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  1. I hear u on speed but Speed is overrated — besides, we have burners at SE already and Herndon also can put vertical pressure. Bell has great hands and can make incredible catches as we saw last year. He has WR instincts in zone coverage and he runs good routes with good twitch. He can get open. His hands and feet do the rest
  2. This is great thx @Chrebetfan80 it’s exactly what I mean but I hear u on jusczyk issue . I don’t think the RBs should ever be (super rarely) lined up in any kind of traditional FB-HB formation but rather to force a defense to contract or open up. Opening up a base defense by splitting Bell out gives Gore one less LB to deal with on run, and if a DC swings a LB out to cover Bell, that’s also a favorable matchup. If the DC wants to run a nickel, bring Bell in and let him run it vs a small front 7. Or, you have Gore that can take any kind of screen/flat/fade from the slot.
  3. Interesting. I think gore is miles better than Montgomery and more accustomed to gase though. Different OL now too — and addition of Herndon
  4. We are. book is not closed on gase. I mean I have a bit of background in football strategy and it isn’t hard to see the potential w these two... also seeing Gase bring Gore in here specifically and Gore coming in to NY just for gase...
  5. Back seat OCs opinions. Curious how to interpret two all-time great pass catching RBs and potential on the field together. How to take advantage of a defense whether it’s in base (and/or wants to stack the box) or in nickel, with the same (essentially) offensive personnel grouping that can flex Bell and Gore in and out of the backfield while maintaining 2 WR and 1 TE at least or some variation thereof. a DC wants to come out in nickel? Flex the formation to run. Want to come out in base and put a LB or CB on Bell split out, with Gore facing a non-stacked box? I’ll take it. Bell’s go-tos in Pitt were the counter with TE/Wing pulling, and various zone scheme runs out of a one back set. But Another really interesting possibility is Bell’s capacity not just in the receiving game out of the backfield, but as a WR. He is a matchup problem for LBs and Safeties and a challenge even for CBs — he can run WR routes and has blueberry muffin hands. At 6’1” 225, he’s bigger than most corners. Bell on the field with Frank Gore at the same time could be interesting — with both as options in either the run or pass game or screen game, and shifting to the defense’s weakness. Even though Gore hasn’t been getting the 30-50 receptions per year that he used to, he has almost 4000 yards receiving in his career. Creative offensive scheming could create real matchup problems for defenses and potentially havoc for opposing LBs and defensive coordinators who will have a hard time adjusting with personnel groupings and responsibilities. It could be something that there’s no film to study for. Think of lining Gore in the slot, and Bell in the backfield, or Bell out wide, and Gore in the backfield, and then running a play or shifting to something else. Playaction could be sick here... for example: mims-JC-T-G-C-G-T gore —perriman ———————-QB—————————— —————-——Bell————————— Bell-JC-T-G-C-G-T Herndon-mims ———————-QB—————————— —————-——Gore————————— mims—JC-T-G-C-G-T Herndon/block TE ——————-QB—————————— —————Bell—Gore———————— mims-Gore-T-G-C-G-T JC perriman ———————-QB—————————— —————-——Bell————————— mims-bell-T-G-C-G-T JC perriman ———————-QB—————————— —————-——Gore————————— ————JC-T-G-C-G-T perriman -mims ————Gore—-QB————————- —————-——Bell————————— thoughts?
  6. Adams almost exclusively played a weak side traditional safety position on 3rd down "coverage downs" last year, an obvious passing down...
  7. No, what I am saying is people are locked into their positions and talking points. ”Weak Side” Jamal = “Sleepy” Joe I think Jamal is a good DB, he just hasn’t shown the “hands” yet. He’s had quite a few dropped INTs even though we have seen him cover Gronk and others successfully. GW is so confident in him actually that in coverages he has had Adams cover WRs — I saw one game he had Hopkins v Houston. Ball didn’t come his way but still.
  8. They know he doesn’t play LB.... It’s not a debate about facts, but value.

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