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  1. Such a shame the Jets didn't win the game for you. How about being a real fan and support your team. Let's get behind our team and root for a win nstead of whining about the loss. Keep moving forward. Next week can be our "Any given Sunday." Go Jets!!
  2. Fitz is way better that Geno. I'm hoping he heals up quickly and is well enough to play next Sunday.
  3. Fitz needs to work on his accuracy, with a number of overthrown balls last night. Marshall needs to just catch the Damned ball!!! and, personally, I feel they should put Kerley to more use. He's a good player & underutilized. No way they should have lost yesterday! Mufded snap on the punt puts them at the 13 & come away with nothing!! Who the Hell was calling those plays! Oh well. On to next week.
  4. Man, I really want a Black & White cookie right now.
  5. Win tickets to the Jets/Bills Game Hey Rex. #FanEnergy #Jets
  6. Hell Yeah! My Wife or son will wear it. My son has outgrown all his previous jerseys. This one would be great.
  7. The Jets gotta do what the Jets gotta do. If Fitz & Smith can't play, they have to go with Petty or better get someone else quick. Even though Tebo never looked great, he was never played for a shot at anything. I say we see what Petty can di. Not like there's much other choice.
  8. Who won? I couldn't find the winner posted anywhere.
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