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  1. Jamal is the type to read forums and twitter. He absolutely is going to take shots all season. And good for him. Hope he rubs it in clowns faces all season.
  2. Darnold looks like a bust. This isnt week 1 of his career. This is year 3. Enough with excuses. Just watch Anderson become a 1000 yard receiver now that he is free from this team.
  3. The Darnold avatar while making this post is pretty funny I cant lie.
  4. I guess if you just ignore Douglas acting like a moron and causing Adams to want out.
  5. I dont agree. He seemed to have an issue with the new management and coach. That kid was ecstatic to be here his first couple years. I've said it before, Adams is going to be a super bowl winner and continue to keep getting all pros and douglas and Gase will be fired.
  6. I'll make sure to keep upping your posts as this season goes on.
  7. Gase is not an NFL coach and we wasted years hiring him.
  8. Has a QB that had turn over issues in college ever not continued to have them in the NFL?
  9. Not surrounding them with weapons. You have ti actually invest in that QB and put them in the best possible position. When Mark had great players around him is when he actually looked like he might be something. Our WR and RB are an absolute joke. I said before the season started this offense is looking like genos first 2 seasons. And it is.
  10. Like statistics that we allowed josh allen to have the biggest passing game of his career? Like that? When GMs trade away all pro players, it gets talked about a lot and heavily scrutinized. Crazy I know.
  11. The good. I used a free trial for a month of DAZN. After today, I dont think I'll be paying for it judging by the jets performance
  12. He has looked closer to mark and geno than mahomes since day 1. I literally dont understand where all the effusive praise and claims of franchise QB have come from.
  13. What is the point of your contributions to this thread? Whining about people whining? Good to know.
  14. Darnold was pressured 16 times out of 36 dropbacks. Let's hope the o line gels as we go. First week, not great.
  15. So every team that is bad should get rid of their best players. Is that your actual contention? Is that how you build a winning team?
  16. Darnold is saddled with one of the worst WR core and RB cores in the league, if not the worst. You'll hear no arguement from me. Douglas absolutely failed as a GM there. We are worse than last season at WR. We have 0 speed at RB. The O line is still a question mark at best. But. It doesnt change the fact that when Darnold had chances, he was the one that screwed them up. Not gase. Not the o line. Sam did. He looked bad. He looks like the same QB from his rookie season. Scared, easily rattled and a few flashes.
  17. What? He missed a sh*t ton of throws today on guys that were wide open. On top of bone headed mistakes that rookies make.
  18. We will win less games this season and have a much worse defense. How much you willing to bet?
  19. You're right. Adams makes no difference. It doesnt matter how highly touted around the league he is. It doesnt matter that he is an all pro. It doesnt matter that theres a reason we could 2 first round picks for him.it doesnt matter that you can visibly see the difference on the field. It doesnt matter that seattle fans are ecstatic about his play today. Adams just wasnt that good, and one player on a defense doesn't make a difference. Yall are going to die on this hill and will never admit you're wrong.
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