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  1. Until he proves otherwise, Sam is a bad QB. His first 2 years have not gone well. By year 3 the excuses arent going to be enough to defend him. I hope he has his breakthrough year and elevates the team. Do I think his weapons are downright bad again? Yes. But, at a certain point you have to work with what you're given. I'm looking for a big jump. 2:1 TD ratio, 4000 yards, play a full season. He needs to prove he is a franchise QB.i hope he does. But until he does he doesnt deserve effusive praise or given labels of things he hasnt proven to be.
  2. Theres optimism and then theres this thread.
  3. This teams medical and training staff needs an overhaul. The amount of injuries we are getting is beyond just luck of the draw.
  4. It's almost like it was obvious to anyone that WR would be an issue this season. Honestly feel bad for Darnold.
  5. Scratching my head at both this and Burgess cuts.
  6. Not seeing the sense in this one at all..with CJ opting out and other LB's having injury history what once had a lot of depth now with this cut looks like another thin position.
  7. We have no idea how this o line will work. He shuffled players, but we have no clue the results.
  8. Well we shall see the fruits of Douglas drafting soon enough. But our WR core was already weak last year and it's worse this year.
  9. Playing hardball with the big names on the team, trading them away, signing journeyman and under achievers to prove it deals. Attempt to build through the draft. That sums up both Douglas so far and idziks tenure.
  10. All the jets FA signings under Douglas remind me of the idzik years.
  11. Well, for 1, I'm not sold on Darnold at all. He has been a bottom 5 QB 2 years in a row. Doesnt change the fact fitz is terrible.
  12. Any team starting Ryan Fitzpatrick is putting up a sign saying they're incompetent.
  13. We have two old, over the hill RBs coming off the worst seasons of there careers where they looked finished. Our WR core is a bunch of journeyman and one potentially promising rookie. This teams offense looks like geno's rookie season on paper.
  14. We probably have the worst receiving core in the NFL and probably the worst RB core as well. And nothing but questions at o line. Darnold is going to have to really step up this season.
  15. The receiving core this year reminds me of Geno's rookie season. It's not a good look on paper. Just gotta hope 1 or 2 players has a breakthrough.
  16. It didnt matter whether our GM paid him and had him in camp. Fitz is a loser. Always has been always will be. He has proved that again and again and again to the point where it is laughable that he has anyone defending him. When it matters most he always folds. For all the praise of how smart he is he played the QB position like a moron.
  17. Well with McCown everybody always expected those teams to be terrible. So nobody had any expectations and just liked him for being a good guy. Some jets fans were dumb enough to believe fitz could be something more than the perennial choke artist he is. Fooled because he was throwing up 50/50 jump balls to Marshall and decker all year. Then the next year after choking away the playoffs he holds out for more money and then plays awful. It's not hard to see why they're talked about differently.
  18. This WR core looks like the one geno Smith had his rookie season.
  19. Considering a tweet from Jamal would have a 13 page thread already, I think a lot of people here would.
  20. I'm expecting 4-6 wins. With another horrendous offense and hope that's enough for gase to be fired.
  21. Good to see jets fans arent wasting much time to move on to someone else to direct their misery onto now that jamal is gone.
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