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  1. You’d think after Leinart and Sanchez league pundits would be more pragmatic about USC QBs…
  2. Mims isn’t coming off an injury and knew he was hanging on by a thread. He needed to bust his hump and be seen by the coaching staff doing so.
  3. Not enough implicit resentment of a black guy who made more money in his signing bonus than most of the angry chorus of fans have made in their lives. Bonus points for expressing it as if you actually wrote the check and thus Benton’s off-season regimen has to pass muster with you or he is all manner of fat bitches and other slights or slurs that stop just short of getting you in trouble with the mods…because he owes you.
  4. Because Communism…Tailgunner Joe and his House UnAmerican Activities committee. Used to have to stand at attention with your helmet under your arm…whether you were playing pee-wee ball or in the pros, hand over your heart…They have significantly relaxed the policy since the 50s and 60s
  5. And Mike Glennon and a whole host of horrible backup QBs who can’t carry Kaepernick’s jock that keep showing up on rosters despite their sorry career numbers. The offensive centerpiece of offenses league wide is a heavy dose of RPO plays; when Tim Tebow was the face of RPO, it was dismissed as a college gimmick because Tebow played it as just run. Jim Harbaugh ran RPOs with Kaepernick in SF and they got to the Super Bowl. They showed that the plays were viable as part of a real NFL offense and now the concept is ubiquitous.
  6. You’re wrong; he has already stated he was willing to be a backup. They are saying the workout went well; which validates the workout he had @ UMich at their spring game. The interest is real; The second, third and fourth string QBs on LV have a combined 687 yards passing in their careers; if Carr gets hurt, having to play the backups they currently have would be cashing 8n their chips. Even if LV doesn’t sign him, there remain a number of teams who can’t be satisfied with their QB room…CAR, SEA, DET, CHI, PIT, NE off the top of my head…throw the NYG and PHI in there too…that’s a quarter of the league that gets better immediately with him and I’m not talking about his becoming the starter…
  7. I think Bauer did it again after dodging that bullet…
  8. This is bubble wrap parenting at its finest .. why dont we just lock them in their apartments until week 1 ??? Maybe not until week 1…but they definitely want them signed to their rookie deals before putting them in the way of any real harm…
  9. It has essentially killed her career, her self-esteem and has her suicidal. As the husband of a woman with alopecia, I can tell you she’d rather have cancer; with cancer at least your hair comes back after chemo. I don’t know if I would have responded like this but I fully understand why he did it. Just laughing it off just might have been the thing to push her off the ledge because that would have reinforced the idea that she is ugly and not worth defending.
  10. Metcalf is from Mississippi…where Olive Garden is believed to be a good Italian restaurant…
  11. Kick the FG and they can only tie…whodaphuc runs a QB sneak on 4th and 2???
  12. Given Saban has borrowed liberally from Belichik’s playbook, a lot of what he has been asked to do are things he was already comfortable with from Alabama. It has taken longer but of late teams have been more successful in making him do the things at which he is weaker and taking from him the reads and routes he does well.
  13. Facts. I’m not actively looking but I get 25-30 emails a day, almost all of which are looking to fast track a decision. If I weren’t recovering from a third stroke I had in August, the money being thrown around would make me at least very very intrigued.
  14. The fact that they only threw the ball 3 times shows his arm talent is not nearly as exceptional as has been claimed.
  15. For real…For the bazillionth time, Beli is wicked smart.. You can’t compare the Jets to them because the Jets don’t have that level of continuity with either their coaching staff or their personnel in any phase of the game. We don’t have that; we never have…and the more people you are playing that are new to the scheme, the greater the number of people that can screw up assignments. NE has enough people who have been there for years who know their offensive and defensive schemes well enough to assist their rookies enough to play well. We have an overturned roster and a coaching staff where most of them are doing their job for the first time in their lives…so we are an accident waiting to happen. There has been improvement but it is hard to teach during the season. We may get lucky and take that leap next year but when the bulk of this team has played together in the same system going into the third year is when real improvement should be seen.
  16. I don’t think it’s the worst if you consider in the 52 seasons since the merger, this team has made the playoffs 12 times and won it’s division twice…in 52 years. We have perennially been last or next to last in the division with few exceptions. It looks worse because we are getting steamrolled but this season looks like nearly all Jet seasons as long as I’ve been watching…2-3 losses for every win. This year’s team looks as bad as those before it…not worse, just as bad…
  17. We haven’t defended a tight end up the seam in equally as long…
  18. NE punted once and had no 3 and outs…they scored 54 points only because they stopped trying to score; if they wanted they could have gotten 60…after we scored to make it 31-13, our possessions went pick-pick-downs-punt-fumble. We have sorry starters and no depth. The closest thing to a positive is they think Wilson’s knee injury is his PCL rather than his ACL.
  19. Defensive guru-ship is predicated on the quality of the players on defense…coaches don’t play…and the greatest scheme can look pedestrian when the players executing it suck. Without Mosley, the back 7 is clueless.
  20. That is what the Pats do; they will keep running a play until you show you can stop it…
  21. When do we get the rest of the movie? Where they stopped was hella early in the book….
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