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  1. I read that they never intended to be a touring band but their popularity kinda forced it. Left to their own devices they’d have just been a studio band...
  2. Awesumtenor

    Anyone here ever quit drinking?

    Yeah..the last 2 years I was in the Navy, my life was swirling the bowl; I had split from the ex and just had a bunch of sh*t all coming at me at once. I almost got popped on a piss test; my buddy who I used to get high with daily got popped positive n a test he took the day he went on terminal leavegetting out of the Navy and they sent NCIS to his house in TX and brought him back to Norfolk in shackles for his page 13 hearing. I had less than 9 months left and I stopped smoking weed but alcohol filled in the gap. I was more of a functioning alcoholic; my work performance didn’t fall off but I would stop at the package store on the base and get a 12 of Heineken and a fifth of Southern comfort 4 out of every 5 days...the 5th day I had duty and couldn’t leave the ship. For about 15 months that was my life...then I met my current wife and when we got serious about our relationship, she said I could have booze or her but not both and it wasn’t negotiable. That was in 1987. I stopped drinking then and haven’t taken it up again.
  3. We have seemed to do that a lot over the years... especially with LBs; remember how James Farrior was deemed a bust? Then he went to PIT... As a franchise we never seem to learn that square pegs in round holes doesnt work...
  4. “Chief Slapaho”? Seriously?
  5. 2004... seriously? You went looking for something you could say was disqualifying and the best you could come up with was something from 2004? Given he has worked continuously from then until now says what you are trying to imply is a crock...but he’s black so the implication is enough in your mind...
  6. Awesumtenor


    He is ok surrounded by a good team...his tenure with WAS showed he is not that guy who can put a mediocre team on his back and make them good.
  7. Pryor got some payback and gave BUF coaches mad intel...
  8. Too bad Skrine and Claiborne didn’t die with him...God they suck...
  9. Awesumtenor

    Jets 8 Point Favorites over Bills

    Tyrone? Seriously?
  10. Awesumtenor

    Todd Bowles is a LOSER!

    Because we won all those Super Bowls with Rex running his mouth and wearing his heart on his sleeve....things were *so* much better then...
  11. Internet machismo is a powerful drug...and there is nothing he said that was not true. Until the Jets can establish themselves as perennial contenders, there will continue to be large numbers of the opposing teams fans at Jets home games. The MIN defense made Darnold look like a rookie in the second half and that was the difference in the game. He took no shots at the team, the coaches or the organization...which cannot be said about you and others every single Sunday...even when we win. Comparatively, he took a high road you couldn’t find with GPS.
  12. Awesumtenor

    Poorly coached team

    What NFL starting caliber Centers are walking the streets unsigned by any team? Who is available that would be an upgrade over Long who has played in a zone blocking scheme at a high level?
  13. Awesumtenor

    Poorly coached team

    The call was Cousin’s forward progress was stopped at the 1 yd line. Forward progress calls cannot be challenged.
  14. Awesumtenor

    colts ruined luck

    He aint lost; he's hiding...
  15. Awesumtenor

    Ereck Flowers

    He's the black Tony Mandarich. Just say no and clean your brain with a power washer and a 55 gallon drum of brain bleach so the next time his name comes up you say "Who?"

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