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  1. 90% its not an accurate stat
  2. This is really interesting. i was looking into. I’ve read people have had issues with Daedalus, storage capacity, network, etc. Can you stake through the other wallet — forget the name, the lite version?
  3. CCP loves this.
  4. I thought it was new Nike Airs
  5. Opium, I hear, old chap — and a reading of Tennyson — will do wonders for the constitution.
  6. U are well versed in snark, master rjf
  7. Moore is the Leonardo Davinci of route running. Dude is unclassifiable. His routes should be in MOMA. SORRY for anyone who doesn’t see it.
  8. Literally no one knows anything about anyone after 60. It’s the Bermuda Triangle of prospects.
  9. He’s gonna come out and something all quippy like “there’s no 1 in team” or “we do it 2gether” or “we are 1”
  10. Vader

    Pick 34?

    Yeah. It’s gonna be our offense chasing score after score this year unless the pass rush imposes
  11. Coleman we sighed... and the scrubs that were actually decent last year...josh Adams and the other dude. Thing with a stud OL is you don’t need an Uber dynamic back...
  12. It just goes to show how badly darnold sh*t his pants in his audition last year.
  13. Agree but AVT was wearing an Oakland hoodie. I think we threw a wrench into LV plans and they panicked Bc of it
  14. Don’t think we should get hopes up for J-OK... JAX (or trade up) likely to take him
  15. JD had AVT as a top ten, generational LG. You don’t draft a LG in rd 1, let alone top 15, let alone TRADE UP FOR HIM otherwise. It does look like Ground n Pound 2.0
  16. Vader

    Pick 34?

    Saleh must be pounding the table for j-ok. Dude literally defines all gas. CB is less of a need with Hall drafted last year and an investment in pass rush... that pass rush with j-ok (who is also a beast in coverage) will go a long way to mask deficiency in the secondary.
  17. Woody is funny but sounds like such a country club Brad
  18. We’ll find out from JD in the presser. Looked stoked about this pick.
  19. JD smells blood, not dicking around. AVT was the guy he wanted bad bad bad. Saw how day 2 and 3 picks are whatevs and better to trade up for premium than to hedge and risk the day 2 and 3 whatev. JD has turnt up his inner Tannenbaum. Would not be surprised to see JD at 34 stay aggressive on NEED and ignore BPA in constructing a “vision roster” as opposed to one dictated by the board. These last two offseasons remind me of 2000 draft. QB, Pass Rush, OL. Ground and Pound 2.0
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