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  1. Winning and losing changes the complexion of a uniform…
  2. Why brooks as opposed to saucony, new balance, nike, etc is there something special about brooks?
  3. Helmet is garbage. The all blacks with the green helmet were cool. The new logo ruins the whole vibe
  4. They decal’ed it on the front doors to the facility
  5. This shirt is Mets blue. I’m in.
  6. That’s close. Definitely a game changer.
  7. Yeah, what actually is the specific cause of action here. I guess i could look it up but I’m too lazy
  8. He should have pulled the plug on Lawson v Becton. Lawson was just destroying him snap after snap.
  9. If ur vaxxed I finally got the Rona in January after almost 2 years in NYC…
  10. DV is an aggravating factor in other words to the tampering misdemeanor. Tampering sounds odd — usually relates to like evidence etc
  11. This schedule has like 4 division on the line games.
  12. Michael Carter also winner — saved his ass from several concussions down the road. He’s better as a compliment than a bell cow with his running style and size
  13. This was a solid response
  14. Went from the Big Ticket to the Big Secret. Seriously what’s with the secrecy. JD and Saleh don’t really know where Becton is holding.
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