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  1. 7 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

    That he was even nominated for the HOF is laughable. 

    He was a durable back who was a product of his OL. When the OL was meh he was meh; when there were big holes he ran through them. When there weren’t he just went down. 

    He was a one-cut runner who wasn’t particularly shifty, and too often just didn’t hit the hole fast enough - he wasn’t called the Dancing Bear for nothing - and went down on arm tackles & frankly any first contact too easily, which was especially disappointing for a guy who looked like he was chiseled out of granite. 

    You’re judging by stats not eyes. He was just ok. Solid football player, and an underrated & willing blocker when needed. Just ok as a runner. Just ok receiving out of the backfield (not like he had stone hands but he’s not the guy to take dumpoffs 20-40 yards many times per year. He just wasn’t a big-time playmaker, even in his youth when he had the jets to be one, nor was he overpowering where he’d just plow through arm tackles. He put up solid year-total numbers but never really seemed to do anything particularly special. I view him as a poor man’s Curtis Martin, which is a backhanded compliment. He just didn’t to it as many years, and part of that reason was he was on fewer good teams.

    His big games came against crappy defenses, while benefitting from good (and sometimes dominant) run blocking. Yeah well 2/3 of the teams aren’t top 10 run defenses every year, and that’s when he put up his numbers. He was a 4.0 ypc (league-average) guy who got a ton of carries.

    Great career comparatively, and was a generally durable back for a long time, but not the guy ultimately you want to hand the ball off to with the game or season on the line, especially in the playoffs against good run defenses.

    You can say he wasnt dynamic, fine, no arguement there. A JAG? That's absurd. JAGs dont get into top 30 of all time in their position in yards. Durability and longevity is an attribute. When he came to jets it was already his 8th season in the league with a lot of touches. He set his career high 10 years into his career. The average JAG might last 2-4 seasons in the NFL at RB. 

    He was a reliable workhorse back.

  2. 12 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Thomas Jones was basically a JAG.  He rushed for 1,400+ yards because the OL was fantastic.  The RB approach has been fine or at least OK.  The OL approach has not.  

    Lmao, what? A JAG? 


    The guy was drafted 7th overall. He is currently the 26th leading rusher in NFL history. He was nominated for the hall of fame last year.

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  3. 1 hour ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

    Started money to davis seems pretty good. Starter money to all players that could start? I don't see a prob.

    Shaky at best? Dude it was out best draft in forever. A success by any definition. We got multiple starters out of that draft.

    We got a WR who has been a let down his whole career and had his best season in a contract year. 

    We have a horrible roster. We will likely get 4 wins or less next season.

    Who are these multiple starters we got from the draft? Becton and a punter who was worse than our last punter that we could have just kept? Mims with his whopping 23 catches? Perine with his 3.6 average carry?  Maybe some of these guys develop into starters but all of them except becton didnt have good rookie seasons.



  4. 8 hours ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

    I mean what does prove something mean? Getting rid of over bloated contracts, signing players to fair contracts, picking a good HC Candidate, addressing edge and line, changing out the medical side of things, building a culture, being fair and not over reacting to to players...idk it doesn't seem like blind faith it seems the very opposite. I can literally see the changes at one jets drive, from staff to players...all the whole seeing the new culture and stopping the old culture. Hell he got the jets to fix the damn hierarchy of owner gm HC for ****s sake. I mean if you don't see all that I'm not sure what your looking at.



    I'm looking at a losing team who has no QB, no elite players and a GM who keeps giving starter money based on potential instead of past results while having a shaky at best first draft and who's results at free agency so far have been downright bad.


  5. 2 hours ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

    The real thing here is I trust joe to evaluate talent and if he think wilson is the guy I'm 100 percent with him. Unlike previous GM s I think he is going to be right most of the time

    Why? Im truly flabbergasted at the blind faith for a guy who has proven nothing as a GM.

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  6. 3 hours ago, New York Mick said:

    Relax Karens. He’s just a veteran depth signing that knows the coaching staff and his contract is fine for what he is. FFS 

    I'm positive I saw this exact same statement made about frank gore.

  7. My guess is he will continue to look slow and will be held onto the roster for too long because Douglas drafted him. Then he will be let go without a 2nd contract and will be out of the NFL after getting a couple training camp invites.


    During his time with the jets Douglas Homers will insist he is going to be a better version of Bilal until they realize it's not happening and quietly distance themself from that opinion and hope nobody notices.

  8. 1 hour ago, slimjasi said:

    Even if you are skeptical of what Douglas has done so far, "hating" Joe Douglas just seems so premature. Relax.


    The dude has had one draft and has 8 million picks over the next few years. Let's just see what this looks like in years 2-3 before we start crying like sloppy wet p*ssies? If Macc got 4 years here, you need to give Douglas at least 3 before you jump ship . . . don't you? Especially given what he inherited? 

    I think calling for him to be fired is silly, and I agree to give him a chance.


    But I think it is fair game to judge him by what he has done so far, where the team is and the moves he continues to make.

    The people praising everything he does and proclaiming him a saviour are very strange to me. Let's see some results before we crown him.

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  9. 9 minutes ago, BurnleyJet said:

    First signing was terrible, a 2 tier receiver for more money than he cheap skated and let Robbie Anderson go. 
    Then a 5 sack a year Edge, who’s been a rotation player. I think we may be looking for a new GM in 2022.

    I'm not gonna say the signings are terrible, who knows maybe they flourish with us. But people acting like these signings are incredible is more than a little odd.


    JD keeps paying guys starter money based on potential instead of actual results. So far, it hasnt worked.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    Yup, not getting the crying over his contract or how it was a bad from office move.  We got him because the Colts were going to a 4-3 and hes a bad fit.  We played well, was our best DL his first season but now we're switching schemes 

    Soon as he signed a new contract he vanished and wasnt even close to the player he was the previous season.

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