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  1. FWIW....Comparing Le'Veon Bell's combine results: 40: 4.45 4.60 bench: 20 24 3-cone: 6.7 or 6.8 6.75 broad: 9'10" 9'10" vert: 35.5 31.5 He's faster but not as big (Le'Veon's same height but 30 lbs more). He's slightly faster that Andre Roberts, so maybe he could contribute on Special Teams and as 3rd down/change of pace back.
  2. I think the new logo has already been shown...just that no one noticed.
  3. Urban Meyer. Finds ways to beat (Belichick-clone) Nick Saban. Able to win with just about any QB. And he's currently unemployed. Paul Chryst. Wisconsin HC. Made Russell Wilson from a 54% to a 72% passer. Wins with less talent. Chris Peterson. Washington HC. Offensive innovator.
  4. According to PFF, the Jets have the 31st ranked Oline. No QB has a chance...
  5. Are those bad snaps for the past 2-3 weeks factored in the OLine grade?
  6. Meh. He'll get used to it. Brady, Favre and Rodgers all did...
  7. brex

    The more I watch the Jets

    Hmmm. 20 yrs vet vs a rookie. That might be a contributing factor....
  8. I was listening to Doug Gottlieb on The Herd. He was ripping the Jets saying that we lucked into Sam Darnold and are going to "do what the Jets always do and screw it all up" - by starting Sam too early. Found this: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/ct-nfl-rookie-quarterbacks-htmlstory.html Basically, there doesn't seem to be a formula for how long a QB should "sit and learn".
  9. Seems incredibly intelligent...
  10. brex

    The Hair!

    That's f-ing awesome! We need to call him "Sam-drome"
  11. They said the Jets had the worst roster last year. And yet 4 teams picked ahead of the Jets in the draft. Why are those coaching staffs better than NYJ's?

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