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    Varies by state. Here in GA, the inside of your car is considered an extension of your home for the legal status of firearm possession. I'm sure Texas is different. And with so many states going "constitutional carry," it's even less clear. Mix in the marijuana possession though, and the gun possession wanders into issues of federal law. Hopefully, he walks the path from now on.
  2. Have you forgotten how bad the [fill-in-any-position] play was last year?
  3. I am so not sold on that guy. Only saw one game of his: vs. UGA in the CFP. After all the pregame hype, he vanished into thin air. He's not even in the stats for the game. No sacks, no tackles, no pressures, no batted passes. Zip. Like he wasn't there. The Dawgs o-line was good, but not other wordly. They did a good job on Aidan Hutchinson, and without that pressure from the opposite side, Obajo was a non-factor.
  4. He's not going to get any taller during his NFL career. He might be able to add 10 pounds without signficant speed loss. He's smart and has great vision: He's starter ready for those reasons, at least as a nickel package linebacker. In the right scheme, with space eating D-lineman ahead of him (like he had a UGA), he's an every down ILB.
  5. After that first round, I'm left with 2 overarching feelings: 1) What a great position to be in for the rest of the draft. 2) Is this coaching staff be up to the task of developing the potential of this invigorated roster?
  6. I like Travis Jones at 38, but the gambling side of me says take Pickens or Metchie, and have an awesome receiving corps for the next four or five years.
  7. I love Dean, but I also question his fit on the Jets roster. Douglas invested draft capital in oversized safeties/undersized linebackers last year. So, even if he's available at 38, and I'd love to see him in Jets green, I would probably say pass.
  8. Okay, this might be controversial, but how about Metchie at #38. He was the #1 at Alabama, arguably more important to that offense than Williams before his own ACL injury. He is a legit first round talent. No, Jets don't need another wideout, but that would be a killer lineup of WRs. And, yes, we have other needs. Would be an interesting pick.
  9. Jets don't need another feature back. Need a battering ram. Brian Robinson in the late rounds.
  10. There are going to be some very good football players for the Jets to pick from near the top of the 2nd.
  11. I like the pick. Now, if they get a potential WR1 at 10, it's already a good draft. Present tense, of course.
  12. Not all 20 year olds have the same maturity, and the lack of maturity for some is VERY destructive. Henry Ruggs III, for example. Aaron Hernandez. Others are very mature; they realize success in life is not just about the freak of nature physical gifts they have, but how hard they work, how they carry themselves, how they treat others. The difference between those two mindsets is as important to success in sports as the difference between a 4.40 forty and a 4.90. If you can't prioritize the work, bond with your teammates, and conduct yourself as a solid citizens, it dramatically reduces your chance of success, and also makes you a threat to the good name of your team.
  13. Pickens red flags are very much real. The immaturity was a problem for the Bulldogs on several occassions. The one thing I will say is he was very quiet during his rehab. Personally, would love to see him in green and white, but I worry that NY is the wrong market for him. Bright lights, big city + immaturity = high risk of problems.
  14. AJ Green. Mecole Hardiman. Isaiah McKenzie. Chris Conley. And Hines Ward waving from the sidelines.
  15. The natural comparison is Roquan Smith. Same college team, same system, and Smith also played behind a very high quality D-line. He's slightly bigger than Dean, but had that same, great sideline-to-sideline blazing speed and quickness. Smith has had to add some bulk in the NFL; watched him a lot in the first year or two, felt like he wasn't quite there yet. However, he's rounding into a near-pro bowl player, and probably will be a pro bowler in a year or two. Part of the benefit of high motor/high character guys. They keep working to reach their full potential, even with a bulging bank account. I give Dean the edge on coverage and field vision, but just barely. Has the same type of motor, and should be as good a pro as Smith.
  16. Browns gave up a king's ransom for Watson: Three 1sts, a 3rd and a 4th, get back a 5th. They are following the Rams model. High risk, high reward. They are one serious injury (or sexual assault charge) away from not winning for the rest of the decade.
