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  1. Crazy, but MEGILL has the mettle. He is throwing himself out of games early with his pitch count but MEGILL just held the fort v a top 2 or 3 pitcher in the league and we won. Lugo, May, and Loup have been strong. At this point, if Carrasco comes back or Thor even in September, you have to ask yourself who is going to be pitching every 5 days over MEGILL… Rojas loves him. RE: batting, McCann has been clutch but McNeill crap. Nimmo has been off the hook. If they can continue what they have going, they will be fine although nabbing a Donaldson would be nice
  2. What are some of the best Mets only base ball dedicated message boards? Ive looked at Mets refugees and it looks pretty good. Thoughts?
  3. This team has some bright spots and they are fun, but it looks like again, if they make it to the dance they are going to be outclassed and the magic lost against the better teams in the league — LA, SF, Boston, Houston, etc. What happened vs KC in the World Series and in 2000 v NYY… The roster needs work to really win but you are messing with the fun and the chemistry.
  4. I’m just sayin there’s no way that dude isn’t passing up on the late nite bucket. Just observing his tone and body language. There’s no way someone like this just gives up that life for “fish and veggies”
  5. More like 30 piece extra crispy and side of whoppers
  6. I don’t believe a word of “fish and veggies”
  7. Interesting that they’ve been wearing the black pants with the white or green practice tops and the green helmet, which looks pretty sharp too. I wouldn’t mind if they went with black pants on the reg.
  8. Ever try to eat rice with chopsticks? Now try it with your left hand.
  9. Interesting it’s isles and not nets or knicks.
  10. 90% its not an accurate stat
  11. This is really interesting. i was looking into. I’ve read people have had issues with Daedalus, storage capacity, network, etc. Can you stake through the other wallet — forget the name, the lite version?
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