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  1. I remember well the 10-1 jets with Walker...and the falter. The slop bowl in Miami. 8-3 with Farve. The missed fg against Pitt. The tough losses in the afc championships with Rex. The 10-0 lead at halftime v Broncos...leading to their first sb win. We will win with Darnold.
  2. My apologies. I saw the link in the comments here I think. My apologies again. Love the site. I am a super positive Jets fan. Of the late Namath, Richard Todd and Ken O'Brian era. Walker 85 is my favorite Jet. Freeman McNeil and Curtis Martin brought me so much happiness. Cheers.
  3. Not really. I know. That Gregg Williams vid ... he says **** often. Anyone care to share?
  4. It's the vid where he rips the defense on run defense. Thanks I see a small leap into the playoffs and a crushing defense to win it all next year.

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