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  1. They are supposed to be at Jets camp tomorrow…
  2. I have a co-worker who had COVID last January; after he recovered he was vaccinated in March and on Friday he found out that he had contracted the Delta variant…
  3. Speaking of floppers…Chiesa ranks up there with Vlade Divacs…
  4. Fair enow…I was waiting for Denmark to make the adjustment and put a faster defender on Sterling…maybe they put the fastest guy they had on it and he just wasn’t fast enough…but as the game went towards full time, it became harder and harder for DEN to mark Sterling…they could scarcely keep up and they couldn’t knock him off the ball…and the way ENG drained the clock at the end of extra time was a clinic in one touch football (no; not ours; the other one…)
  5. Sterling was fouled; he got past both Maehle and Jensen and Schmeichel was playing the cross. If they hadn’t high-lowed Sterling he has a wide open near post and would have scored…Jensen was covering for the center back, number 3 who neither $#@t nor got off the pot…he should have covered when Sterling first got past Maehle and left someone at the far post to fill and cover the cross…
  6. Sorry to hear your wife’s cancer has returned; she and your family are on my daily prayer list… My youngest daughter works at that facility; she had been working at the main hospital in NYC for ~7 yrs when an opening came up in Middletown a lot closer to where she lives in North Jersey…
  7. It took almost 300 years for Nostradamus to become Nostradamus...who has that kind of time?
  8. If JAX doesn’t get another win and we both finish 1-15, wouldn’t we still have the first pick due to the greater strength of schedule?
  9. It means last year Adams was blowing up Twitter for the Jets to bring Bell in... and one year later is blowing up Twitter to get himself out...
  10. Yeah, as I’m seeing with my South Jersey raised grandsons who are all out PHI fans.
  11. The Miami Herald website had their own “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment when they published Dan Lebatard’s column the next morning about how MIA destroyed the Jets and revealed them as pretenders....I emailed him about it and he actually replied back with a mea culpa saying his deadline was before the end of the game, etc...
  12. And I thought I had a sh*tty week last week thanks to a Transient Ischemic Attack...a mild stroke to you non-medical types...when my BP spiked to 271/143... Praying for you; get better.
  13. Did Jeudy and Lamb have positive drug tests no one knows about? I’d have expected them to both be gone halfway through the round...
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