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  1. jetspenguin

    Bills Sign (then release) Terrelle Pryor

    he was only signed for intel....he was used and doesnt even know it
  2. jetspenguin

    Hue Jackson back to Bengals

    Why do we want bowles to hire ANYBODY??? I want him to fill out applications
  3. jetspenguin

    Rex and Greenie on Get Up now

    Actually firing Mac mid season makes more sense because he will have more time to make evaluations for the upcoming season. Letting Todd dangle for now wont hurt us anymore since we did so for this long. I want him gone but this rational is less impulsive and give us time to set up a successful plan for the future
  4. jetspenguin

    Rapoport: Jets not Expected to Fire Todd Bowles

    you cant..................................there is nothing to smile about
  5. I hear ya but at this point all I want is for Sam to make it through the season uninjured. I think if ANYONE you pick currently on this staff takes over the kid gets killed because NO ONE on this staff has shown they can come up with anything resembling a game plan...not to win but to protect the kid..... the real question is "Who can keep him safe the rest of the season?"
  6. There is nobody to take over.......the ONLY reason to keep him on is the chance that a midseason change to put ANYONE on this horrendous staff in charge would hurt Sam more than help him. Trust me, it can be worse...there is no real replacement. That is Bowles ONLY hope to finish the season.
  7. ohhhh........now I see what this was all about. I saw the comments about racist remarks in a Bowls is fired thread, thought it was something different....... We can all go back to hating Bowles and hoping he is already fired now. The remarks were crude at the time of the plane crash and just distracting now. We need to focus all our energy and mojo on getting Bowles fired. STAY FOCUSED!!!
  8. Bowles yapped? He doesnt even yap at his own press conferences........He will simply flush and go down the drain like the rest of the turds.
  9. but...........but............we are getting new uniforms now. The wait is over New QB New Coach New Uniforms New RING??
  10. I could have sworn I started this thread already hahahaha
  11. It's ok.... Talk tomorrow..... 3 words................ Todd was FIRED.

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