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  1. I heard on WFAN (it may have been Boomer Esiason I don't remember who for sure) today that a number of team's inquired about signing him. Including the Jets.
  2. Actually the headline writer did his job. He got people to read the article. Jet's fans read it ready to be enraged. Non-Jet fan's read the article because they think the article is a dig at the Jet's. A newspaper editor told me years ago that the purpose of a headline is to attract people to the story, TV news does the same thing. They throw a tidbit out there before a break. Then you hang around to see the story and realize the tidbit was misleading.
  3. So you're the guy that still follows the brain dead game of baseball?
  4. I saw a week or two ago that ICE and the FBI had dropped out of this case because they found no evidence of human trafficking. I'm pretty sure that had more effect on this deal being offered than anything else.
  5. It may or may not be but it is definitely more of a sport than baseball.
  6. MLB is also the least team oriented sport of the four. The other three sports have designed plays where players have to be in sync with one another. Plus in MLB half the players don't speak English and have to be communicated with through an interpreter anyway. So yes I agree with you and think baseball is the most likely.
  7. Is $167 million the Jets actual number? I know it is the number set by the league. But I have seen that some other teams carried over money from the previous season. For example the New England carried $5.2 million of unused money over from 2016 to put their cap number around $172 million. Did the Jets carry over any money?
  8. Only one was a horrible dresser? You could argue that it is impossible to be fat and a good dresser.
  9. Most people fight with both hands. You hit them with the hand that gives you the clearest shot to land a punch.
  10. I'm left handed when it comes to things like writing or throwing but I don't think there is much difference in my left handed punch vs my right handed punch.
  11. Or by having your star QB married to a super model whose salary dwarfs any NFL QB's salary.
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