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  1. A few months ago people on this board were saying he is secretly better than Jamal. Now he was just a jag throw in that doesnt matter. Lol, make up your minds.
  2. Stafford is ryan Fitzpatrick with a bigger arm. Might as well call him Stat Padford. You cant win with him.
  3. Kirk Cousins actually has a better career QB rating than Stafford. Stafford isnt part of a winning team because he is the QB.
  4. Jags have been competitive, they could easily win 1 more.
  5. That poster is full of sh*t. I didn't care about bell other than Gase was a moron that never used him as a receiver like he should have. Cutting him meant little to me, though I was rooting for him to have success again, but it's clear he is just done I didnt like the Adams trade and I blame Douglas and gase for creating the situation in which adams wanted out. Jamal has been vocal about not liking this regime. Douglas seems to be building a reputation of having poor player relations. The way hes handled that situation and players with injuries has been strange. I cared far more about robbie anderson, another poor move by Douglas. Robbie currently has 75 catches and 912 yards and still 5 games left to play. He replaced him with perriman who has been the same player he has always been. A guy with talent that has some flashes but never puts it all together and cant stay healthy. If you wanted to bring in perriman in addition to retaining Anderson and drafting mims I'd have no complaints on that front. But his plan to replace robbie with perriman was a huge whiff, and he is quickly building up a resume with a lot of whiffs.
  6. We can, but the job he has done so far is objectively bad. He looks exactly like idzik so far. Penny pinching and dumping any talent and always looking to win value above all else. End of the day, the picks he makes with the adams trade will play a huge part in his future, or lack there of. He isnt tied to Gase and Darnold so he will get a free pass for the last 2 seasons of garbage moves he has made and ultimately will be judged by the next coach and qb this team has. But these attempts to polish every move he makes into gold is bizzare. How about he has some actual success before crowning him. Never seen a group of people so eager to crown a GM who's teams are THIS bad.
  7. Go look at the roster. This isnt hard. What's to dodge? Becton looks great, but cant stay on the field. Mims looks solid. The rest is a bunch of question Mark's AT BEST. We celebrating perine who's production could be replaced by a UDFA? How about james Morgan who will probably never see a single snap for this team? How about mann who looks worse than the punter we cut for? What exactly is so good about this draft? How about that 3rd round pass rusher? Yes, world class draft. How about we actually wait to see if this draft does turn out well before declaring it a success.
  8. Go look at the roster. Half of it was Joe Douglas. Beating your chest over this draft screams volumes.
  9. Its hilarious how heavily you rely on ad hominem because you know you're full of sh*t.
  10. Who could possibly have rebuttals for such solid arguements like calling mann a solid punter, someone who is ranked in the bottom half of the league in every stat. Or calling perine, a guy with a 3.7 average a solid change of pace back. Your post is devoid of facts, filled with fantasy and laughable analysis that reads like a 14 year old wrote it that cant stand to be critical of his father joe Douglas. But yes, keep telling us what an amazing job the guy who built the worst roster in the NFL is doing, a team that is quite literally historically bad.
  11. An 0-11 team on the verge of 0-16 is a sure fire way to tell your GM has nailed all his free agents and draft picks.
  12. Jesus, some jets fans will tell you piss tastes like champagne when they're in full homer mode.
  13. Gase is a bizarre man. How he ever conned anyone is a strange NFL chapter.
  14. Because nobody cares about the lions enough to even discuss him. Stafford is a loser. A stat compiler like kirk cousins.
  15. They didnt waste stafford. Stafford is one of the biggest problems with the team.
  16. Man is holding a LAMINATE call sheet and a pencil.
  17. I'm in Canada. Havent had cable for years. For NFL I pick up DAZN streaming service, it's basically sunday ticket and includes red zone. Not sure if they operate everywhere but it's great.
  18. Doubtful. He might bounce around as a back up but he isnt a starting QB in this league.
  19. Shhhhh dont talk facts. Jets fans are in the over hyping every pick of the new GM phase.
  20. Joe Douglas is managing where football is going.

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