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  1. Another huge whiff of a signing by Douglas. A pattern is emerging.
  2. What's the message? We are inept? He already knows, that's why he wanted out.
  3. 6.5 yards a carry for the chiefs today. Meanwhile jets fans are celebrating perrine as a great pick for Douglas because he got 3.5 yards a carry today. You cant make this up.
  4. The score in this game is deceiving. This easily could have, and should have been a lopsided blowout. Bills kept choking away points
  5. I dont think I remember another season with this many bad teams.
  6. Perrine had 3.5 yards a carry and got outplayed by gore. You could get 3.5 off any RB off the scrap heap. So far he looks like a total whiff of a pick. Perriman and mims combined had less yards than robbie Anderson today. Bechton continues to look good.
  7. I'm not at this point with him yet because I think a GM should get a few years to work with, but his early returns are downright bad so far and I have no idea why he has a defense force.
  8. You know the Joe Douglas defense squad is desperate when they're celebrating 40 yards receiving. Stephen Hill had 5 catches,80 yards and 2 tds his first game. Meanwhile anderson has another 70+ game today.
  9. Another example of what a clown show this team is. Any competent GM and coach doesnt play him.
  10. What a goddamn farce the NCAA is. They want everyone making huge dollars except the athletes.

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