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  1. Keyshawn Johnson - Talent Wayne Chrebet - Drive You pick...
  2. I love Baker, but how much better would Sam stats be with the 2nd best OLine (Browns) in the league. I believe the Jets were close to the bottom.
  3. FWIW....Comparing Le'Veon Bell's combine results: 40: 4.45 4.60 bench: 20 24 3-cone: 6.7 or 6.8 6.75 broad: 9'10" 9'10" vert: 35.5 31.5 He's faster but not as big (Le'Veon's same height but 30 lbs more). He's slightly faster that Andre Roberts, so maybe he could contribute on Special Teams and as 3rd down/change of pace back.
  4. I think the new logo has already been shown...just that no one noticed.
  5. Urban Meyer. Finds ways to beat (Belichick-clone) Nick Saban. Able to win with just about any QB. And he's currently unemployed. Paul Chryst. Wisconsin HC. Made Russell Wilson from a 54% to a 72% passer. Wins with less talent. Chris Peterson. Washington HC. Offensive innovator.
  6. According to PFF, the Jets have the 31st ranked Oline. No QB has a chance...
  7. Are those bad snaps for the past 2-3 weeks factored in the OLine grade?

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