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  1. the logo looks like a christmas tree with knives hanging off. pass.
  2. Jamal Adams takes us from off-off-Broadway to back on the strip this is like Cats at WinterGarden 1985
  3. Jamal Adams is classic. Jamal Adams is so classic.
  4. Vader

    The Bright Side

    starting QB goes down week 1 quarter 1. Still wins 11 games with a 7th round draft pick. that’s what is called a not weak argument.
  5. Vader

    The Bright Side

    Forget what he did before NE. He’s figured it out. Check the season when Matt Cassel filled in. Without Brady he wouldn’t be as success but I’d venture that he’d still be good.
  6. Vader

    Recency Bias

    Payton didn’t call his best game, Brees didn’t play his best game. They still put themselves in position to win without it having to go to overtime
  7. Vader

    The Bright Side

    belichick with out brady is going to be less of a problem, but still a problem. his system works.
  8. Vader

    How does the NFL deal with that no call?

    would more ppl be actually watching the game in LA as opposed to Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama? I’m not even sure which is the bigger actual football market.
  9. Vader

    How does the NFL deal with that no call?

    Defender didn’t play the ball, didn’t turn around, he just got beat, panicked and blew up the WR. It’s as textbook as it comes. There needs to be greater tech integration into the game. Bottom line. These calls are either so ticky tack or totally goofed it’s ridiculous. Football has too big of a field with too many moving pieces, and too many rules to rely on human perception and judgement. Put sensors in balls, helmets, on and above the field to triangulate position. Easy. Done. Have an AI redundant system backup the on field system to “automatically and continually review” the game (not just the calls) to determine violations. This can be done at computational abilities now in milliseconds. reduce the team reward / punishment system for irrelevant to the game infractions that always winds up damaging the game quality itself and move to a more individualized system of punishment: have players personally docked for certain penalties. A point system, financial penalties, and dock the coach simultaneously. Have thresholds and cut offs. Punish players financially for serious repeated violations; Take a player off the field for crossing a severe threshold, whether suspension or ejection or a penalty box type thing. Penalties like helmet to helmet tackles shouldn’t punish the team, they should punish the player. Team penalties should only be levied if the infraction gave a team a competitive advantage, like offsides, DPI, holding, etc.
  10. Vader

    Football is Stupid

    speculation -- LA is a bigger metro area but NOLA / mississippi / alabama may have more ppl that care about football and thus would be a bigger actual TV market as opposed to being theoretical market interested in the rams. ppl care about football down south...
  11. Vader

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    NFL needs to thumb this goff v mahomes NFL TNG
  12. Vader

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    meh blondes are blonde
  13. Vader

    Crazy stat Nance just stated

    nobody cares unless people are marching for a cause

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