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  1. Vader

    How can we justify drafting a DT at #3?

    warren sapp
  2. yes he is. but we will have trade up if we want to get his short ass arms with him. they are ala carte
  3. Vader

    Browns @ Jets week 1 MNF

    Jets are winning the super bowl so obviously crushing the browns week 1 MNF baker 4 ints mosely 3 ints darnold 12 tds bell 500 yards from scrimmage
  4. Vader

    Could you see Jets trading UP to get Bosa?

    do we have to give up extra for his tiny arms tho?
  5. Those Trex arms on Bosa are a sure lock for HOF
  6. Josh Allen. All this team needs is an edge pressure guy. This guy is edge pressure guy+. Bosa is great in a nickel and this is a close decision, but a Williams + Allen + Mosely + Adams defense > Williams + Bosa +Mosely + Adams
  7. The whole package is sick. Nicely done
  8. yeah its matte black, like stealth paint is matte
  9. Vader

    Best photos of new unis

    u are a machine butterfield
  10. are the helmets actually chrome or metallic green? i don’t see anywhere that are anything specific.
  11. you mean what they sell fans v what the players wear? i can’t tell. stealth black implies matte finish as stealth technology relied traditionally on matte finishes. a stealth black would be a matte black, and lighter, faded black on the scale of blacks.
  12. I was noticing the same. In the nfl shop the blacks are also duller, almost matte black, or super super dark gray. In the the photoshoot pix the contrast explodes.
  13. Impossibly "Aggressive and classic" haha
  14. wow its pulled even. dope unis brahs

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