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  1. These helmets are hot. The green chrome is Kelly green and it makes a huge difference
  2. The Giants changed in the 70’s (?) and reverted in the 90’s (?). Don’t know exact decades. The greatest Giants teams were in the era of the “GIANTS” written on the helmet era. Thats like if the greatest Jets team wore the Kelly Green and Colored Helmets before we reverted back.
  3. The mashup of old logo and stripe with chrome helmet and black facemask is not good
  4. Statistically speaking, you are wrong. Sorry!
  5. The helmets are chrome with black face masks. This is consistent with the black jerseys with green numbers seen before. also for what purpose is Darnold signing these? These are probably limited edition but also introducing the new color scheme. i would be shocked if these aren’t close to what we will have next year. It may be a transitional helmet with a new color scheme (introduce chrome and black) with the old logo and helmet striping. iwouldnt be shocked after seeing this to have new chrome / black with a new helmet logo and without the old striping pattern next year.
  6. Chrome. I thought chrome would be introduced
  7. Vader

    Immovable Wall/Unstoppable force

    establish the run game
  8. I posted in another thread prior that I thought this game would be a toss up because like JAX if we can’t establish the run, Sam is going to have a hard time. Indy run D is actually not bad but that cover 2 is just dumb like we’ve all said. I mean at least mix it up. its hard to know whether the last two weeks is Sam growing or whether these defenses were just ripe for the picking and a good D will still confuse and frustrate Sam
  9. Darnold took what a cover 2 D gives. He made as baldy says some sick stick throws but the colts pass defense is just bafflingly ineffective. Guys were wide open in the middle of the field 20 yards downfield. Constantly. Darnold did the same thing last week when the WRs faced man coverage. He pushed the ball vertically downfield. You can’t ask for much more. He won’t get these electric results every week against good defenses but when you play bad defenses you have to rip them.
  10. Vader


    Colts did the same to NE when they get going on O i don’t think they had Mack against NE either
  11. excellent. the only facemasks that should be worn.
  12. if the knicks can put something anything together this city will light up. basketball town. alos, though, a baseball town. i think u have to put the mets at 2 with degrom and that pitching. they are potentially #1.

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