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  1. He should take a 1 year deal for $10M to prove his worth and then reup next year with a big contract. He wants franchise player numbers but hasnt put up franchise player stats.
  2. Its admirable but at a certain point you have to step away from the game before you do irreparable damage to your body that would ruin your post football life. Loved to watch him play, would love to see him play again but he should walk away for his health.
  3. Crazy to still see Ryan Fitzpatrick defenders. He is a loser who shrinks when it matters. Always has, always will. If fitz is starting on your team something has gone horribly wrong on your team or your GM is incompetent. Anybody starting him is making a statement they arent interested in winning.
  4. Jets fans have been attacking adams since the day he was drafted so spare me the nonsense. "Shut and play ball" Hmmm. Where have I heard that phrasing used before.
  5. At this point jets fans deserve Adams to be traded, our pick in exchange coming back to be a bust and him to go on to be an integral part of another team winning a superbowl and have a great career.
  6. And I would say the titans were dumb for giving him that contract. The running game was that entire offense. Soon as it was shut down they were toast. Regardless of that, they did make a playoff run with him at QB. We have 2 losing seasons with Darnold. Just because they handed out a dumb contract doesnt mean we should. I want to see Darnold with a winning record in a season and at bare minimum top 20 QB play, but preferably top 15 before we even think of extensions. Giving out big contracts to mediocre QB's is a big reason so many teams are held back.
  7. Good to see we are ramping up the excuses for next season for Darnold already in case he doesnt play well.
  8. I know people dont want to hear this. But he right now is statistically one of the worst starting qbs in the league. For 2 years in a row. Let him put together a good season before we start discussing extensions. Always funny to see people who want us to get rid of a guy who unquestionably is one of the best, if not the best player at his position in Adams but Darnold who hasn't proven a thing going into his third season gets lavished with praise and talk of extensions. It is laughable.
  9. I mean I would too considering how weak our WR core currently is. If darnold had eric decker and Brandon Marshall I have no doubt he could hit 4000. Might have been the best WR duo in franchise history.
  10. The league is filled with mediocre to bad QBs. And when it mattered most, he couldn't get the job done and threw multiple picks for us. He was mediocre for us propped up by having a great pair of WR's and a cupcake schedule. For all the talk about how smart he is, the man is a one read chucker.
  11. Always strange to see people holding up the jets record against Adams, but then defend darnold and not use the same dumb argument against Darnold.
  12. I don't think any young QB could thrive with the offensive roster they had at that time.
  13. Between mosely, winters, osemele and enunwa, douglas/gase have been handling injuries in very questionable ways. Curious how that plays out next season. Whether it becomes a pattern or is just a case of coincidence and unique situations.
  14. He should have been shut down and had the surgery right away. Total mismanagement of the injury by everyone involved.

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