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  1. People in vehicles generally have 0 respect for cyclists and pedestrians. I cant count the number of times I have almost been run over by someone while Im in the middle of a cross walk or riding in a bike lane. Because they arent looking or are trying to save 1 minute by zooming in front of you.
  2. Awful QB. Astonishes me he still has people that defend him. But then again people here were defending Darnold his whole career. Fitz is the definition of a one read chucker and stat padder. Every single time he had to play a game of importance he failed miserably.
  3. I think he realizes his career is over and is lashing out. Should have just re-signed with the Steelers and never sat out. All he did was derail his career and lose money.
  4. Win or lose this place will be unreadable after this game with the over reactions.
  5. It really isnt. We won 2 games last year. We have almost 0 talent across the board. To give up that many assets for a guard is absurd. If we were a team competing next year with a solid roster and just needing a couple pieces this is the type of move you make.
  6. Why is a GM who's speciality is supposedly o line having to spend this many top end assets on it? Shouldnt he be able to identify guys in the mid rounds instead of throwing away 3rd round picks to trade up?
  7. This team doesnt have enough talent to pay prices like this for guards.
  8. So we used 2 3rd round picks and a first round to pick 1 guard. Isnt o line supposed to be Douglass specialty? Why are we giving up this many assets on a team barren of talent to pick a guard.
  9. Peanut butter chex are where it's at.
  10. No team in any other league as been as dominant as the patriots in the same time frame.
  11. Our GM and fan base seem more concerned about "value"and "not over paying" than building a winning team.
  12. Truly bizarre to see people still waxing poetic over an absolute bust and the worst QB in the league. The right complexion.
  13. Watch out NFL, we gonna win 3 games next year!
  14. You can say he wasnt dynamic, fine, no arguement there. A JAG? That's absurd. JAGs dont get into top 30 of all time in their position in yards. Durability and longevity is an attribute. When he came to jets it was already his 8th season in the league with a lot of touches. He set his career high 10 years into his career. The average JAG might last 2-4 seasons in the NFL at RB. He was a reliable workhorse back.
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