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  1. Was just about to come on here and ask this. If we win tomorrow, and are 2-0, I say yes
  2. Yeah, that's why I was stating that. I am 99 percent sure we take 4 running backs into the season. Now, that doesn't mean we will have 4 active on gameday, but we will have four on the roster.
  3. I personally think we add another RB along the way and go into the season with 4.
  4. And we take a corner...what are we thinking. Our defense is pretty much set, take offense please. Now we don't have anything until the 7th round, oh for pete's sake.
  5. Of course Pharoh gets taken one before
  6. Whats your thoughts on taking Jordan Howard or Kenneth Dixon?
  7. WTF Jets. Cook is way better than Hack, who hasn't been good since his frosh year of college.
  8. Were getting Spriggs and Dak tonight.
  9. I picked Cook, Spence, and Spriggs. I don't think we should go for a wide out this round, as I really want Braxton Miller. However, if we take a wide out this round please be Boyd. Kid is good, real good. Dak Prescott wouldn't be bad in the 3rd either.
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