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  1. I Don't Know why Fitz had more chances I think he bounced around as a back-up and got breaks along the way. Now that Fitz is hurt we should be moving on. This is half way through the season so why not see what Petty can do. We KNOW what Geno is and its not a decent QB. So lets move on.
  2. Maybe, the problem is he can only be a league average QB if he has the perfect team. Too bad the perfect team does not exist. Please let me know when he is responsible for his own actions. I think 2 years of little or no improvement is plenty of time to judge him.
  3. Here's the thing for me, I just have never seen Geno show the consistency that is needed from a successful NFL QB. With him at QB this team will not make the playoffs. He is just too boneheaded to be a winner.
  4. Fitz was bad yesterday! But I think he has more of a chance to be a game manager than Geno. Your right his physical tools hurt him and limit the chances for him to bring us back from behind but Geno is not an improvement.
  5. Hey Junc, Do you really think Geno is the guy? I don't think he is the leader you need at that position.
  6. I don't get the love for Geno he had two years and was a far below average NFL QB. It's a sad state of affairs when fans think Geno can be a savior.
  7. WE heard that last year as well, it didn't improve his play on the field. Look the problem is we need an upgrade at QB period. Geno is not the solution neither is Fitz.
  8. Humbling, I just don't understand why this team can never beat the eagles.
  9. I get Marshall but not the rest Owusu was here last year but injured for most of it. Devin Smith has not even played yet. as for the O-line I think the fact that Fitz gets rid of the ball quicker has helped them look better.
  10. I think it is safe to assume that Geno was taught to take advantage of mismatches over the last two years. It's more like he held the ball too long to take advantage of them.
  11. I don't care where he was drafted, From watching his play he was drafted too high. The team basically asked him not to turn the ball over and he could not even do that. There is one significant change to this offense, the O-line is pretty much the same, so is the RB core. So far the only guy who is a big upgrade is Marshall. I don't see why your defending him at all. I would love to eat crow on this and for him to actually play like the QB we need but I have not seen any indication that he has turned the corner.
  12. Finally, a reply that I think has merit. Rex did not give a crap about the O as long as they did not turn the ball over. I agree, the thing with Geno is he could not even do that. In a sense that is a pretty low bar to set for an NFL QB. Geno is not a quick release QB and he tends to hold the ball, he will create his own trouble. the O-line is pretty much the same as last year. The RB's are about the same. The only difference is a new #1 WR. It's not like they have a whole new set of Offensive players, most of the guys are the same. I do agree there is a slightly better situation for a Q
  13. Williams for me! I love the way he is disruptive. The second choice is Skrine hard nosed kid who's motor never stops.
  14. What has Geno done to earn the position? At his best he has been below average NFL QB. It's not like he has leadership qualities, protects the ball, or won. The o-line is basically the same, the running game is basically the same. I get that Marshall is special but this is not a completely different WR core than last year Decker is still here so is Kerley. The problem is between Geno's ears. That is also why he lost the job this training camp. A guy who gets into a fight over what to him is pennies against a teammate does not understand what it takes to be a leader.
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