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  1. I guarantee you Chris Johnson is not a democrat.
  2. these results make no sense. evaluating based on design also short sighted, bc identity in football is larger than that. Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Indy, KC, Chicago, Washington, NYG all in the bottom half or quarter. These are all classic logos, classic designs, but more - the history of the football clubs and the cities are the identity. and Really, the Rams? This poll is nonsense. Punishes many "classic design" teams for NOT modernizing and seemingly punishes for political purposes (Wash and KC). How the Raiders and Dallas aren't top 5 or 10 is mind boggling.
  3. When he’s the best QB on the team
  4. Vader

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    all of these names are horrible consider however his middle name is richard. and his grandfather's nickname was big dick
  5. Vader

    Zone Blocking Scheme

    we don't really have the personnel to run zone blocking but running it doesn't require the same blue chip prospects to operate
  6. Vader


    different style of football player
  7. Vader


    i don't see it. rodgers coming out played a different playing style, different, more efficient throwing motion, footwork. different kind of mobility, body structure. many/all of these things he has a similarity w Big Ben when both coming out of college i'll take either tbh, 20 years our own Big Ben
  8. Vader

    Sportsbook odds for #1 Pick

    To optimize the return for #4 they would attempt to induce another team to trade up for a QB this ensuring who they want at #4
  9. Vader

    Sportsbook odds for #1 Pick

    They own the #1 pick but also the #4 pick. There is definitely a reason to put on the smokescreen because of that #4 pick.
  10. Jets are insane to pass on Rosen. He’s the closest thing to Peyton Manning from style / technical standpoint you are going to find. The dudes father is a freaking surgeon. He’s got the arm, mechanics and brain.
  11. What does that even mean? I referenced Bosco Prep — Do you think Peyton and Eli going to Newman Prep in NOLA makes them Soy Boys too?
  12. No they don’t. Rosen isn’t a so cal Sanchezian cream puff. He’s not a penningtonian gentleman. he is totally east coast (Bosco) and he’s not trying to be liked or diplomatically measured / PC.
  13. I want my QB to have an attitude. Enough of these cake walk pansy so cal surfer types, take it slow southern everything’s all good drawl types. when was the last time we had a QB that was so competitive he actually showed displeasure with failure?