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  1. He was shadow benched last year - running ghost routes. Dude is whack but Bob Saleh did him dirty
  2. Meh. Where's the excitement? He could have been more fire and brimstoney
  3. dude was shadow benched for like the entire year, was running phantom routes, like the QB was told to disregard #8. It was weird af. everyone saw it. edit: mf would be wide open on 3rd down and QB would still ignore him
  4. People questioning Moore's return need to understand that this trade was not just about what we were getting back for Moore. It's v obviously just as much about what we were getting rid of. You have to put fair value on the getting rid of aspect: Moore just got shipped out of Bob Saleh Party Island. Bob. Saleh. Party. Island. If Saleh didn't have Moore's back, something is seriously wrong with this player. And everyone knows what the issue was. Elijah Moore is an entitled ass that spoke way out of turn, in the wrong way and had no bona fides to do so. People that have played the sport (or most team sports) know what Moore did was verboten. Dude got for real benched by That Loving Lamb, Bob Saleh, and was shadow benched for nearly the remainder of the season. Too many mouths to feed now and who knows what EM may have been saying behind closed doors this whole time.
  5. Jeff Smith + Braxton Berrios = Hardman
  6. Rodgers was careful to use the words "intend to play...it's my intent to play for the NY Jets" This language wasn't a declaration, just a statement of intent, which doesn't necessarily mean anything. As in, I went to the store intending to buy some avocados to make a killer guac to accompany Taco Tuesday in the Vader Household, but a funny thing happened as I was at the store intending to buy them. I saw the price, and they were't ripe anyway. The clerk would have had to jump through hoops to find the ripe ones in the freezer. So, while I intended to buy avocados, I didn't actually buy them. Rodgers has no authority to declare he's playing for the jets. But he can express his intention to do so, and doing so acknowledges there are obstacles in the way of bringing his intention to fruition.
  7. what's a yelp signed, the yutes (those under 25)
  8. Buffalo gonna to be like: "aint no fun if my homies can't haa-aa-ave none"
  9. I don't have a Times subscription anymore. What is the case so I can look this up on Casetext?
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