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  1. seriously. watching the Eagles and Fletcher Cox and how the announcers were like "4 first rounders on this Philly DL".... i was like wtf. If you don't have an absolute game-changer, don't pay a premium for a plug in. and the point about impact on the game -- you have to play to impact it... That groin Mosely has -- that's bc he was dropping into coverage and doing hip stuff he never did on such a scale. groins linger and get reinjured as well...
  2. I think this year shows that players like Mosely and Williamson are expensive and expendable tbh
  3. It’s a good point. BB revolutionized the game. He will always have a competitive advantage. Because football. What he won’t have is an overwhelming advantage.
  4. Nashville BBQ pulled pork special 14.99 / lb
  5. Why aren’t Jim Kelly, Dan Marino or Tom Brady career stats Relevant here
  6. Josh “techno bowl” Allen has sumpin to say about this 🤣
  7. 100%. as amazing as Mosely is, how can you justify his contract given what the JV team is doing? And here’s another thing. Some say Hewitt is getting burned doing things he isn’t accustomed to doing. I remember the play Mosely got hurt. What was he doing that he wasn’t in the past in Baltimore? Expanded pass D responsibilities. His body was being asked to go backwards and contort more frequently and in ways that were unusual for him. Is it any big surprise he went down with a groin?
  8. sam darnold is dope. you don't move on from him. lamar...is lamar. but baltimore is baltimore and the jets are the jets. truth is all these QBs are good. Lamar is already on a HOF career but give Darnold some weapons and an OL and he's not far behind.
  9. that’s funny. the same Neville Hewitt playing above his grade deserves his negs pointed out when this year he’s put up 3 sacks, 4 PD, 2 Interceptions in less games than usual? Most ILBs in the NFL are a mismatch and get beat against TEs and definitely against WRs.
  10. Big grab getting Mosely in here on the varsity contract. When he went down and without Avery Williamson, things went way out of whack. As the season has progressed though, down BOTH starting ILBs, we’ve seen some big time play from guys that have been nothing more than JV guys. I swear Neville Hewitt and James Burgess are everywhere, making plays to the sideline in a defense that’s #2 against the run. With a rookie, two vets and no names on DL. Brandon Copeland has been solid, as has Basham. This is in the run D and the pass D. Credit Gregg Williams and CS for developing these guys? Or has Mosely been integral to their development? I would love to know. Ideally, you build a team around these JV guys punching above their weight at ILB. And you don’t want to keep seeing the Demario Davis epidemic that keeps recurring decade after decade at LB with this team where we have a blue chip only to give up on them, and either Pittsburgh, NOLA or another team scooping up a player’s All-Pro years. Not saying Neville Hewitt is the next James Farrior, but still. Needs to be said that these dudes have shown up and been relentless. They’ve brought passion, technique and big plays to the position that was maybe the most decimated given Mosely’s role not just as a ILB but on the D as a whole. This is a good problem to have, but the exceeded expectations need attention called to them. #2 Run D. Big plays being made in the passing game. Seriously. Not bad, JV team. These backers are not backups.
  11. everyone saying a 22 year old QB was terrible with 2:1 TD:INT ratio, 270 yards, and a game winning drive are literally, LITERALLY insane
  12. and beating them last week of season
  13. allen got the leggggs and he know how to use them
  14. two cups aaron rodgers, tablespoon brett favre, salt to taste
  15. Darnold is going to continue to frustrate at times. He’s got some Brett Favre in him. That’s never going to change. He just needs more TDs than Ints.
  16. clearly the penalty should be Tom Brady retires

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