  17. Wanted to pop in and say congrats to my fellow Dawg fans. Been rooting for UGA since moving to Georgia in 1992. I wanted to believe, when Kirby came to UGA, this would happen, but 2018 was such a heartbreak loss, I've tried to keep my emotions in check. Still enjoy every game they play. Last night was a great joy for our entire family and many of our friends and neighbors. Wanted to chip in some comments on UGA players who will be playing on Sundays: Love Nakobe Dean, but I think his ceiling is a little lower than Roquan Smith's. Will be a starting LB in the NFL, but I don't expect he'll be a pro bowler; he does have a great trait that NFL clubs will value: He can cover TEs and RBs. I think Lewis Cine will be a quality starter in the NFL. He was dinged up earlier in the season, only really started to come on strong in the last two months, but he's got what you want in an NFL safety. I actually think Devonte Wyatt will be a better NFL player than Jordan Davis. He is more consistent. Travon Walker and Nolan Smith are both good gambles in mid-round. I think Kendrick will be an above average NFL CB. James Cook is a prototypical NFL pass catching RB. Suspect he'll go in the 2nd round. Not sure about Zamir White. Kid's got a ton of heart, but his skills are not that rare. I think he'll have an NFL career, going as a late rounder or UFA. George Pickens is a squirrely pick. He's an athletic freak, with the potential to be a dominant NFL wideout, but his first couple of years at UGA saw countless, boneheaded behavior that screams lack of maturity. He was quieter this year; hard to say if it was the rehab, or ego knocked down to size a bit. Anyway, great time to be a Dawgs fan. After the Braves WS title, it puts a dent in the Atlanta/Georgia championship curse.
  18. Howdy! Good to see you, too, and a belated Happy New Year!
  19. Was a very impressive performance. Good to see. Let's hope this is an indication of his growth and not an anomaly.
  20. For perspective: Josh Allen, 2018 QBR: 67.9 Zach Wilson, 2021 QBR: 67.9 Mac Jones, 2021 QBR: 90.2 Jones has the advantage of playing for the best NFL head coach in the history of the game, after playing for a guy with pretty much the same status among college teams during his college career. He's also playing with one of the most experienced and successful offensive coordinators in the game. There was every reason to believe he'd be maximized early on. Josh Allen has the physical tools to be elite, and his experience and coaching staff has allowed him to do just that. Zach Wilson is in the same situation Josh Allen was a few years ago, but we don't yet know (and won't know) if both he and the coaching staff are capable of growing his performance to elite levels. If the Jets get some more o-line help and a true #1 receiver, they have all the pieces needed to not hold Wilson back, assuming the coaching staff does it's job. I would argue the 2022 draft is the most important one for the Jets since 2018.
  21. The math won't work out that way. His four year deal was worth $16 mil. About $9 mil of that was guaranteed signing bonus. In theory, between 1.5 years comp and signing bonus, he earned about $11 mil. BUT, the Raiders will likely seek to void the fully guaranted signing bonus (possible when the person receiving the bonus does something morally repugnant and illegal). His total comp for his 1.5 years in the league, if the bonus guarantee is voided, will be about $6 mil. He'll have to pay back the pro-rated portion of the signing bonus, assuming he has it. Factor in: Agent fees, federal and state taxes. That's easily 50% of the gross. Unknown: Cost of legal fees to represent him in this case. Unknown: Income from endorsement deals (now dead, too). Unknown: What investments he might have made since the signing. Also unknown: How much $$$ he gave away or blew on things like Corvettes, jewelry, vacations, etc. My guess is, if he's lucky, his girlfriend, daughter and mom will have enough money to be comfortable for a few years, and Mr. Ruggs will then be broke.
  22. Assuming the reported details are reasonably accurate, this should never see trial. If Ruggs listens to his lawyers, he'll plead guilty in exchange for a potential reduction in sentence. I think it would be wildly optimistic to believe he's going away for anything less than 10 years. There's a better than fair chance he'll get the max. The victim's family input will come into play. If Ruggs shows a great deal of meaningful remorse, and enough time goes by, they may be soft hearted enough to ask the prosecutor to not completely crush him. Lives destroyed by alcohol and bad choices. Sad deal all around.
  23. FYI, the charge in Nevada is "DUI Causing Injury or Death." A Class B felony (one step down from the big ones), carries potential prison sentence of two to 20 years. Mr. Ruggs is innocent until proven guilty, but the reports don't bode well for him. RIP to the other driver.
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