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  1. because he cares about his relationship with the GM
  2. saints knocking off seattle and cowboys w/o Brees is….impressive
  3. can you imagine if dallas had another team competing in dallas? or if the jets didn’t have the giants competing for market share
  4. There is always a chance with a good game plan. doesnt mean they will win. Just recognizing there is a chance with a plan executed well
  5. You don’t win Super Bowls drafting 1st round OL. You win by drafting 3-6 round OL.
  6. Except that’s the MO every year. Maybe let’s rearrange the furniture and change the Feng shui
  7. Gase has to come up with the game plan that will save the season and his career incentive enough?
  8. Any Given Sunday. why not? Maybe unlikely but this is the chance to turn things around and quick no one thinks after 2 games a season is over.

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