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  1. Helmets have player numbers on the back. that is new.
  2. I pointed out that Warren Sapp put up 3 sacks and 27 tackles his rookie year. not everyone is Reggie White.
  3. and after 4 years it would be like Sapp only put up 1 double digit sack totals in all his four years here. what a bust don’t re-sign him. Not everyone is Reggie White putting up double digits their rookie year on the line. But when you look at how much potential this kid has (he is BIGGER than Warren Sapp and Reggie White coming out (both 280’s) and just as athletic/technically sound). They’ll probably put QW at cocked nose - where Joe Greene and Klecko played, in the gap between OC and OG in the Bud Carson defense. QW is the best DL prospect this franchise has ever drafted and lord knows we’ve drafted quite few. Gregg Williams already quotes Carson as on of the main strands of DNA in his own defense.
  4. Warren Sapp had 3 sacks and 27 total combined tackles as a 23 year old rookie DT. what a disappointment
  5. not sticking on a team that perennially wins the SB is NOT the same as not sticking on a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in like a decade
  6. Polite has more moves than Allen and more active in disrupting both passer and passes including active intuitive hands creating forced turnovers and batted balls he is definitely better value...
  7. Let’s see. Here’s another option: develop the decently young and cheap as salt center that stabilizes the line late last year. thats how organizations win. Not by drafting and paying HOF centers in round 1. And def not by signing FA centers.
  8. we’ve had two HOF caliber centers in Mawae and Mangold. We are spoiled. You don’t ned HOF caliber centers. Good teams win with regular centers. Harrison is regular. He’s a center. Get ball to QB. That is all. Thank you.
  9. at guard not tackle. its a leap to say day 1 at rt…
  10. the roster is rebuilt. you never get to perfect. it is up to the coaches now. (all new btw). no one knows anything until they start playing games, and then not really until many games in, at least 4, 5 6 games. of course this team can compete for a SB. there are plenty of all-pros on the team. just depends on a variety of factors.
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