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  1. Darnold is the next Mookie Wilson, Howard Johnson, David Cone and Kevin McReynolds combined
  2. Vader

    The sub 1.50 10 yard split

    powell has a killer head-and-shoulder fake that can leave defenders cross-legged. he’s also a good one-cut back that could be really good in a zone scheme assuming he’s picking the right hole
  3. Vader

    The sub 1.50 10 yard split

    40 yards on 11 carries in NFL opener; blazing speed to the perimeter and good hands out of the backfield. Cannon will start the year as the #3 RB, and his skillset will likely be specifically baked into early season gameplans.
  4. Vader

    The sub 1.50 10 yard split

    theres no doubt he will make the team. punt return is not a necessity for him.
  5. Vader

    The sub 1.50 10 yard split

    I don’t recall him getting busted but it would explain a lot.
  6. Vader

    The sub 1.50 10 yard split

    Powell will be fine I think. Just a different style runner. I’ll give you 5 backs and each will be able to give you 4 yards in a different way. See how Crowell turned his body and almost side stepped or waltzed for an advantage? or how he lowered his head and initiated contact for the extra yardage in order to score? Some have a stuttered, or a shake, some just pure speed. having the nice RB cocktail is the key 🍸
  7. The 10 yd split is more valuable in many cases than a 40 time. It measures pure straight line acceleration, imitating game action for a running back, who takes the hand off and tries to explode for yardage past scrimmage, through a crease or around end. If a running back is off the ball 5-8 yards, 10 yards is a good measure. A full 40 yds covered in the yd dash is almost totally irrelevant and more accurately measures high-end top-speed stamina over a series of 10-yd splits. But to just assure positive yardage, the RB has to get to the line of scrimmage first, or beat the D around the end. Not even 10 players have hit sub 1.5 for as long as it has been measured. Watching Trenton Cannon (1.49 second 10-yd split) run at the pro level (in a zone scheme) shows a rare skillset - short-area explosion from go and pure acceleration to the line. He is more explosive and covers more ground vs other players over the first 10 yds and 1.5 seconds of a play, and that alone barring injury will make him a game-in game-out weapon like we had with Leon Washington, but faster. If he can learn to break an initial tackle, he's going to be taking them to the house.
  8. hard for me not to root for Teddy. if you have ever played a major sport and had a catastrophic injury, its easy to relate to his journey..
  9. Vader

    Trade for Mack?

    Trade teddy for OL! You don’t trade for the elite edge rusher until you are sure you can win with the OL.
  10. the green and white are relics from when werblin owned the team - he was born on st. patricks day. Leon Hess changed the colors of Hess to G+W to reflect the Jets colors. Chris Johnson, has nada to do with Werblin and Hess besides the history. if he wants to make this his own team, he may take this opportunity, and depart from tradition. I would imagine this decision comes from the very top of the org chart - the Johnsons.
  11. i said exactly the same couple pages ago, but would love some white / kelly stripes too
  12. Love the parcells era classics. Been reticent to change but this could be good if they make a radical change ala Seattle - or more, like university of Oregon level dramatic change. Seattle changed a ton but left the essential logo the same. id love to see an iconic helmet design with the jet branding concept incorporated into the helmet design as opposed to having a re cycled or re imagined logo. im thinking something in the Michigan U vein. Something that speaks to a pilot helmet and aerospace. Woukd love to see incorporation of Chrome, silver or copper. And metallic green or a more energetic green.