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  1. jetspenguin

    Jets add two more names to GM search

    It's almost comical to see so many assume that because Gase and Douglas know each other they will automatically be on the same page more often than any other candidate. CJ can hire a completely different person and that person and Gase can still get along, be in the same page and be successful. Why the automatic if we dont hire Douglass we are doomed type of thinking? For all you know for sure....Douglas has had no positive influence in his current organization and can suck. I thought the purpose of interviewing several candidates was to formulate an opinion. Going in with your mind already made is would be an exercise in idiocy. Let the team interview the best qualified and make a choice. Gase needs to play his position and the GM can do his job. Mac failed because he was a bad GM, not because he and Gase didnt get along. Those bad picks and trades came prior to and after Gase arrived. Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  2. This is funny and I dont want to add to the side track but I work in the educational system and this couldn't be further from the truth.
  3. jetspenguin

    OTA Thread

    but the midget kyler plays on....lol
  4. jetspenguin

    Gase not done yet: Adds WR Deonte Thompson

    His shorts tell the real story....."tryout"
  5. jetspenguin

    One or more of these players may be moved..

    Maybe...maybe not, this upcoming year will change a lot of opinions about players. Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  6. jetspenguin

    One or more of these players may be moved..

    This is not even close to credible...throwing shyt at the wall Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  7. Why exactly do we hate Gase now? If you didnt hate him before there is no reason to do so now. He did no differently than many here did but he had the ear of someone with the power to do something about it. Let's see him coach before all these ridiculous statements about hating him because he ran off someone most of us hated. Geez Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  8. jetspenguin

    May 15th, 2019

    I been a fan of this team almost 50 years... the struggle is real. LOL Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  9. jetspenguin

    May 15th, 2019

    The Suicide watch desk is my signature when I use the app. Has nothing to do with this conversation. Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  10. jetspenguin

    May 15th, 2019

    Actually he was not "quoted" about Bell, Mosley, etc. Those are reports by the same media that didnt see the mac firing coming. Take it for what its worth but I think it's being presented worse than it really is. I didnt want bell for 14m if there is nobody else bidding isnt the same as not wanting him. That's a business decision. I dont know of Gase will be "choosing" the GM more so than CJ asking if this is a better fit. I dont have a problem with that because.. a. the last guy was horrible and b. I want 2 guys that can work well together. It's better for Sam if there is a cohesive team in place. Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  11. jetspenguin

    May 15th, 2019

    Correct....and that potential hasn't changed one iota because the coffee cup is gone. Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.
  12. jetspenguin

    May 15th, 2019

    the rest of the world honestly loves to point, make fun of, criticize and laugh at the jets no matter what we do. Literally most of the league and media give us shyt for the same exact things that other team does.
  13. jetspenguin

    The jokes on us. Gase? This is unreal.

    Nobody thinks that maybe it was always the plan to fire mac after the draft and maybe once the word got out CJ got pissed off that once again like the uni leak things are getting out so he held off. imo Mac leaked the new uni look to undermine CJ because he saw the writing on the wall...no inside info but just as plausible as some of the other nonsense on this board today.
  14. jetspenguin

    The jokes on us. Gase? This is unreal.

    I wonder how many of these "new idea" threads are we gonna get in the next hour? Can we fire posters?

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