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  1. I was an extra in an underrated Jeff Goldblum movie
  2. As prospects projected into the NFL they are similar. Wilson maybe slight edge due to arm talent/release. The problem is when you factor in Darnold’s NFL career. It’s hard to be anything other than significantly better.
  3. And he lost the headband, paving the way for the Olivia-Newton John holdouts to get on board
  4. IIRC, it was the year that Mosely’s dropping back in the passing game responsibilities went up drastically that his groin got injured...dropping back. That groin injury was likely from dropping back, and shifting direction for passing the game that his body wasn’t used to.
  5. I think Lawrence’s length (also importantly re: Wilson’s economical throwing motion and quick release) is a liability in a tight pocket vs front 7 for tipped balls and fumbles, and it’s also possible that it gives secondaries more reaction time to read and break.
  6. This is what makes me nervous that in the next few weeks, Wilson to JAX at #1 will begin to percolate.
  7. There are more than that... but every one of them can win you a Super Bowl (or have) because they can
  8. Yes. But what I see is irrelevant. It’s what the GM sees.
  9. Giants can win their weak ass division easy. Smart to go for it.
  10. Joe Douglas hasn’t done shizzle in this league yet.
  11. Or Parcells, Martin, Mawae, Abraham, Ellis, Pennington. Ok, not sure that was all one offseason or maybe it was
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