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  1. I'm guessing the firsts were the deal breaker. Wonder if Belichick countered with seconds plus the grandkids.
  2. It's an okay deal for the TItans. If they can get their defense to perform, they have a shot to get that much further in the playoffs. But the deal means they are done for a couple of years in terms of significant FA signings. If the Falcons were willing to eat a big piece of the remaining Jones contract (they weren't) and the Jets were a year further ahead in their rebuild, and had just won 8 to 10 games, then maybe it's worth a shot. Smaller and less suffocating money will be better spent next year on a top TE free agent.
  3. In my opinion, both will be successful NFL QBs. Slight edge to Lawrence, but I believe you can build a successful team around either. The requisites for the Jets to make either of those guys an NFL winner is: 1) Good o-line (currently a work in progress), 2) Receiving talent (on the upswing), and 3) solid coaching (not at all there yet).
  4. My take: Durability concerns.
  5. I watched every game Cager played at UGA. Jake Fromm was like two different QBs, dependent on Cager being on the field. When he was on the field, the Bulldogs moved the ball. When he was off the field, they struggled mightily. Extremely reliable receiver. Very good hands. Boxes out defenders well. Routinely makes contested catches. Very fluid in catch-and-run situations. In addition to the ankle injury, he was playing with a shoulder injury. Pretty tough competitor. I think he has a great chance to make it, and could go on to have a very nice NFL career.
  6. The Supreme Court already did something close to that, in DC v. Heller. Sorry I'm late to this thread. Hadn't been following the offseason closely, didn't know this transpired. Once upon a time, I was federally licensed curio and relic gun collector, a.k.a., an "FFL 03." The license has many of the same requirements as an "FFL 01," (a federal firearms dealer license). I had to be very familiar with firearms regulations. I also have a carry permit in GA, and I'm active in gun rights movements and discussions. I wanted to clarify some misconceptions about the legal issues rela
  7. Remind me: What were the Jets doing while the Falcons were in the Superbowl?
  8. I'll have a lot more respect for Douglas if he cuts Roberts right away. Send a message: You're accountable for your performance. Blaming others is not tolerated.
  9. I live in Atlanta. I'm a fair-weather Falcons fan. Or, more accurately: The worse the Jets are, the more I'll watch the Falcons. Unless the Falcons are a train wreck of the same magnitude at the Jets, which is currently the case. I watched the Falcons under the Smith family ownership. Inept. Bad drafts, mostly bad coaching hires (Dan Reeves being the exception). Very questionable ability to evaluate talent (they traded away rookie Brett Favre). One or two minor shining moments, aside, they produced pretty bad football teams, year in, year out. Not a franchise with a winning cultur
  10. It's a good idea. There isn't much point to living an unhappy life over a spectator sport. If it's making you miserable, opt out for at least a while and get some perspective. There are many more important things in life. There was a time when I wouldn't miss a game. I lived for the banter at places like JI, and later, here. All of the talk radio stuff. Inside the NFL, etc. Then, I realized how much it was dragging me down. So I dialed it back. Now, my only expectation of the Jets is they entertain me with a competitive game. Not neccesarily win. Just be competitive. If th
  11. There's a big difference between not being bright and needing a cup to drool in.
  12. Well, maybe emotions and the worries of a brain that's feeling the effects of who-knows-how-many concussions.
  13. I'm sure it does. But tell me you wouldn't trade their last 17 seasons for the Jets last 17 seasons.
  14. The NFL needs to dial back the offense-friendly rules. It's getting out of hand. We're now at the point where premium defenses are ineffective at stopping any offense led by a capable QB.
  15. I hate the Pats as much as any self-respecting Jets fan. Collinsworth and Michaels couldn't suck enough Patriot jock strap on that play. However, on the Clement TD, that was not a catch. Regardless, thrilled with the outcome, especially since butterfinger Brady let one slip through his hands.
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