the weather as a reason? The other 2 top guys are sunshine cali boys. One with tiny hands and a penchant for turnovers and the other one is brittle. The cold will stiffen up those injuries as soon as a nice wind comes whipping through the stadium. Yes Mayfield is a leader, the kid can flat out BALL. He is a winner, no if, ands or butts. Where do you get the dink and dunk thing from? Did you see his film? He is NOT a dink and dunk QB. His arm is at least as strong as Rosen and his mental make up is better than Darnolds despite what people will tell you. I am a Rosen fan first and foremost but I am more than happy to take the kid with balls and a winning attitude. I love people who win despite the odds when people count against you. Thats the guy I want to go to war with, not a guy who is a converted QB who cant hold on to the ball in sun shiny california.
  12. THEORY: Jets are targeting Baker Mayfield

    Playing in a dome isnt relevant because Mayfield's selling point isnt arm strength although he has plenty enough. Wilson being more athletic isnt relevant either because we aren't picking Mayfield because of how athletic he is. Flutie? well he is short too People are shooting down things about Mayfield that are not the reason he is compared to Wilson and Brees. He is compared to them because of his height, nothing more nothing less, they dont have similar playing styles or personalities. We can say the same thing about Rosen and Darnold because they are not the athlete Wilson is and we still wont have a dome if they draft either of them.