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  1. @Mogglez got it too? jeezus man, hoping the best for you both
  2. wow man, I was hoping to never see a post like this on this site. I guess I should have assumed it was inevitable but still hard to hear. I hope you have a speedy recovery...I look forward to disagreeing with all of your posts for many years to come
  3. Lol if he catches 80 balls for 900 yards nobody will care but if I had to guess I'd put my money not on a skill issue but more of an attitude. He wasn't even happy when JD called. Its one thing to have a chip on your shoulder about falling in the draft, it's another to be ungrateful. And this is coming from someone who did and still does LOVE this pick. Mims was my favorite wr in the draft and I still think he handled that call poorly.... in public. Who knows what he has said on calls privately. Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  4. Neither Smith or Hill had Mims skill set or stats. They were not nearly as productive as he was in college. The kid will shine, stay tuned. Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  5. Good signing even though I'm not a fan at least we can say buh buy to Fales who was nothing more than a place holder until we filled out the rest of the roster. Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  6. horrible comp...mostly overweight and mostly injured during his career
  7. hhahahahahahhaa ok normally I just scan the responses but i stop and read the posts that catch my eye. This one had me on the floor lmaooooo I will say this does no good without out a pic of you 2 together....actually because of the voice a video might be better. and now I have to go back and read all the post to see what this has to do with our improved line.
  8. no...its not...he's always had issues with turnovers. It was his biggest knock coming into the league. Where have you been?
  9. Agreed...if for no other reason than to eliminate any excuses about Gase not being able to win because he didnt have "his guys" or the right guys to run his system. Let's give him the guys he thinks he needs and then sit back and wait...if he really is a good coach than it will show once and for all. If not then well...we will know once and for all, no excuses.
  10. Good point Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.

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