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  1. The teams are bad because matt stafford is the QB. He is not a great QB.
  2. Jets have lucked into so many great special teams players over the years and we let them walk every single time.
  3. And doesnt seem to care about winning at all. I've never seen Stafford passionate about anything. Hes practically Cutler esque in demeanor
  4. What has he accomplished for all the time he has had in the league? Just a career of losing and stat padding. Kid is a doofus and if he played on any team but the lions he would get much more heat. Never seen someone rack up so many yards in garbage time to make stat watchers think they are good as kirk cousins or matt Stafford.
  5. Jets fans wont admit it but Jamal is making his presence felt in a huge way
  6. Still cant believe the bullsh*t the Grammys pulled over him performing.
  7. Brisset is still only 28 but I just checked and his contact is up this year. Thought he was still under contract which is why I said maybe they should roll with him but without being under contract yeah you move on. Rivers is washed and has no arm and itll only be worse next season. Stafford is a career loser stat padder, ryan always chokes and is washed and Wentz hasnt been the same player since his injury. None of them are good options.
  8. Ah man. That sucks. Redskins record with and without smith is night and day. Was rooting for him.
  9. Curious what the colts do at QB next season. I would move on from Rivers and give brisset one more shot but who knows what they do.
  10. I thought they did a good job today. I think the call at the end was wrong, however it was close enough that I wasnt mad that they didnt reverse it which would have ended the game on their decision. They let the players play.
  11. Allen has gotten better with it, but his fumbles can lose a game at any time. It's still the 1 glaring weakness in his game. So while I think they could do it, I'm hard pressed to boldly claim it because Allen almost handed the game away today at the very end after playing great all game long.
  12. Steelers might not even get past the browns the way theyve been playing lately.
  13. Yup. He never gave himself up. He got back up and tried to make a play.
  14. Colts have nobody but themselves to blame on this game if they do lose. They had so many opportunities today. Just so many dumb decisions across the board.
  15. As a colts or bills fan this game must be stressful and maddening but man it's been fun to watch as someone with no stakes in the game.
  16. Yeah I'm getting really tired of drafting QBs and giving them nothing to work with. Even the best QBs still need talent around them.
  17. Game changed on that failed 4th down play by colts. They should have just taken the points and kicked the FG.

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