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  1. "Why arent you single handedly winning this game for a 1/3 of the pay of tannehill!
  2. Yeah he landed in the perfect spot for him. You know damn well some other teams would be using him as some gadget player and not a starting QB.
  3. Well the same thing happened last playoffs. Henry got shut down and that was it for them. Tannehill gets paid 29M a year and is whining about pro bowls. And then throws a pick with the game in the line.
  4. In the playoffs there will always be teams that can shut down your strength. He has shown he cannot step up to the plate when that happens. Something that is required to win in the playoffs. You cant win with him.
  5. Titans need to revamp their offense. You cannot build your entire offense around 1 single player. The blueprint is set in stone how to beat them right now.
  6. Solid defense and rushing. The playoffs have been pretty good so far with a nice variety of games.
  7. Man gets paid almost 3x what henry does but without henry he cant do a single thing. It's almost criminal.
  8. Ravens completely sold out to stop the run all day. They have been practically daring titans to pass all day.
  9. Yeah strange choice. Playing scared. If you cant get 2 yards with the game on the line you have 0 confidence in your offense. And if ravens get a td here its game over.
  10. It is. But titans are beatable because if henry is shut down they have nothing else. Tannehill should donate half his salary to him.
  11. Titans offense is Henry. Shut him down, titans lose. Tannehill is along for the ride and isnt good enough to make up for henry being shut down.
  12. I still refuse to believe this is true and it's just smoke. Bringing back Darnold would be taking a punt on 2 seasons in a row.
  13. Wilson's first half of the year and wnd half were like 2 different players. I dont know how you explain it. He looked so pedestrian the 2nd half and it continued today.
  14. Yeah I'm gonna switch this off. Soon as it was announced alex smith wasnt playing this game was a wrap.
  15. I mean, he is there because brady wants him there. No other reason.
  16. Whew. Just a dominant defensive performance. Shows that a running game and strong defense can still win in this league.
  17. Bears have been on an upswing after that losing streak. Brees looks done.
  18. I could see both happening. Saints arent anywhere near as good as their record, and steelers have been bad for weeks.

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