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  1. Remind me: What were the Jets doing while the Falcons were in the Superbowl?
  2. I'll have a lot more respect for Douglas if he cuts Roberts right away. Send a message: You're accountable for your performance. Blaming others is not tolerated.
  3. I live in Atlanta. I'm a fair-weather Falcons fan. Or, more accurately: The worse the Jets are, the more I'll watch the Falcons. Unless the Falcons are a train wreck of the same magnitude at the Jets, which is currently the case. I watched the Falcons under the Smith family ownership. Inept. Bad drafts, mostly bad coaching hires (Dan Reeves being the exception). Very questionable ability to evaluate talent (they traded away rookie Brett Favre). One or two minor shining moments, aside, they produced pretty bad football teams, year in, year out. Not a franchise with a winning culture, And then Arthur Blank comes along and buys the team. As a Home Depot founder, Blank is Atlanta business royalty, with a reputation as a savvy businessman. He's part of the 1990s Atlanta metro resugence story He expects to compete. He expects to give the people he hires what they need to compete. He's used to winning in the world, and right away he sets a tone of expecting to win. He spends time learning what he needs to learn about owning an NFL franchise. After some fits and starts, probably the most imporant lesson he learns is you need a very capable general manager, and you need to let that guy do his job. In 2008, he hires Thomas Dmitroff, who is, first and foremost, a scout. Over the years, Blank is involved and visible, but it is absolutely Dimitroff runing the show. Dimitroff's first draft? A franchise QB and a franchise left tackle. The two most important and difficult to replace building blocks of an NFL franchise. The Falcons have been decent at drafts and signing valuable free agents to complete their roster under Dimitroff's guidance. The Falcons have won 3 division titles and been to the playoffs 6 times since Dimitroff took the reigns. Yes, they are bad this, year. Surprisingly, very bad. That looks to be a Dan Quinn issue, more than anything else, because the team has enough talent to be competitive. Point is, they went from a wobegonefranchise franchise, to competitive in most years that Dimitroff has been at the helm, playing winning football more often than not. They expect to win, and people are surprised when they don't, which is a characteristic of a winning culture. So, the Jets questions is: Is Joe Douglas that guy? He's a scout. Philly developed a lot of very good talent with him running the personnel side of things. I don't think there's any choice, and we won't know for another two, three, maybe four years whether he's Dimitroff or Maccagnan. Bottom line: It takes a lot of turn around a franchise. A lot. Can it be done with the same ownership? I honestly don't know. If they let Douglas do his job, and he's good, the Jets will eventually be good. If they don't let him do his job, or he's not good, they'll be bad for another decade.
  4. It's a good idea. There isn't much point to living an unhappy life over a spectator sport. If it's making you miserable, opt out for at least a while and get some perspective. There are many more important things in life. There was a time when I wouldn't miss a game. I lived for the banter at places like JI, and later, here. All of the talk radio stuff. Inside the NFL, etc. Then, I realized how much it was dragging me down. So I dialed it back. Now, my only expectation of the Jets is they entertain me with a competitive game. Not neccesarily win. Just be competitive. If they can't do that, I won't watch. I would have turned off the TV in the first half tonight, if my wife wasn't a life long Pats fan (oh, the agony of it all!). Some day, they will be good again. It ain't this year. If they play competitively, I'll watch. If they turn in stinkers like this, week in and week out, I'll find something better to do with my extra 3 hours every week.

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