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  1. Skins problem is Jay Gruden didnt want to draft Haskins and since he was drafted, hasn't wanted to play him, even saying in the lead up to last Sunday that the only way he would play Haskins was if their season was "over" and they were out of contention...yet down 14-0 to the Giants in the 2nd qtr he is putting Haskins into the game...most likely at Dan Snyder's insistence...which explains his postgame truculence when asked if Haskins would start next week...
  2. That probably had more to do with the Browns having Eli McGuire active for last night’s game...now that they won, they’ll be cutting him in 3...2...1...
  3. Until it passes he's at risk for a ruptured spleen...which would probably end his season.
  4. Until it passes he's at risk for a ruptured spleen...which would probably end his season.
  5. Until it passes he's at risk for a ruptured spleen...which would probably end his season.
  6. Until it passes he's at risk for a ruptured spleen...which would probably end his season.
  7. Next week? I hope he can go next defensive series...
  8. triple coverage if you count the single high safety who was already waiting in the corner of the end zone for the corner route to Robinson who had zip point squat chance of catching that ball.
  9. He threw himself under the bus by jumping into Gruden's shoes unasked...Gruden didnt say anything because he knew how it would end...Gruden left OAK because of control issues with Al Davis; when Mark Davis offered him the head coaching job you can bet Gruden got that question out of the way first. Mayock was hired, OTOH on Gruden's recommendation. He never had more juice with the .org than Gruden. This allowed Gruden to flex his muscle without having to flex his muscle because at the end of the day, Mayock was an unemployed college scouting exec who played his evaluation of players at the Senior Bowl into a full-time gig with the NFL Network. Locker room issues were never his wheelhouse.
  10. Weak class but he was not exactly the class of it...most observers were shocked when he went #2.
  11. Except this was not your kid...and I find it interesting that while what Brown said to Mayock is being reported widely, nothing of what Mayock has said to Brown is being reported...why is that? They weren't standing next to each other; Mayock didn't whisper it in Brown's ear yet no one seems to have heard a thing. Because other players like getting NFL checks and reporters like having insider access. This was not out of the blue; they were going back and forth until Mayock said something no one seems to recall and AB exploded. That's the story but there are no reports of what Mayock was saying back. Last year in PIT no one made BR use his radio show to call out teammates with criticisms he would not make behind closed locker room doors and no one made the PIT .org leadership to let it continue until it spilled out and they could no longer control it. It doesn't help that prior to becoming the Raider GM, Mayock was riding hard for Ben Roethlisberger and blaming everything wrong in PIT on AB and Le'veon Bell...because that's what BR claimed. Le'veon Bell is still salty about that too...but he is going to take it out on Jets opponents but don't get it twisted... There are no white hats here; Mayock is an NFL GM, not an analyst on NFL Network but he has handled this like the latter and not the former where he can't say what he wants when he wants about players. Neither one has been professional in their respective demeanor.
  12. Goff's not in the Wilson category; Wilson upped his game when his running game went AWOL...Goff without Gurley OTOH...not so much. Wilson has been the Seahawks' offense... running and passing... the last 2 years. If anything, he was vastly underrated coming out of college...
  13. Get a tablet, a VPN software that lets you join NYC servers and install the NFL mobile app...then start the VPN, join a NYC server and start NFL mobile...and you can watch the jets games live for free
  14. They are equally bad, at best; Hunt missed most of his kicks too.

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