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  1. There was a play where bosa swatted Bectons hands and got leverage going inside, looking to dart through the gap on a line to darnold. Becton looked cooked. Except Bosa never even sniffed Sam. Becton immediately swiveled perpendicular to the LOS and drove Bosa into the mass of bodies before he could break through. It was incredible. Becton is so big and powerful but he is just as agile and quick. He is literally a 370 lb Muhammad Ali. SF the next series began dropping Bosa in coverage.
  2. Becton owned Bosa in pass pro. He’s already playing at All Pro level and the offense should simplify and revolve around him.
  3. Just not a real NFL offense. We are not witnessing a real NFL offense. It is not more complicated than that. the only magic that ever happens is when the play breaks down the outcome is determined by sandlot rules. Sad. We should boycott. Or protest. “Peacefully”.
  4. Useless thread. We aren’t getting the #1 pick and even if we were, the rational thing to do is trade down for a bounty rather than duplicate a position and the same cycle over and over and over. if you have the #1 pick and trade out you will have something that looks like 3-4 first round picks in 2021 and/or 2-3 in 2022. You would still have Darnold and Becton and that’s how you build a winner. Over those two years with up to 8 1st rounders you draft more OL, more WR, edge, and CB. You stack the roster.
  5. That was the game. It was a terrible terrible decision and sequence of play calling. you take the 3 and make it 14-6 there — a one score game in the first half. gase should be fired just for that
  6. Maybe what you are alleging is rather uncritical and without predicate. no one cares what you Or “Jordan Palmer” proffers as innuendo.
  7. Wtf are you supposed to say after your team got wrecked but u played well bellichick player would be praised for being so circumspect but we are rude got it right. he did nothing wrong move along
  8. Funny — 91 passer rating with scrubs ar WR. Right but let’s start the lab experiment over with the next jets fans QB crush. Been the same since at least Pennington.
  9. Just no. No. Please see the previous posts in our conversation.
  10. Right — no answer so let’s change the topic. How many TDs has shell caught? When was he even mentioned last in this thread? the answer is the same — delusional. Exchange Malone, Berrios and whomever else we had at WR for Metcalf, Lockett Olsen, and Carson and you have a different result. No, Darnold isn’t Wilson but It’s not complicated.
  11. You are completely delusional. You have posited exchanging Lockett, DK Metcalf, Olson, And Carson for what Darnold has in the passing game and claimed that the results would not be different. i think that’s just totally misinformed.

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