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  1. everyone saying a 22 year old QB was terrible with 2:1 TD:INT ratio, 270 yards, and a game winning drive are literally, LITERALLY insane
  2. and beating them last week of season
  3. allen got the leggggs and he know how to use them
  4. two cups aaron rodgers, tablespoon brett favre, salt to taste
  5. Darnold is going to continue to frustrate at times. He’s got some Brett Favre in him. That’s never going to change. He just needs more TDs than Ints.
  6. clearly the penalty should be Tom Brady retires
  7. No doubt this game was a vision of Jamal Adams as a reality. you build around a palette like that and the real question is: is Jamal Adams potentially as good as Darelle Revis as a DB? his impact is almost there... he’s like darelle revis combined with John Abraham. regret the day they trade him like they traded Abraham
  8. #1 rush D in league? and better without leo?and no ILB’s? hmm. get a #1 CB and observe
  9. defense is a milk carton of missing people and they stink but a good day vs the run and barkley
  10. who’s gonna coach? Dwayne “Kenny” Loggains? Or whatever his name is? How do you make Gregg Williams HC??? His defense stinks.

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