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  1. HoustonJet

    Lamar Jackson

    Jackson will have a very solid NFL career. He has the strong arm and off the charts athleticism. Accuracy, better decision making etc can be taught at the next level. Let him fall to us I’ll be more than happy!
  2. HoustonJet

    Keeping up with the Tank.

    If SF wins today do we jump ahead of them? We’d have the same record.
  3. Good, Lamar Jackson might be better than both.
  4. HoustonJet

    Predict who gets the #1 pick

    Jets should take this one easily, one of the worst rosters I've seen in quite a long time.
  5. HoustonJet

    Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Wow what a throw by Darnold!
  6. HoustonJet

    Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Absolutely. Watching today's games; Rosen, Jackson, Darnold and Mayfield could easily be top 10 picks. Then the second tier QB's may not be far off.
  7. HoustonJet

    Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Ok forget about Darnold, Allen, Jackson etc etc...Rosen looks damn good!!!!!!!
  8. HoustonJet

    Mike and the Mad Dog story about Kotite

    Nah he was the head coach then.
  9. HoustonJet

    Mike and the Mad Dog story about Kotite

    Anyone ever seen the clip of Kotite on the sidelines calling plays? only to realize 5 minutes later his headset wasn't working emoji23][emoji23]. Saw this on NFLN few years ago, funniest NFL blooper sh*te ever.
  10. HoustonJet

    In the past 13 years in the Superbowl...

    Very interesting stat. And to think the NFL is one of the fairest leagues where every year bad teams are rewarded with the best college players, plus an easier schedule based on prior poor performance. The NFL has become boring and predictable and I swear if the patriots go to the Super Bowl this year, I'm not watching it, not out of jealousy but I'll have zero interest.
  11. HoustonJet


    Guys here's the real problem with that idea. The Giants being a very successful organization, forces the Jets to try really hard to match their success. That right there is one of the reasons the New York Jets will NEVER throw away a season in hopes of drafting some college QB phenom. Sorry but the Jets will go after a serviceable vet QB - Romo, Glennon, (maybe even Kaepernick) this off season and torment us all with another mediocre 6-7 win season. Then we get to see Darnold, Jackson and Rosen go elsewhere...the Jets don't tank folks, it'll never happen, it is habitual, it is continuous - rinse repeat.
  12. HoustonJet

    So long Geno

    Two questions for you: 1. Name me all the WR's he threw to while he amassed those stats? 2. In your opinion, over the past two seasons which other QB would you honestly say was better than Geno on the Jets?
  13. HoustonJet

    So long Geno

    Geno was the best QB on this team by a million miles and never given a real chance because of some dumb sh!t...this organization is just sad, really sad.