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  1. I doubt this is about bringing someone in, more likely just ownership wanting to save money.
  2. He publicly insulted the Coach, GM AND owner. He was traded the very next day.
  3. Jets fans have a habit of handing crowns and planning parades to new gms and coaches before they accomplish anything for simply "cleaning up the last GMs messes." They quickly turn on them tear them down and start the cycle over again and praise the next GM for getting a 3rd round pick for a former top 10 pick from the previous regime. Hopefully Joe breaks the cycle, but the crowning and fawning over him is bizarre as his one year with the team has resulted in some very strange player relations.
  4. We would be lucky to get a third round pick for Darnold at this point. But delusional homers keep piling on praise for a kid who has accomplished nothing but two disappointing seasons.
  5. Some of you are beyond obsessive and creepy at this point. Let it go.
  6. Its far more likely Gase and Douglas will be fired and out of the league in that time frame than that happening.
  7. It will be fun to revist this trade in a few years.
  8. Total record with the jets of Gase and Douglas 7-9.
  9. Bell was one of the worst RB's in football last season while being paid as one of the highest. He will be gone after next season.
  10. The Gase defense force is truly one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen Celebrating a losing season.
  11. If a guy who has been a bottom 5 player in his position is our best player....yikes.
  12. *Looks at current coaching staff and next seasons schedule* Got some bad news for you Sam.
  13. I firmly believe that unless it's a complete disaster or some extraordinary candidate becomes available and you know you can get him, a GM should get 5 seasons and a coach should get 3, at the least. Gase started as a disaster but we finished respectable. Unless we completely bottom out this season and get 5 wins or less, Gase will be back for year 3. I havent seen anything from him to suggest he is a good coach. Almost all of our success last season can be attributed to our defense and Williams. The offense was putrid and that's Gase supposed speciality.
  14. **** him. Hope he gets cut. The sooner the world purges people with this thinking the better.
  15. Hoping for a big year from Herndon. Griffin is a good #2 but he isnt a #1 and he doesn't scare anybody. If Herndon can break out than we have solid duo and it would go a very long way for Darnold.
  16. Seems fair. I will consider the year a success if we go 8-8. Truth is we have more question mark's than answers right now. Joe needs a couple season at least to mold the team. I hope WR and RB gets the same level of attention next off season that O line got this one.
  17. Most fan bases rejoice at seeing their best players recognized. Not Jets fans though. And then people wonder why the reporters for the team always have a negative slant.
  18. There is a difference between being optimistic and delusional.
  19. Anything less than top 20 is a failure. 15-20 is where I want us to be at the least.
  20. I'd consider anything less than 8-8 to be a failure. No excuses.
  21. Hard to say at this point. It certainly raises eyebrows the money we gave to some players but at least they're essentially 1 year deals if need be. Joe gets points for addressing the o line through the draft and free agency. We needed it desperately. We shall see if the moves pan out. It's good to have new bodies, but whether they pan out we shall see. He will be judged harshly on how the o line performs this year, right or wrong.
  22. Hope so. If Darnold and him can have big years it would go a very long way.
  23. He should take a 1 year deal for $10M to prove his worth and then reup next year with a big contract. He wants franchise player numbers but hasnt put up franchise player stats.
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