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  1. I was expecting him to sign to the Bucs for vet minimum tbh to chase a ring.
  2. Strange choice of team. That's also way too money for the player he is now.
  3. The least you could do is not be a coward and hide behind coded language.
  4. Didnt bechton give up 7 sacks and commit 7 penalties? Isnt he ranked in the top 10 tackles by nobody? Why do people keep saying he was dominant or elite. He had a promising rookie season dominate is not a word I would use. People get too caught up in highlights.
  5. People who only use the word thug to describe black males should just say what they really want to say.
  6. I still firmly believe Darnold is gone but jets just havent made up their mind on how they will go in the draft and dont want to play their hand. We arent going to have any movement until the draft. After the draft I expect us to have either stayed out and drafted a QB at 2 or traded for Watson and Darnold will be gone. I just refuse to believe anyone in this front office seriously is considering starting Darnold for year 4.
  7. Is this post satire or serious I can't tell.
  8. Trying to understand you saying this wouldnt have happened in today's league while referencing Darnold in the same post. Darnold has been the worst QB in the league during the last 3 seasons and people on this forum still think he should get to start this season.
  9. This thread is a hilarious read top to bottom.
  10. He is gonna bust, you can see it a mile away. Suddenly shooting up draft charts, 1 good year, questionable character. No idea why the love affair.
  11. Also really shot holes in the argument he was a system QB/product of beli. And also blew away the "Pat's have it easy in the AFC and afc east" Jets fans should take solace in brady winning. It means Pats just lucked out in having the goat QB and it wasnt the Pat's system that was why they won. The Pat's ceased being a threat and are now like every team struggling to figure out the QB situation.
  12. He will scrape the bottom of the barrel persuing value over actual good players like he has been doing. Jetnation forum posters will sleep well at night, knowing that even though we arent winning, we won value for woody johnsons money.
  13. Imagine being this out of touch. Old man yells at cloud status. Its alright man, times change. No need to cry about it, take it like a man.
  14. They need to do what they can to keep Shaq Barret. If its between Barret and Godwin I'm keeping barret. But I suppose they want to keep Tom happy.
  15. I think she should be fired because she is a really bad actress, but not for her words. But at the same time I wouldn't cry tears or cry foul if she was fired for it either.
  16. I actually am starting to believe it's what rich says. Sigh. All I know is if we dont get Watson and we dont draft a QB and Darnold stinks up the joint and a QB we could have had at 2 plays well, the unearned love affair fans have with Douglas will end quickly. It also paints Douglas as incompetent this season if he wants to stick to Darnold with what he gave Darnold to work with last season.
  17. People getting held accountable for saying sh*tty things publicly isnt cancelling them. People have the right to have any terrible opinion they want. And other people have the right to hold them accountable for peddling conspiracy nonsense in public. That's how public discourse works.
  18. He is a good DC. But that bucs D is loaded with talent. Doesnt even need to blitz to get pressure.
  19. Just a hunch but I dont think I'll be taking advice on how to be happy from you.
  20. That's Fair. Also, queen Latifah was in fact nominated for an oscar. And won a Grammy. And an Emmy. And screen actors guild. And golden globe.
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