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  1. Wanted to pop in and say congrats to my fellow Dawg fans. Been rooting for UGA since moving to Georgia in 1992. I wanted to believe, when Kirby came to UGA, this would happen, but 2018 was such a heartbreak loss, I've tried to keep my emotions in check. Still enjoy every game they play. Last night was a great joy for our entire family and many of our friends and neighbors. Wanted to chip in some comments on UGA players who will be playing on Sundays: Love Nakobe Dean, but I think his ceiling is a little lower than Roquan Smith's. Will be a starting LB in the NFL, but I don't expec
  2. Howdy! Good to see you, too, and a belated Happy New Year!
  3. Was a very impressive performance. Good to see. Let's hope this is an indication of his growth and not an anomaly.
  4. For perspective: Josh Allen, 2018 QBR: 67.9 Zach Wilson, 2021 QBR: 67.9 Mac Jones, 2021 QBR: 90.2 Jones has the advantage of playing for the best NFL head coach in the history of the game, after playing for a guy with pretty much the same status among college teams during his college career. He's also playing with one of the most experienced and successful offensive coordinators in the game. There was every reason to believe he'd be maximized early on. Josh Allen has the physical tools to be elite, and his experience and coaching staff has allowed him to do j
  5. The math won't work out that way. His four year deal was worth $16 mil. About $9 mil of that was guaranteed signing bonus. In theory, between 1.5 years comp and signing bonus, he earned about $11 mil. BUT, the Raiders will likely seek to void the fully guaranted signing bonus (possible when the person receiving the bonus does something morally repugnant and illegal). His total comp for his 1.5 years in the league, if the bonus guarantee is voided, will be about $6 mil. He'll have to pay back the pro-rated portion of the signing bonus, assuming he has it. Factor in: Agent fees, f
  6. Assuming the reported details are reasonably accurate, this should never see trial. If Ruggs listens to his lawyers, he'll plead guilty in exchange for a potential reduction in sentence. I think it would be wildly optimistic to believe he's going away for anything less than 10 years. There's a better than fair chance he'll get the max. The victim's family input will come into play. If Ruggs shows a great deal of meaningful remorse, and enough time goes by, they may be soft hearted enough to ask the prosecutor to not completely crush him. Lives destroyed by alcohol and bad choic
  7. FYI, the charge in Nevada is "DUI Causing Injury or Death." A Class B felony (one step down from the big ones), carries potential prison sentence of two to 20 years. Mr. Ruggs is innocent until proven guilty, but the reports don't bode well for him. RIP to the other driver.
  8. Game was really hard to watch. Zach Wilson looks bad on pedestrian NFL throws that 2nd string QBs make in their sleep. Also, trouble with decision making on when to pull it down and run. He's young, he's being tutored by a young staff, and he's got a very young team around him. What I really question: Why this team doesn't have a veteran 2nd string QB to help both Wilson and LaFleur. Wilson needs to be sitting for a few weeks, studying an experienced QB playing in this system. Unfortunately, that's not possible. That's on Joe Douglas. And the defense was a total mess thi
  9. They're definitely a work in progress. Liked almost everything I saw. Wilson's inaccuracy on short and intermediate throws is a concern, but it's something he can work on. I was pretty sure we'd be burning Corey Davis in effigy, but credit where it's due: He had a big game after a very bad start.
  10. I'm guessing the firsts were the deal breaker. Wonder if Belichick countered with seconds plus the grandkids.
  11. It's an okay deal for the TItans. If they can get their defense to perform, they have a shot to get that much further in the playoffs. But the deal means they are done for a couple of years in terms of significant FA signings. If the Falcons were willing to eat a big piece of the remaining Jones contract (they weren't) and the Jets were a year further ahead in their rebuild, and had just won 8 to 10 games, then maybe it's worth a shot. Smaller and less suffocating money will be better spent next year on a top TE free agent.
  12. In my opinion, both will be successful NFL QBs. Slight edge to Lawrence, but I believe you can build a successful team around either. The requisites for the Jets to make either of those guys an NFL winner is: 1) Good o-line (currently a work in progress), 2) Receiving talent (on the upswing), and 3) solid coaching (not at all there yet).
  13. My take: Durability concerns.
  14. I watched every game Cager played at UGA. Jake Fromm was like two different QBs, dependent on Cager being on the field. When he was on the field, the Bulldogs moved the ball. When he was off the field, they struggled mightily. Extremely reliable receiver. Very good hands. Boxes out defenders well. Routinely makes contested catches. Very fluid in catch-and-run situations. In addition to the ankle injury, he was playing with a shoulder injury. Pretty tough competitor. I think he has a great chance to make it, and could go on to have a very nice NFL career.
  15. The Supreme Court already did something close to that, in DC v. Heller. Sorry I'm late to this thread. Hadn't been following the offseason closely, didn't know this transpired. Once upon a time, I was federally licensed curio and relic gun collector, a.k.a., an "FFL 03." The license has many of the same requirements as an "FFL 01," (a federal firearms dealer license). I had to be very familiar with firearms regulations. I also have a carry permit in GA, and I'm active in gun rights movements and discussions. I wanted to clarify some misconceptions about the legal issues rela
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