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  1. If JAX doesn’t get another win and we both finish 1-15, wouldn’t we still have the first pick due to the greater strength of schedule?
  2. It means last year Adams was blowing up Twitter for the Jets to bring Bell in... and one year later is blowing up Twitter to get himself out...
  3. Yeah, as I’m seeing with my South Jersey raised grandsons who are all out PHI fans.
  4. The Miami Herald website had their own “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment when they published Dan Lebatard’s column the next morning about how MIA destroyed the Jets and revealed them as pretenders....I emailed him about it and he actually replied back with a mea culpa saying his deadline was before the end of the game, etc...
  5. And I thought I had a sh*tty week last week thanks to a Transient Ischemic Attack...a mild stroke to you non-medical types...when my BP spiked to 271/143... Praying for you; get better.
  6. Did Jeudy and Lamb have positive drug tests no one knows about? I’d have expected them to both be gone halfway through the round...
  7. He co-owns the team with his brother but his brother is the managing owner. How they will do things when Woody is no longer Ambassador to Ireland we don’t know but right now he has no participation in the day to day running of the team.
  8. Tyreek Hill - 5’ 9” listed as 185 lbs; actual playing weight is ~169 Desean Jackson - 5’ 7” listed as 175 lbs; actual playing weight is ~160 Tyrann Mathieu - 5’ 8” listed as 190 lbs; actual playing weight is ~165 Marquise Brown - 5’ 8” listed as 180 lbs; actual playing weight is ~155-160
  9. One sided for SF...there were false starts, holding, face masks...on SF that went uncalled... the worst was the play clock hit zero 3 seconds before the ball was snapped...no flag. SFO was close...against most teams, a 10 pt lead with 6 mins left in the game is close to a lock to win... but then, KC scored 3TDs in under 5 mins and SFO had no answer...
  10. Dr. J went to Hempstead HS with my mother’s youngest sister; when he was on the Virginia Squires they would hang out when he was in town...he was also a regular playing ball at Kennedy Park and it was major cool points for me and my brother when the other kids heard him say to us “tell your Aunt Pat I’ll call her later”... Howard Davis, Jr. moved to Hempstead after he won gold at the 1976 Olympics; I used to cut his grass Met Jim Brown at a lacrosse clinic@KP and Willis Reed at a basketball clinic @Hofstra.
  11. Riley would be a fool to give up the autonomy he has @ Oklahoma. He signed a 5 yr/$32.5 million contract last year...plus all the other perks that come with it...so money won't sway him; to coach in DAL means he has to be mindful not to cast a larger shadow than Jerry Jones; last 2 coaches who did that (Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells) got canned...where in Norman, OK he gets to call all of the shots and his star can burn as bright as he can make it. OU is a perennial winner while DAL is a .500 team in the Jerry Jones era. If I were he, I wouldn't answer any calls from the 214/469/972 area codes; there is no upside in going there.
  12. Bills had the division in their grasp until they came up small on Saturday night. Don't be surprised if they rest people next week and lose to the Jets...or even if they don't rest people and still lose to the Jets.
  13. This is why I hate the Bills...they come up small at the worst possible time. Bills win would knock NE to 3 seed at best even if NE won next week and without a bye NE is toast
  14. I thought the Bills were supposed to have a league leading defense....they finally get the lead and they get more passive?
  15. If an asteroid takes out the stadium, the Bills fans that made the trip would be collateral damage in the destruction of wicked pissah flying Elvis nation...I have no beef with Bills fans; I have cousins in Buffalo who ar3 die hard fans but I’ve hated the Bills since OJ got to 2000 yds against the Jets at Shea...I hate the cheats and their fans with the white hot heat of a thousand suns tho...
  16. Is it just me or is anyone else watching BUF-NE and hoping an asteroid falls from space on Gillette Stadium? God I hate both of these teams...
  17. With spygate, it was told that the people filming would wear Kraft Productions windbreakers with team provided field credentials...but Beli's response has always been to throw someone else under the bus...like when he was asked about deflategate,is response was "You have to ask the QB about that..."
  18. He had both knees on the ground and still had the ball. That was the second blown call by the replay official; the other being the punt on the BAL possession that ended with the punt block. The ball hit both the BAL player's shoulder and his foot and Gase's challenge should have been successful.
  19. They were able to pressure Brady with 4 and drop 7 into coverage and on all of the shallow crossing routes every Pats receiver took hits and paid a price... that also messed up the timing of the NE offense to a degree. Anytime a NYG DL could hit Brady, they did. That's how they beat them.
  20. That wasn’t a gift; if Belichek hadn’t blown a challenge early in the game he’d have been able to challenge it. If Harry catches that in the last 2 mins, it’s a touchdown. Chiefs didn’t win because of the refs though...they won because Brady has become a noodle arm. He was the second coming of Joe Kapp; everything he threw was weak and fluttering. That got the Pats several questionable PI calls because Brady severely underthrew his receivers especially on throws outside the numbers. The only pass he completed over 20 yards was the touchdown to Edelman and that was severely under thrown as well. In the past the 4th down pass knocked away by Marcus Peters would have been 6 but the ball had nothing on it and it gave Peters time to recover. The receiver was open by NFL standards; Brady couldn’t get the ball to him. Unless Roger Clemens gives him his HGH dealer’s number, Father Time has knocked him down for the count, IMO. They’ll still probably win the AFCE but the division leaders in the other 3 divisions have already beat them...2 of them in Foxboro...
  21. Thanks; I was scratching my head for a sec there...because none of what I said even insinuated politics...
  22. how is it political? The NFL is not a government agency...
  23. A Harvard study of every draft eligible QB for the last 25 years shows implicit bias is baked in where white QBs are spoken of in terms of intangibles....leadership, intellect etc and rarely about their athleticism...and black QBs are spoken of almost exclusively in terms of their athleticism and deemed lacking in those intangible qualities white QBs...even god awful ones...are assumed to have. I was listening to Nick Wright's show tuesday night on the way home from work and he was discussing this very thing with Mina Kimes from ESPN. They said it is so baked in that you can tell whether the scouting report is on a black QB or a white one just by the things complimented and criticized without ever seeing the school or the QB's name...for instance while most college teams play some form of a spread offense you hear constantly as a criticism or concern of black QBs whether they can get the verbiage of calling a play in a huddle right or take snaps under center and almost never hear the same criticisms or concerns regarding white QBs coming out of the same system. That's the thing that gets Paxton Lynch and Christian Hackenberg selected long before Jacoby Brissett or Dak Prescott...

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