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  1. bowles is a rookie head coach whos learning as he goes and has looked lost in his duties the last month or so. So his questionable decision making isnt something to hang your hat on. We have lost 4 of 5. Its time to bench fitz.
  2. he plays like 7th round rookie qb. Its the same mistakes over and over. If geno made that same scramble into the endzone and got nailed like that all youd hear is how dumb geno is. But instead its fitz so hes "gutsy leader" Yates was making homemade nachos and playin fantasy football 3 weeks ago and just came in and handily out played him.
  3. Bowles said as long as we are winning,fitz is our qb. At 4-1 youd be have to be an idiot to disgree or want to make a change. We have now lost 4 of 5. We are 0-5 when our defense doesnt get at least 2 turnovers or more. Fitz is injured and has shown us what hes been his whole career. A below average qb and a perennial loser. How long are we going to keep trotting him out? Im so sick of hearing about his leadership and how allegedly smart he is. He plays like a rookie qb. He locks in on 1 target and doesnt scan the field. He throws into double and triple coverage constantly. He does
  4. i dont want to hear about leadership ability when he has never lead a team to a winning record in over 10 seasons in the league and still making mistakes that rookies make.
  5. Petty is not ready. Hes a project that probably wont be ready for 2-3 years.
  6. good point. Marshall is the same way. You can see them become desperate and want to make a play out of nothing and it usually leads to nothing good.
  7. Hopefully geno isnt too hurt. Petty isnt ready and the coaching staff knows it. Which is why they're looking to pick up someone else in case geno is hurt or gets hurt. Seasons not over but we are really banged up. The injuries are piling up and taking a toll. I mean pryors hurt,allen his back up is gone for the year. Cant forget 2 of our TEs in amaro and sudfield are gone,owusu is probably done,devin smith is hurt,ivory doesnt look himself,decker and marshall are banged up,mangolds hurt,milliners hurt,fitz is hurt,bilal is hurt,skrine isnt healthy.......i mean jesus this team has been hit
  8. but he did throw 3 interceptions in fg range. Neither geno or fitz has played well.
  9. remind me,how did fitz do against the eagles when he was forced to play from behind with no running game?
  10. Leonard williams has been non existant. Pretty dissapointing start for him. Hopefully its just rookie jitters and getting used to the game.
  11. geno didnt do enough to win the job or silence his doubters thats for sure. But coming off the bench cold and with no running game and playing behind he did about as well as fitz has done this season.
  12. Is this where people will somehow blame this game on geno while ignoring how the team didnt show up at all today? This was a rex ryan esque game and geno is the least person to be blamed. Its actually laughable seeing people blame him. The o line and d line got dominated. Our defense couldnt stop a nose bleed. Our special teams continues to be horrendous. Regardless of wether its fitz or geno,this team lives and dies on the defense and running. Both had their worst games of the season. Its almost shocking how bad our secondary has looked since pryor went down.
  13. Geno is 20-27 2 tds and 1 int with a 101 qbr. Thats coming off the bench rusty and being forced into obvious passing plays with no run game or defense. But people still wont give him credit for playing well.
  14. yes a drop. Thats what youcall it when a receiver has the ball in his hands and drops it
  15. We really need him against NE. His blizting and ability to disrupt the QB would be key against Brady,as well as his nice coveeage skills. Mcdougle looked fine,but he is essentially a rookie having missed last year. Not sure hes ready yet for that much responsibility. But,I think Brady and Belli will be attacking our LB's in coverage all game. Look for a lot of pass plays to RB Lewis.
  16. Thank you! Im convinced 99% of this board doesnt actually watch football or even understand the game. Enunwa has been playing H-Back primarily,the role amaro was set to have. A majority of his snaps have been him blocking. Kerley is a small slot receiver. Hes not built to do enunwas job. It also should be noted enunwa is essentially a rookie some growing pains were expected,so a few drops is whatever. So people saying he should be gone and he sucks are just idiots. Probably the same people that were trashing pryor all last season calling him a bust.
  17. if bowles made the decision to switch to geno and we started losing he would be given the idzik treatment. Maybe you could get away with taking that risk in a smaller market,but in a rabid media town in new york? Ha! Bowles is making the correct decision.
  18. i could live with fitz if he was an actual game manager. But he turns the ball over at an alarming rate. Hes got a gunslinger mentality with the arm of boiled spaghetti. Seeing him throw that int to a double covered marshall and then try it 3-4 more times to a double covered marshall was bizzare. He makes rookie decisions. If he can take care of the ball we could make a run with him but for a guy who everyone claims is so smart he makes a lot of dumb throws.
  19. This john461167 poster seems a little creepily obsessed with me. Following me and leaving negative reputation on every single post I make. He must be the one I called out for being racist for referring to geno as a ghetto child. Is there a way to block him?
  20. he might be one of the wrst rbs ive ever seen play. Call him "struggle cuts." He has no vision,no speed,no grit. Ive never seen a rb who consistently misses wide open holes to run into crowded areas like him.
  21. bottom line is we arent insde the locker room and theres a ton of variables. Just look at the odd qb decisions around the league,from hoyer being named starter to yanked after 1 game for mallett to manziel looking like he was going to be starter only to be benched again for mccown. Personally I think geno would have been given to the bye and if he stunk and we were losing fitz was getting the call. The roles were basically reversed here,if we were 1-3 at the bye geno is probably starting next but we are 3-1 despite fitz poor play. Geno doesnt have the history to be handed back the job. Whi
  22. I need to see a few games of consistent play from winters first. Its hard to be too excited about that dolphins game when that whole team looked like they didnt want to play and were trying to get the coach fired. Suh looked as motivated as haynesworth after his contract.
  23. so we are pretending that geno didnt beat out fitz and every camp report said he was outplaying fitz? Geno lost his job to injury and circumstance,not because he couldnt beat out fitz. We having amnesia that geno wasnt named starter?
  24. you implied that I said geno is blameless when i said nothing of the sort. Pointing out the truth of different situations for perspective is all I was doing and nothing more. Im not pro geno or pro fitz,Im simply looking at the situations as they are. I think we are a playoff team and I want the best qb at the helm. Im just not convinced one way or the other who is better. But,fitz is our qb as he should be right now.
  25. nobody said anything of the sort and now youre trying to create a narrative in the conversation when their is none. These things dont exist in a vacuum. Geno made plenty of mistakes and has his share of the blame to burden. But to pretend like fitz situation this season isnt infinitely better than the one geno had last season is absurd. That said,theres no saying that geno couldnt be performing worse than fitz is right now.
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