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  1. If ur vaxxed I finally got the Rona in January after almost 2 years in NYC…
  2. DV is an aggravating factor in other words to the tampering misdemeanor. Tampering sounds odd — usually relates to like evidence etc
  3. This schedule has like 4 division on the line games.
  4. Michael Carter also winner — saved his ass from several concussions down the road. He’s better as a compliment than a bell cow with his running style and size
  5. This was a solid response
  6. Went from the Big Ticket to the Big Secret. Seriously what’s with the secrecy. JD and Saleh don’t really know where Becton is holding.
  7. Saleh and JD did hedge on Becton… They have tabs on him but looks like they have no actual idea what he is capable of. “We’ll find out pretty quick” - Saleh
  8. At his age and background Saleh’s going to let him straighten his sh*t out and earn some money in this league before his youth is wasted. This is a dude that probably isn’t going to get a rich second contract either…
  9. Coaches that saw/interacted him at Senior Bowl may have pounded for him. Seems like this was deferring to someone’s judgement and wish to coach Mitchell up.
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