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  1. Last season. When we had the 7th ranked defense.
  2. We had a good to great defense. I believe the objective of football is to get better. Not worse.
  3. We had a top 10 defense last season, but go off I guess. We are looking like a bottom 5 defense right now. Great teams are built by getting rid of your best players I'm told.
  4. We are losing because sam Darnold and gase are terrible. But hey, let's dump the only good players we have. That's how teams are built!
  5. Lmao, the crowning of Darnold while accomplishing nothing except being a bad QB is still bizarre.
  6. Allen is setting personal records against us. But jets fans will cling to the denial that Adams wasnt that good.
  7. Who could have guessed letting our best player on offense and our best player on defense go in the same season wouldnt have great results for us. Darnold held back Anderson if anything.
  8. Maybe. Hear me out. It was Gase and Darnold holding robbie anderson back and not the other way around.
  9. We are getting tons of breaks. Two fumbles and now two missed FGs. Gotta make them pay for it.
  10. We really giving Darnold the credit for that? Lol that was all crowder.
  11. Our defense is being blown out. Seattle is winning.
  12. Jamal with a sack and 2 TFL already, my seahawks friend texting me raving. But hey, our defense looks amazing without him right guys?
  13. I was told this offense didnt need Anderson and that perriman was better.
  14. This offensive performance has been completely on Sam so far. He looks downright terrible.
  15. Allen is making this defense look silly. Nobody here will admit we miss jamal.
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