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  1. I dont actually know anyone that uses Facebook, that's a boomer site.
  2. Can you guys go 1 day without this covid discussion. Go whine on facebook nobody wants to read this on a football forum. Let's get back to agreeing Aaron Rodgers choked today.
  3. Tom Brady gets the ball tied 10-10 in the last few minutes and he wins that game. Aaron Rodgers goes 3 and out. And that's why Brady has 7 rings and Rodgers has 1.
  4. He is what he is. An all time great regular season QB who consistently under achieves in the playoffs.
  5. When the MVP puts up 10 points of offense at home as the #1 Seed there is nobody else to point it at. If every other unit needed to be perfect all game for them to win then what else needs to be said.
  6. The special teams didnt cause them to do nothing offensively all game. That's shifting blame. This game is on the MVP.
  7. Aaron Rodgers got the ball tied 10-10 and they did nothing. They did nothing outside of the opening drive. You arent going to win playoff games scoring 10 points.
  8. How many playoff games have been won with a team scoring 10 points. I'm gonna guess not many.
  9. Aaron Rodgers with his patented playoff choke job but everyone will blame everyone except him.
  10. Titans need to move on from tannehill. You're never winning with him.
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