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  1. He could set them on fire and it wont make them more talented.
  2. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    ok so what he really said was........ 1. I already saw Hackenburg and there is no way in hell I am starting him over Josh unless they tie me down and whip me. 2. I already saw Petty and this is the second coaching staff that believe he is nothing more than a backup. We dont need to play him to see that. 3. We are gonna lose the same amount of games no matter who plays so the fans who want a new QB will still get one. 4. I need the team to still feel we are fighting to win every game and not quit on me. They all saw how the QB's looked, if I switch they give up. 5. I hate the press as much as Belichicken but when he doesnt tell them shyt he is praised, when I dont I am incompetent. Bias much?
  3. now Skrine is hurt? wow hurt us then hurt yourself?
  4. I've never done it before but I just might breakdown and do it next week...........I wouldn't be so mad if he did it BEFORE we got 4 wins but I don't want his ass touching it now.
  5. This is @T0mShane fault............all of it.
  6. THIS is the official game thread? Hell if this thread is doomed, the game is over before it starts.
  7. Saturday Games That Matter

    and there it is.........Mayfield went down, hopefully its not bad.
  8. This is kind of silly, any GM worth his salt isn't going to call out or disrespect a player to the press even if he is disappointed. This article is implying that he is clueless and cant see that the player is a disappointment when the fact is that he just ain't telling them shyt even if he is. There is nothing to gain by calling the player out other than to have other players resent you for doing it.
  9. Unfortunately this isn't the first time I've heard this story............I cant stand this chic's mouth and what she represents but I don't doubt for a minute that this is true..or some variance of this story anyway.
  10. On second thought, dont bother.....not even sure why I wasted that 4 minutes on a brand new idiot. Save your thoughts, no-one gives a rat's ass. ignored