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  1. I mean, he is there because brady wants him there. No other reason.
  2. Whew. Just a dominant defensive performance. Shows that a running game and strong defense can still win in this league.
  3. Bears have been on an upswing after that losing streak. Brees looks done.
  4. I could see both happening. Saints arent anywhere near as good as their record, and steelers have been bad for weeks.
  5. Seattle has had offensive line issues for 10 years running. Basically wilson entire run.
  6. Still incredible to me that Wilson went from looking like the clear cut MVP to looking so pedestrian this season. What happened?
  7. Wilson can break out in any play. You can shut him down for 90% of the game but he is always a constant threat to make a huge play with his feet or arm even on a bad day.
  8. That's not saying much. So is like 30 QBs currently playing in the league.
  9. It's been obvious for a while Goffs success is only because of mcvay. He just isnt a good QB injury or no. They should move on.
  10. Rams D has smothered the hawks all day beside one broken play.
  11. How did we get smoked by the Seahawks but beat the rams lol. The NFL is a funny sport.
  12. Wilson started the year looking like the MVP. First half of the season he looked untouchable. Not sure what happened to him or what changed but he came crashing back to Earth.

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