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  1. He had to make that catch against Miami [emoji23]
  2. Mahomes is very impressive and a superlative talent.
  3. Lastest WalterFootball 2019 mock...they do a pretty good job with this stuff, but yeah most likely more DL.
  4. Maybe an indictment of piss poor scouting over the years. But in the end it’s The GM’s call to pick a player.
  5. He would do great in 7 on 7 or flag football, he’s just too weak to succeed at this level.
  6. After the Crowell penalty you would think Bowles would put an end to this nonsense right? Nope...Johnson came right back with an equally stupid penalty, where’s the authority on this team? There is none!
  7. The type of loss that get coaches fired. Not because it’s against the losing Browns but the fashion in which the Jets just rolled over up 14-0 - an utter embarrassment. I doubt he makes it to the end of the season.
  8. Cleveland is very competitive, almost had another W against a quality team. And BTW I think they’re better than Miami...Jets will have to work for this one.
  9. A good QB converts those but he’ll learn. Sam rushed rushed things a bit there, Enunwa was wide open
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