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  1. Jets are insane to pass on Rosen. He’s the closest thing to Peyton Manning from style / technical standpoint you are going to find. The dudes father is a freaking surgeon. He’s got the arm, mechanics and brain.
  2. What does that even mean? I referenced Bosco Prep — Do you think Peyton and Eli going to Newman Prep in NOLA makes them Soy Boys too?
  3. No they don’t. Rosen isn’t a so cal Sanchezian cream puff. He’s not a penningtonian gentleman. he is totally east coast (Bosco) and he’s not trying to be liked or diplomatically measured / PC.
  4. I want my QB to have an attitude. Enough of these cake walk pansy so cal surfer types, take it slow southern everything’s all good drawl types. when was the last time we had a QB that was so competitive he actually showed displeasure with failure?
  5. Loving Josh Rosen (merged)

    I don't think our GM cares who is available at 3, as long as one of Allen, Rosen, Darnold is there. You take any one of these guys and run with it. The only complication is if two are there and Mac actually has to decide, say Allen or Rosen. the trade up shows that he is fine with any one of these QBs, even the one that goes third out of the three.
  6. Hudson Yards is most definitely not a sh*thole. Real estate has skyrocketed there, so has demand. It’s only a matter of time before it extends to Hell’s Kitchen and garment district.
  7. not really... in a business sense a little, not football.
  8. anyone that thinks BB going out if the AFCE is a bad thing for the jets is not thinking
  9. Darron Lee

    Lee has become a reliable player this year and definitely has been much better than mediocre.
  10. Baker Mayfield

    Mayfield's a little short for a stormtrooper.
  11. Are the Jets good

    The roster has been seriously upgraded this year and for the most part the team plays hard. The offense is not ineffectual. The defense isn’t Swiss cheese. They can put up points and make defensive stops. teams can’t sleep on the Jets. They’re not “not good”
  12. Jets D Dancing in 3rd Quarter

    Love this massive Kelly green attack
  13. Da Billz

    But Hot Sauce is a cool name for that D amirite