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  1. jetspenguin

    Schefter: Rex in consideration for KC DC

    I remember that, great game... But I also remember all those sellout blitzes that never got to Brady at all. He lost a lot more than he won against Brady Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  2. jetspenguin

    Schefter: Rex in consideration for KC DC

    he struggles beating Brady the whole time he was here...nothing would have been different on sunday
  3. jetspenguin

    Jets are winning a Super Bowl

    Same here my man Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  4. jetspenguin

    Chiefs Fire DC Bob Sutton

    even if we didnt.......why in the world would we revisit that mess?
  5. jetspenguin

    Jets are winning a Super Bowl

    Dont know if this was sarcasm or real but I'm feeling it. lol
  6. jetspenguin

    Chiefs Fire DC Bob Sutton

    lol saw this coming. They needed a scapegoat.
  7. no thanks, we will have a ring by then
  8. My fault...sorry guys. This issue always hit home for me. but I still dont want Hunt....I think he is the product of a good line.
  9. no argument from me there, again I agree 100% correction.........I do agree but after reading that again it puts ALL the responsibility back on the men instead of the responsibility being at the feet of the abuser. It's nobody's fault but their own and no matter who teases or makes fun the rules should be the same for EVERYONE. Just an fyi, not all the cops on the unit were men but ALL treated the male victims the same way. It's not a problem that is only perpetuated by men, women laughed, scoffed and told jokes same as the guys did. As a society we do not treat DV the same across the board. women or men
  10. you are 100% correct about that first part........it was ridiculous. but...... there was/is an agency in ny called safe horizon. I hate to call them out but it is run by women, all the management are women and most of the employees are women and I cannot tell you just how insensitive they are when I would ask when they are going to put in place services for male victims. After 9/11 they received a HUGE amount of funding, much of which went to DV victims but they had little to no compassion for male victims. Maybe the average women may not be so cold but the people who are advocates, working in the industry and in position to make things more even handed dont care in the slightest. Trust me, its not how you think it is on the inside of the system for victims of the opposite sex.
  11. Tbh, in my experience most women have been the victim of an aggressive man in one way or another and as such are quick to take the woman's side. Even my own wife will be quick to take the women's version as fact because of what happened with her ex. I get it, I just try to point out that we are not ALL a$$holes.......just like not all women are sweet, loving, cook, clean, clip your toenails and are bi-sexual. hahahahaha ok, I leave out that last part but you get the point.
  12. lol we can agree to disagree......I have rescued many women and arrested many many guys,..they were guilty as hell and it was obvious. All I am saying it that I have always tried to be FAIR regardless of who was standing in front of me and I never use gender to help me determine what happened. I am as sympathetic as most are. I have just learned to be a little more objective having been so close to these kinds of situations.

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