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  1. He is being asked to do things he shouldnt. He should be the slot receiver.
  2. Paid all that money to a JAG because he played a good 4 game stretch. Thank you Joe Douglas, Thank you.
  3. 9 straight games with 21+ points given up. If that isnt an indictment on Saleh I dont know what is.
  4. Moore isnt a big body outside WR, or a guy with crazy speed. He should be a slot receiver. Throwing outside jump balls to him is just strange.
  5. Feels like people are ignoring that Fant is hurt and probably shouldnt have played today but we are so thin at OL we had to force him.
  6. Flacco is gonna get someone killed with all these high passes
  7. So, other than a miracle 2 minutes where the Browns had a complete meltdown, which albeit fun was a fluky collection of plays.. The Jets have looked bad the whole season.
  8. So far, Lawson is well on his way to being up there with Trumaine Johnson as one of our worst free agent signings.
  9. I mean hes not open, that's why he tried to look him off. Davis is standing right in front of the lane. It was a very poor choice to throw it.
  10. Watching that you realize just how bad of a throw that was Brisset.
  11. Tannehill should have had to give henry 90% of his salary all these years. The titans are nothing if Henry isnt elite.
  12. That's the kind of loss that haunts your whole season. Browns gonna brown.
  13. Wtf happened in the dolphins game. They were getting blown out
  14. Still in utter disbelief what i just witnessed lmao. Glad I didnt turn it off
  15. I dont think I've ever witnessed a complete and utter meltdown like that before. Browns literally stopped playing. Good on the jets for taking advantage
  16. Meanwhile Giants on the cusp of 2-0 and Trevor Lawrence had a big day and got the win. Meanwhile some of our fans are happy we were competitive against a back up QB.
  17. Isnt the recent contract restructuring by JD basically made him uncuttable next season as well?
  18. Hall and Carter do look like a good tandem for us, on the positive side. Our offense should run through them.
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