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  1. I dunno. I'm torn. On one hand, I still believe in Sam and think this could be the opportunity to finally build something special around him. Even if you trade down to 4 or 5 and pick up an early 2nd this year and another next year, you can take your elite franchise WR at 4/5, a top RB like Etienne with the SEA pick, and a OL and CB early 2nd. Go out and spend big on one of the best veteran OL in UFA. Suddenly lack of talent is no longer an excuse. If Darnold still fails...fine. Now you have two 1sts and two 2nds next year to find his replacement. The positive of going this route though is that, whoever you bring in, they're not left to sink or swim on their own. They'll have an actual foundation on offense around them. Stud weapons at WR and RB as well as what should be a quality core on the OL. From what I've seen there still appear to be some solid QB prospects set to enter the 2022 draft. Just comes down to who we'll be in a position to draft, and/or whether or not the chips we have will be enough to move up for the one we want(if necessary). I think the only way I wouldn't go the above route is if you are 100% convinced that either Fields or Wilson are legit elite, franchise QBs. Zero doubt. Otherwise, give Sam one more year and finally build this offense.
  2. I think the question is, if you can turn that top pick into picks 4, 20, and a 1st in 22(JAX, for example) does that make us a good team? That gives us 6 firsts in the next 2 drafts. Take your elite WR in the top-5(Chase), invest more top picks in the OL. Maybe a RB or TE. You’ll still have high picks you can invest into the D, be it a CB or OLB. It’s risky as hell to pass on a QB like Lawrence, but I still believe in Darnold and the idea of cashing in is pretty tempting. My mind might change though depending on what kind of value we could get for Darnold. If it’s a 1st that gives us 2 extra 1sts this year on top of Lawrence plus the 2 next year.
  3. I guess because he's not Gronk or Graham, and shutting down anything less than Gronk or Graham is clearly not noteworthy. Your post reminds me of the standard "let's hold off on the Hall of Fame votes" after someone simply says "so and so looked great last night". It's a joke. We get it. Don't get too excited. After all, this is the Jets, and if we're not being negative it just don't feel right. BTW, great reasoning as well. When determining Fleener's level, his 1 catch for 5 yards in week 1 is clearly a much more valuable sample size than his last two full seasons of play - in which Fleener's been about a league average TE. After last season, Pryor shutting down even a league average TE is more than noteworthy.
  4. Pryor has made some solid strides so far this year. Just another reminder to maybe not write off players during their rookie season.
  5. PI? He was going for the ball. Also didn't catch any TE's blow by him, but maybe you're right and I missed it. Also saw him come up to make a couple of big stops on his own - but no big deal. He sawks.
  6. For all the crap Pryor has taken, he was awesome on that drive. Capped by the forced fumble. Hope he keeps it up!

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