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  1. Adams,gase,anderson, allen. A lot of "experts" on this forum look dumb as hell and we are just two weeks into the season.
  2. An adam gase team would never mount a come back like that. Hiring gase set this team back years and years and possibly ruined Darnold.
  3. We have seen some bad teams the last 10 years. But never this bad.
  4. You mean the guy who left the game injured? The guy with an injury history who is a draft bust that had 1 small patch of good games in a 5 year career?
  5. I want to remind people that the leader of our defense and best player was traded. Our best player on offense walked in free agency. Gase isnt the lone culprit. Joe Douglas made this team worse. This is probably the worst roster I have ever witnessed in all my years watching.
  6. Lmao. Jamal Adams isnt a player of consequence? Only our best player but okay. Jesus you're a terrible poster.
  7. Darnold probably looks back at the idzik years and thinks man, I wish I had as good of a roster as they did
  8. Have you considered the reason he wanted out....was adam gase and joe Douglas?

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