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  1. Really appreciate it JF80 — love basketball but cant commit to it. Too many projects and parenting going on for me rn. Will say though that my first pick would be Tatum. Dude was ridiculous last year playoffs
  2. Jets fans should be tired of settling for draft picks even if high. The offseason isn’t the season to win.
  3. The Jets need to stop thinking that trading assets and stockpiling draft picks will turn this around. What this does is save money, increase risk of not hitting on a draft pick, and deplete the talent on the roster.
  4. Cute. Our new LG will lead us to the promised land. Loving this.
  5. Huge knicks (and nets now) fan but don’t know much about rest of league. But I’ll take 5 of that Tatum dude in Boston if i can.
  6. And enshrine them in Canton after every win
  7. Wowza of a fight. Instant Classic Trilogy. I thought ppl were underestimating Wilder going in. What a beast Wilder is — power only matched by his compete. He will only quit counted out. This fight was one punch, one inch away from either dude getting KO’d. These dudes should have respect for each other. Instant Classic. Wilder on any night could beat Tyson or Foreman or Fury. The trilogy unanimous to Fury tho. And as for Fury, it’s an era. I thought Fury came out lackadaisical — neither bobbing and weaving like in I, nor steamrolling like II. Wilder was on point, throwing jabs
  8. Just wait until we lose tmw and it’s back to gallows pole for Douglas
  9. There’s nothing to assess. Football is literally not track… They are totally different.
  10. Luckily football isn’t a track meet
  11. That’s like saying OT’s don’t run but OG’s do. Not an accurate description — especially in the wide stretch zone offense…
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