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  1. On paper, great trade for Bears. Reality is another matter. So hard to know how these things will play out in terms of wins, losses, and franchise trajectory. If I'm the Bears, I try to trade back again to mid teens, since OT is probably their target, and there will be several good ones in mid-1st.
  2. Lots of short memories in this thread. Stafford is 13 months removed from a Superbowl win. He's four years younger than Rogers. Career passer rating over 90, and averaging over 100 for the last three years. Big arm. Plays hurt (averages 14 starts/year). Above average mobility. High character guy. Jets could easily win big with him on the field. No good reason not to consider it.
  3. He has a beard? Didn't notice. My comments were based on what I saw on the field. Very similar to Fitzpatrick, with even less arm. Back to the practice squad with him.
  4. Love Carter's talent, but I feel like he's been overhyped. Excellent player and great athlete? Yes. High first round talent? No. It may have been injury or illness, but lots of times this past season, I felt like he was dogging it, taking plays off. And then he'd light somebody up in the backfield and everybody would forget the obvious lack of effort on a previous play. Whole thing is a tragedy. I don't wish ill upon him. Young people with their head in the clouds are prone to stupid choices. Sometimes they stack up the stupid choices quickly. Hopefully, his life isn't ruined and he grows from this, whatever path plays out from it.
  5. If Mariotta had been a Jet last year, they make the playoffs. Can you win a Superbowl with him? Very unlikely. But he's a good enough playmaker to not let an elite defense down. And he does allow you to build other parts of the team (and maybe rebuild Z.Wilson) before you splash big on a QB. I'd say, if the choice is mortgaging the future on a veteran QB, or one year with Mariotta, go with Mariotta. IMHO, the Jets need one more year to get the O-line squared away. If they had been above average in 2022, I'd say this is the year to go all in. But they weren't and the Jets timetable is one year longer than we thought.
  6. Yep. Has NFL experience. A tough love OC: He doesn't coddle QBs.
  7. They did lose 4 meaningful games in December. Only a slight wrinkle in the calender and it would have been 5, which is not easy to do. Ineptness has to overcome a lot of obstacles to deliver those kinds of results.
  8. Fish or Patsies? Jets can: 1) Go all out, leave everything on the field, trying to deny the Dolphins a playoff spot. Reward is a bit of tailwind for the offseason, and penalty is is a worse draft position if they win. 2) Mail it in, let the Dolphins walk over them, and deny the Pats. There area few other variables, but the Jets performance next weekend is the most likely determinant of Wild Card #3. Which do you like?
  9. Matthew Stafford went #1 in 2009. Similar arm talent to Zach Wilson. On a very bad football team, he put up awful numbers in his first year; understandable, as the Lions were bad and he had some learning to do about how to QB at the NFL level. At the end of his first year, plenty of critics predicted he wasn't going to make it as an NFL QB. Got hurt early his second year. Year 3, he put up gawdy numbers, and went on to become a near elite NFL QB, with some decision making limitations. He had to go to a loaded team to win a super bowl. The difference in path between Stafford and Wilson? Stafford had the luxury of playing in a more fan-patient, 2nd tier market without a crosstown rival. Nobody will accuse the Stafford-era Lions of being a great developmental environment, but there was less pressure. Wilson has correctable problems. It's now about how hard he wants to work to succeed. Meantime, Mike White is the Jets QB until he proves he isn't.
  10. Hope the person who wrote it ends up choking on those words. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-power-rankings-week-13-050654527.html
  11. Mike White has to prove he can consistently win against different defenses before he's an NFL starter. I love what I see, but it's very early. Zach Wilson still has tremendous potential as an NFL QB, but it's clear he has to be fixed. Jets need a QB whisperer to completely break him down. Start that process right now. Next training camp, he competes for the starting spot with whoever else is on the roster. If Mike White has has at least an average run for the remaining games, we have the luxury of not needing a QB in the draft after getting a false start from Wilson, and can once again go after other areas of need, or based on how well all of the units are playing, best available players.
  12. I love Roquan, but the Bears got the better deal. A 2nd and a 5th for a half year rental before he becomes a free agent. He is of no value to the Bears this year, and they probably would not pay after his contract is over to keep him. They are at least a couple of years away from being competitive. He's going to want record-setting ILB money, and it's not a premium NFL position. He's not Ray Lewis. Also, Roquan, while a very good player, is no longer elite in my view. He bulked up for the NFL, and lost the out-of-this-world-sideline-to-sideline burst that made him so coveted in the draft.
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