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  1. I don’t think it’s the worst if you consider in the 52 seasons since the merger, this team has made the playoffs 12 times and won it’s division twice…in 52 years. We have perennially been last or next to last in the division with few exceptions. It looks worse because we are getting steamrolled but this season looks like nearly all Jet seasons as long as I’ve been watching…2-3 losses for every win. This year’s team looks as bad as those before it…not worse, just as bad…
  2. We haven’t defended a tight end up the seam in equally as long…
  3. NE punted once and had no 3 and outs…they scored 54 points only because they stopped trying to score; if they wanted they could have gotten 60…after we scored to make it 31-13, our possessions went pick-pick-downs-punt-fumble. We have sorry starters and no depth. The closest thing to a positive is they think Wilson’s knee injury is his PCL rather than his ACL.
  4. Defensive guru-ship is predicated on the quality of the players on defense…coaches don’t play…and the greatest scheme can look pedestrian when the players executing it suck. Without Mosley, the back 7 is clueless.
  5. That is what the Pats do; they will keep running a play until you show you can stop it…
  6. When do we get the rest of the movie? Where they stopped was hella early in the book….
  7. This is looking like MANU (0) - LIV (5) which just ended…Liverpool was up 5 only minutes after the half and eased up, even after Pogba got sent off…at least their announcers called it the humiliation it was…
  8. The call wasn’t bad…Van Roten missed 2 blocks on that play…and on the pass to Griffin in the flat…if we lose, that’s where the blame lies…
  9. Dude let it go…He’s playing well on a good team; good for him. His biggest flaw while here was being passable on a team that needed him to be great in order to succeed.
  10. Saleh knows how well Foster played in his system in SF; if he can get back to 75-80% of that, our LB corps…and pass rushing…will take a big step up…
  11. Also…post-op…take pain meds and stay ahead of your pain…I have an uncle who had his right knee done ~18mos ago; he doesn’t like taking pills and figured he could just macho through post-op and rehab…his rehab as a result was less than successful and he had to have a second procedure to replace his already replaced knee two weeks ago…
  12. Clearly you weren’t here for the Rich Kotite era…or the Lou Holtz era, for that matter…
  13. While Slayer doesn’t fall into the genre I generally incline towards, I also have performed gospel, r&b, jazz, blues, country, bluegrass and classic rock in all manner of dives and holes in the wall…and if there’s a check on the other end, I can learn it fast and perform it spot on.
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