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  1. We really need as a society to bring back bullying.
  2. It's time to move on. Blame it on genetics or luck or both but some players cannot stay healthy.
  3. Dont forget giving khalil $10M to play like UDFA
  4. Where did he grade out that high. He was top 10 in penalties and top 5 in sacks given up.
  5. Biggest positive today is a lot of this forum finally came crashing back to reality and people are finally starting to examine the results of Joe Douglas instead of just blindly proclaiming him a great GM.
  6. La·ti·no /ˌlaˈtēnō,ləˈtēnō/ Learn to pronounce NORTH AMERICAN noun (in North America) a person of Latin American origin or descent, especially a man or boy.
  7. "He needs 5 years and 5 first round draft picks on the line before we can even begin to truly think about assessing Joe Douglas. This is a 17 year rebuild. You guys doom posting are obnoxious. Joe Douglas has a plan you guys just dint have the stomach or patience for it. Trust in Joe. We finally have a real GM. " - Insert Jetnation poster
  8. It would be very Joe Douglas to get rid of proven talent while this fan base cheers it on.
  9. We lost this game because we have one of the worst rosters in the league.
  10. Has never lived up to his draft status or the pay days he gets.
  11. Dalton is awful. They should be playing fields.
  12. I agree, people that still defend Joe Douglas have to be trolling at this point.
  13. We dont need Crowder we have berrios and Moore is the new we dont need Anderson we have perriman and mims on this board. A lot of posters are wrong about everything 100% of the time yet are somehow the loudest.
  14. Joe Douglas has lost more talent on this team then he has brought in.
  15. In no reality did he deserve rookie of the year. He gave up a ton of sacks. His hype was entirely manufactured.
  16. Man has been GM longer than idzik entire tenure but somehow nothing is his fault.
  17. Anybody who wasnt a blind homer and Joe Douglas stan could see this team was going to be awful. The Panthers are a bad team and Darnold isnt good. A good team would have hung 40+ on us today. This is a 2-3- win team. Joe Douglas is supposed ot be an offensive line guru I've been told repeatedly on here. He fixed the o line I've been told. We have dumped more resources into this group than any other on the team and it looks as bad if not worse than when he got here. Remember when we had a jag center and like.the first thing Douglas did was over p
  18. I was told Joe expertise was o line and that he had fixed it on this board. All the resources we have dumped into it and it still looks as bad if not worse then when he was hired.
  19. I'd be shocked if Bucs dont repeat this year. I mean injuries can happen to anyone and covid is the ultimate wild card this season so who knows. But rams making the SB is hilarious.
  20. Just saw his tweets on twitter as I follow the JN twitter account and it came across my feed. Truly disgusting comments and he should be ashamed of himself. Sorry you have to deal with that.
  21. I knew he was deranged when he predicted the jets were going 13-4 this season but I didnt think he was you know, deranged deranged.
  22. We will have one of the worst defenses in the league in all likelihood unless saleh pulls off a miracle. This is a 3 or 4 win team.
  23. Crowder has been by far our best receiver since he got here. I will never understand why people here seem so eager to get rid of him.
  24. There seems to be some Jeff Fisher syndrome happening with this fan base and Joe Douglas. As long as you look the part and say the right things it doesnt matter what the results you keep giving are. The fan base wanted Idziks head on a pike in his first season here. Idzik teams went 8-8 and 4-12. A 12-20 record. After 2 seasons Joe Douglas record as a GM is 9-23. And staring down the barrel of another likely 2-5 win season. The only thing either accomplished is tearing down the previous GMs team. But anybody can do that. We are going to have people
  25. This isnt year 1 for Joe Douglas. This will be the 3rd season in a row he will be the GM starting the season. Idzik was the Jets GM from January 2013 to December 2014. Joe was hired in June 2019. Joe Douglas has been the GM longer than Idzik was. At what point does he stop getting a pass for everything and criticism is allowed of him?
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