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  1. He would be a throw in/sweetener and you would still have to give up 2 firsts and probably more, would be my guess.
  2. Watson or fields. That's the only 2 options. Running it back with Darnold would be insanity.
  3. Watson would instantly be the best QB in franchise history and some people here are worried about salary and draft picks. The only two things we currently have in abundance. Getting watson would instantly turn me into a Douglas fan lol.
  4. Yeah this year especially the AFC was stacked with great teams and the NFC was weak as hell. I expect it to be like this for the next while.
  5. Brees should have retired last season. He is toast and is just holding a good team hostage at this point and wasting everyone's time.
  6. No. He hasnt done anything to gain my trust. Trust is to be earned, not given away. Let him put together even 1 winning season then we can talk. So far the jets are 9-23 with him as GM.
  7. If we keep Darnold, and fields and Lawrence have great rookie seasons and Darnold looks like Darnold again while we lose next season..... I refuse to believe we are going with Darnold. I cannot fathom this would be the decision.
  8. Point is, Henry is a once in a generation type back and even then, he cant carry tannehill in the playoffs because he gets hyper focused on and tannehill isnt able to do anything with henry shut down. If darnolds peak would be tannehill, it still isnt good enough for a SB.
  9. Really like the hiring. Now all I need is to know Darnold isnt our starting QB next season and I can feel hopeful for next season.
  10. My post refuting you got 5 upvotes. You havent gotten a single upvote.
  11. Rule changes have made the game completley lopsided to passing offence. If you dont have a QB, you dont have SB team.
  12. Yes. A game where a team scores 3 points is definitely not the fault of the offense. How could we all be so wrong.
  13. The defense is tired because the offense cant sustain a drive. This isnt rocket science.
  14. If you watch this game and think this game on the defense you should probably watch another sport. You dont win in the NFL scoring 3 points. This offense is pathetic.
  15. It's for kids. And it's a hit on social media. Mission accomplished. Comparing a sports game to people dying in the news is beyond hyperbole.
  16. 20 points is not a lot on today's NFL. Especially when your offense is producing absolutely nothing and the refs are giving every call to the other team. The bears D played well. The bears offense sucks. The D is pretty good.
  17. Saints are getting every single questionable call tonight. Bears fans would have a right to be pissed.
  18. Nick Foles started like half the season and bears only got in because of how incredibly weak the NFC is. The saints would get destroyed by every AFC team that made the playoffs. Put another way, bears made the playoffs and mitch will be gone after this season.

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