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  1. Eh, there's a big difference between being along for the ride because of the talent like Sanchez was, and what allen is currently doing. Allen might be the best player on a stacked team.
  2. Yeah this is fair, allen was no sure thing. Bills have a done a tremendous job of surrounding him with talent and competent coaching and developing him. Allen simply wouldn't be the same player with the jets. Look who we gave Darnold to work with. Bills added diggs and Douglas went bargain bin shopping.
  3. Yeah he has been playing very well. Might be his best game of the season.
  4. Man. Allen is so good. I know they're a division rival but im happy for buffalo.
  5. He chose to take on players with questionable character. Some worked, some didn't. But the Bengals were the bungles before him. They were the laughing stock of the NFL. They went 14 years without a winning record before he arrived. Then made the playoffs in his first few seasons. They have only 14 playoff appearances in 50+ years. 7 of them are with marvin Lewis. And they haven't been back since he was fired.
  6. Marvin Lewis completley turned around the Bengals as an organization. They didnt even have a scouting department before him. He cleaned house and revamped the entire organization top to bottom. Say what you want about his playoff record and that's fair, but the man was the best thing that ever happened to the Bengals and deserves respect off that alone. I dont want him here having said that, but it's disengenous to act as if he has done nothing.
  7. Ah yes. Fitz and his long history of showing up in big games and leading teams to the playoffs.
  8. Wouldnt be shocked if dolphins take another QB. Tua gives me tyrod taylor vibes.
  9. With Joe Douglas as GM of the Jets, the record is 9-23. He would actually have to improve to be macc. And macc was horrible.
  10. As critical as I have been of Joe, I cannot imagine he rolls with Darnold again. Every move he has made says he wants his own guy. To go with Darnold would be such a bizzare move that would not make any sense.
  11. Excellent news. Anybody but greg roman please. Like Gase, he is the only candidate that would turn me off the team.
  12. Hard pass. He isnt good. Hasnt been the same player since the injury and hes already old.
  13. There we go, the real reason you dont like him comes out. When was the last time Robby anderson had an off season incident. Never been suspended and only missed 2 games in 5 years. Character does count. He grew as a person and changed. He is someone others should look to for making positive change.
  14. I literally just told you. He is a great deep threat. To the point people around here said he was a 1 trick pony. He has proven is more than that. The jets haven't done better. They replaced him with a worse player.
  15. Anderson was darnolds favorite receiver when he was here. He was the only WR he appeared to have ANY chemistry with. Getting rid of him to replace him with perriman was a massive blunder no matter how anyone tries to spin it. Now Darnold is a bust and should be gone sooner rather than later, but douglas set him up to fail when you're trotting out a 40 year old RB and a draft bust as his new weapons while stripping him of his favorite target. While sitting in a mountain of cap. Its inexcusable unless Douglas wanted Darnold to fail and the team to tank.
  16. Like who? Perriman? We have a huge amount of cap space and Anderson is one of the best deep threats in the NFL and finished top 10 in catches and top 15 in yards. But yes, who would ever want that on their team to have money literally just sitting there. Douglas himself already admitted he made a mistake with Anderson yet some of you cant just admit it.
  17. If your intention is to give Darnold the best chance to succeed and develop, giving him worse weapons is not how you do it. If the intention from the beginning was to tank and Douglas never wanted Darnold, than letting Anderson walk makes sense. Theres really only two options here, and if Darnold is back next year starting than woof. I mean Douglas himself conceded he handled the anderson situation wrong, but fans still wont admit it.
  18. No 1 player other than an elite QB can change an entire teams outlook. You need a lot of good players.

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