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  1. Joe & Evan "interview" Manish Mehta

    Do Not Want
  2. Bryce Petty support group thread

    unfortunately very few QB's would be successful behind this Oline........unless they pitch a shut out, no sack performance Petty is gonna get hurt again.......and THEN the fun begins folks.
  3. Washington Redhawks

    are you seriously telling me there is NO benefit to being white versus any other race on earth? Those "poor down trodden" minorities? Well that my friend says a lot about how you really feel now doesn't it? I didnt ask for sympathy I responded to an asinine comment you made implying that being white is sooooooo hard and proof positive is that they kill themselves at a higher rate. Where is this link that shows the per capita rate you quote? Link Please? and yes the numbers are skewered as it relates to this topic because I am sure that those people arent killing themselves because they are mad at being born white. Being white and killing themselves at a higher rate are totally unrelated. If you respond in THIS thread then you should expect that someone would also respond to your comment despite what you may have been referencing. The implication is that if your post is in THIS thread that it has to have something to do with the overall topic otherwise you would be kind of a dumbass to put it here when it has no relevance whatsoever right? So in summation, you dont have a clue what minorities feel, think and dont have any clue whatsoever how strong "they" are but feel free to speak for them..same as you have no idea what I "want to believe" but dont let that stop you. Whoever said being white, brown or any other race was a slice of heaven? Or is that some more of that bullshyt you shovel out whenever a minority tries to penetrate that thick skull of yours with something relevant related to a subject you have no ******* clue about such as actually BEING a minority and not just talking about them from the other side of the fence?
  4. Washington Redhawks

    lol i know this has to be sarcasm
  5. Washington Redhawks

    That point while valid has NOTHING to do with this subject you know that right? Also, those numbers are still skewered because the ratio of white men to men of other races are not equal.
  6. this is true....and even more reason that petty shouldnt play unless the clown got hurt....as he did
  7. Marrone

    might have something to do with those REALLY GOOD draft picks that team has had pretty consistently over the years...better and higher than ours.........coaching aside
  8. Bowles want Petty to fail?

    we can agree to disagree about that last game...I saw a coach who saw that his QB looked HORRIBLE in the few opportunities he was given to throw and an offensive line that was playing revolving door justice and he decided that he couldnt afford to get glass petty hurt with MCclown already down because all he had left was the hack attack. I saw it as not risking what would be guaranteeing the last 3 games lost to at least having a chance so long as petty doesnt get smoked last week.
  9. Bowles want Petty to fail?

    no coach who spent the whole year trying to win to save his job even at the cost of playing younger players will suddenly hope his qb will suck rocks so he can lose JUST to prove a point. boy, we will try to come up with anything to hate this man
  10. Washington Redhawks

    10 bucks says you are not a minority..not saying I disagree but acknowledging this country does have a problem with race isn't the same as obsessing over it. People who pretend that race isn't an issue in this country are the ones who aren't very open minded. IMO Redskins isn't a problem to me but then again I am not a native american, it doesn't mean I don't understand why its an issue.
  11. Washington Redhawks

    its because of WHY they were called redskins...if it were names the washington natives then it wouldnt be an issue
  12. Jets Sign QB Joel Stave

    They needed someone to run the practice squad and be the emergency #3 qb so when Petty gets hurt and Hack has to start against the pats we actually have someone to be the #2 qb. Nothing to see here.
  13. Jets picking 10th right now: Merged

    the more things change, the more they stay the same
  14. well this is telling.... “We didn’t play our best ball obviously,” Adams said. “It shows when some people … as a team we don’t prepare well at times during practice. We have to lock in at all times and as a team get better.” Everyone didnt even take practice seriously? That one IS on coaching. https://nypost.com/2017/12/10/everything-goes-wrong-as-jets-get-humiliated-in-denver/
  15. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Some people will just criticize him no matter what decision he makes, such is life as a Jets fan