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  1. The pure delusion in the fan base was truly bizarre to witness this offseason.
  2. This narrative has always been dumb as hell. It takes a whole team. You could have the best LT in the league on an absolutely horrible team. Doesnt mean he isnt an impact player that you should trade away because you're losing anyway.
  3. Ths Steelers have been doing this for like 20 years. Just a non stop assembly line of great receivers. Its extremely impressive.
  4. The Pat's offense have 85 yards of passing offense and 7 points.
  5. And as we all know, the words of a cop when pulling over a black man in America are 100% to be believed.
  6. He isnt the reason, but he hasnt done anything to make it better.
  7. You cant do anything but laugh. The arrogance is just hilarious.
  8. The Jamal trade will be his defining moment that he is judged on. He better knock both picks out of the park.
  9. There's a distinct possibility the reason both Jamal and robbie wanted out was because of Gase and/or Douglas.
  10. He didnt address kicker last season and it came back to haunt us.He brought back matt kalil and it was a disaster. He had two well respected players in Quincy enunwa and osemele suddenly have issues with the team. He had jamal adams force his way off the team rather than play for him and Gase. He had robbie Anderson who appeared to like it here, walk. He signed a bunch of journeyman to prove it deals and none seem to have worked out. The honeymoon should be long over. The questionable stuff is starting to pile up.
  11. Adams,gase,anderson, allen. A lot of "experts" on this forum look dumb as hell and we are just two weeks into the season.
  12. An adam gase team would never mount a come back like that. Hiring gase set this team back years and years and possibly ruined Darnold.
  13. We have seen some bad teams the last 10 years. But never this bad.
  14. Back to back 300 yard games. 6 TD, 0 int
  15. You mean the guy who left the game injured? The guy with an injury history who is a draft bust that had 1 small patch of good games in a 5 year career?
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