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  1. something’s taking flight? from the foul line? sticking it’s tongue out? count me in.
  2. damn it’s like 2 AFC championships in a row was a lifetime ago imagine if we just had Mangini as GM and Rex as HC. I mean talk about ying and yang but you have the opportunity that each tempers the other. these two were IMO by far the most intriguing HCs and personalities of my lifetime.
  3. I think the green just above Johnson’s head and the grey on the birch tree just above the left shoulder of Portland sweaty shirt guy, and throw in a little accent grey asphalt from the road they are walking in. Those are the Easter egg colors imo
  4. The uniforms will be completely different. Everyone posting pics of green and white uniforms that are derivative of the current or past uniforms are going to be disappointed. think more the switch Tampa bay made from the creamsicles to the pewter and red. This will be a big change. It was called “bold”. A “Bold” choice means it will be put forward as “different” and “unique” into an unknown with uncertainty of reception, where it may be liked or disliked. The uniforms wouldn’t be called “bold” if that wasn’t the case.
  5. Vader

    Analyzing Darnold Thus Far

    Darnold has already made throws that Magic Johnson would make on the parquet. In fact lets just start calling him Magic Sam.
  6. Vader


    but jamal adams is the forever beast
  7. Vader

    Francesa's Remedy for Jets

    Why in the hell would we offer that (succession after that last contract year) and why would either Arians or Bowles accept it?
  8. Vader

    NY Post Back Page

    Smoked Bowles
  9. I wish i still watched sportscenter
  10. Vader

    Interim Head Coaching Options

    I’d bring him in as candidate for GM/HC or VP. Deserves an interview
  11. You would be hiring him as a VP, not a Coach. He’d bring in the identity, the GM, and the HC. I think Cowher understands how to win in the NFL today.
  12. Because he wants revenge. Revenge is always the greatest motivator. Put a Trex in a suit at a desk, commentating, and guess what happens. Nightmares. nightmares about revenge and blood and trophies. And stuff.

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