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  1. Allen still needs work and to clean up the fumbles, but he is a much better QB than jets fans want to give him credit for. He isnt an easy tackle.
  2. I think it's about time people stop referring to perriman and Anderson being lateral moves. It never was. It was a full stop downgrade. Idzik esque bargain bin prove it deal to a draft bust. And it's going as well as expected.
  3. Quick someone remind me. When the cowboys had marched down the field and were about to win the game what happened? I think it was some guy that broke up the play. The guy who doesnt make any impact plays. I'm sure happy he is still on the team to help us win this game like the cowboys game. And I remember some WR going for over a 100 yards and a TD. Hopefully he is still on the team.
  4. We have among the most cap space in the league. Bad contracts are no excuse.
  5. Keep drafting them. Draft 2 next year. And a TE. And a RB.
  6. I would bet theres some back ups better than Sam.
  7. Plus his failed stint with the dolphins. He isnt some rookie coach with 1 game. This is who he is. Just need to hope the organization wakes up by this season.
  8. Gase is the Ryan Fitzpatrick of coaches.
  9. Too early to say. Early returns are not good.
  10. This season and idziks first season are like mirrors of each other. And everyone except jets fans saw it coming.
  11. What about that one game Greg mcleroy started and got sacked 11 times.
  12. I'm getting idzik/rex deja vu this season. Douglas threw out a garbage team, let our best players walk or traded, signed a bunch of journeymen to prove it deals and told Gase good luck. Difference is Rex was still pretty loved at the time so fans saw through it and both got fired. Gase getting fired wont get any backlash. This team is tanking, and I think both gase and Darnold are done after this season.
  13. Your mentions the day Gase gets fired and Douglas doesnt is going to be fun.
  14. I was told Douglas was the saviour and he rebuilt this o line into something great!
  15. Bell has been such an awful signing I'm actually looking at this as a positive sadly. Cashman just cant stay healthy. Unfortunate since he actually looks good when he is playing.
  16. Gase is a clown. Hopefully he is gone end of the season.
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