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  1. I am a living soul, they can only kill the body.
  2. Bowels has a missing limb fetish, he's into Acrotomophilia.
  3. The Jets always look good right up until the time that they ban me, give it time.
  4. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
  5. Every year I switch from last year's Jets to this year's Jets, and every year it gets worse.
  6. Who needs more records? Most bans, most bans in a day, most bans in a week, most bans in a month, most bans in a season, most bans in a year, quickest ban, most ip addresses, most user names, most birthdays, most warning points on a single account, most warning points on combined accounts...
  7. Four? I'll be lucky to make it to day 3 yo.
  8. Of course we can, the Bills just beat them, and they have a clown coach named Rex.
  9. Yes, the Jets are the best team in the league.
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