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  1. he might be one of the wrst rbs ive ever seen play. Call him "struggle cuts." He has no vision,no speed,no grit. Ive never seen a rb who consistently misses wide open holes to run into crowded areas like him.
  2. bottom line is we arent insde the locker room and theres a ton of variables. Just look at the odd qb decisions around the league,from hoyer being named starter to yanked after 1 game for mallett to manziel looking like he was going to be starter only to be benched again for mccown. Personally I think geno would have been given to the bye and if he stunk and we were losing fitz was getting the call. The roles were basically reversed here,if we were 1-3 at the bye geno is probably starting next but we are 3-1 despite fitz poor play. Geno doesnt have the history to be handed back the job. Whi
  3. I need to see a few games of consistent play from winters first. Its hard to be too excited about that dolphins game when that whole team looked like they didnt want to play and were trying to get the coach fired. Suh looked as motivated as haynesworth after his contract.
  4. so we are pretending that geno didnt beat out fitz and every camp report said he was outplaying fitz? Geno lost his job to injury and circumstance,not because he couldnt beat out fitz. We having amnesia that geno wasnt named starter?
  5. you implied that I said geno is blameless when i said nothing of the sort. Pointing out the truth of different situations for perspective is all I was doing and nothing more. Im not pro geno or pro fitz,Im simply looking at the situations as they are. I think we are a playoff team and I want the best qb at the helm. Im just not convinced one way or the other who is better. But,fitz is our qb as he should be right now.
  6. nobody said anything of the sort and now youre trying to create a narrative in the conversation when their is none. These things dont exist in a vacuum. Geno made plenty of mistakes and has his share of the blame to burden. But to pretend like fitz situation this season isnt infinitely better than the one geno had last season is absurd. That said,theres no saying that geno couldnt be performing worse than fitz is right now.
  7. im not convinced hes performng better than geno would be in this situation. Considering the fact he cost us the eagles game throwing 3 ints in fg range,only luck and jamesis winston have more turnovers and him being bottom 5 in almost all qb stats. But again,switching to geno when we are 3-1 is idiotic and not something that we should do. Fitz is our qb for better or worse.
  8. in yards yes. But I specifically said they didnt create turnovers which is true. The last 2 seasons the jets forced a historically low amount of turnovers.
  9. Not at all,but the fact is fitz basically has a perfect situation (marshall,o line playing great,defense is top 5 and creating a ton of turnovers,top 5 running game) and he is still playing terrible. Thats very concerning for a team that looks ready to contend. This is the sanchez years all over again,except in that case we had the hope of sanchez improving. Fitzpatrick has been bad his whole career and hes 32.
  10. You know exactly what you meant when you said ghetto child. Grow up. You had no reason to use that term except your own hatred. It wasnt necessary to use that phrase but you couldnt help it and now you want to spin it into something else because youve been called out.
  11. if you go to espn.com then click on the nfl section,then go to stats you can see the numbers they are true. Once youre in the stats section you can click on each category and it organizes it for you and gives the ranking. Don't let peoples hatred for geno smith cloud what has been very poor qb play by fitzpatrick. Also cracks me up when people keep mentioning how smart fitz is. If he so intelligent why does he force feed the ball to a double covered marshall repeatedly knowing he doesnt have the arm strength to be precise? But I digress. Please do look up the numbers though,theyre
  12. it means that poster is racist and using words like ghetto and thug are white peoples way of using the n word without using it,as thats what they really mean.
  13. In fairness to geno,he didnt have the benefit of a defense creating a ton of turnovers which in turn created very short fields for fitz to work with,and he never had brandon marshall. No doubt geno has had some terrible games that he was completely at fault for. But when youre throwing to david nelson and greg salas what do you really expect from a 2nd year qb? When it comes down to it, I personally am intrigued at seeing geno in this offense,however,we are winning games and he can sit on the bench. If he really wants to be a better qb he can take this time to learn,mature and grow and may
  14. Why cherry pick this one stat? A stat that is only used by espn and not the actual NFL? Lets look at the real stats shall we #29th in the league in quarterback rating (you know the one the nfl uses,not the qbr in the OP that is only recognized by espn)#25th in yards per game#3 in most ints#26th in completition percentageTied for #28-30th in yards per attempt Hes a bottom 5 qb. The stats reflect it.
  15. ryan fitzpatrick is not a top 15 qb. Or even top 20. Lets look at the numbers #29th in the league in quarterback rating (you know the one the nfl uses,not the qbr in the OP that is only recognized by espn)#25th in yards per game#3 in most ints#26th in completition percentageTied for #28-30th in yards per attempt These are indisputably bottom 5 qb numbers. This is who fitz is. Hes a bad qb with a weak arm who makes poor decisions with worse throws. We are winning inspite of him. And no,Im no saying geno would be better,he may be worse in fact. But ryan is 32 years old and i
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