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  1. I'd take him back at a huge discount if he was the #4/5. You can't rely on him for anything more than that going into the season. Relying on an injury prone WR who has never out together a good season as your #1 was one of the worst GM decisions this team has seen in a years. Reminiscent of idzik and the CB situation.
  2. Bridgewater isnt a good QB, and only has 15 TDS on the year, which is a career high for him. Anderson is 2nd on the team with 3 TDs. The leader on the team has 4.
  3. Perriman has 125 catches in 5 years in the league including this season. Robby has 92 just this season. Perriman has been an injury plagued player would flash in an odd game here and there every season before this. This season, perriman was an injury plagued player who flashed in an odd game. He is a #4/5 at best who cant be relied on.
  4. "Perriman is actually better than anderson" Anderson finishes with more yards and catches than mims and perriman combined. And continues to play Injury free.
  5. Anderson will finish the year with more yards and catches than perriman and mims combined. Another L for Douglas.
  6. I think people have moved on to still thinking he has trade value. When other bust 1st round QBs just get cut routinely. If Douglas can even get a 5th for him, I would consider that a win.
  7. "Let's examine the draft class in 2-3 years, we saw some potential" Jets fans after every season for the past 10 years. Then 99% are just like they looked in rookie seasons, busts. Maybe this one will finally be different, but I dont know how anyone can say with a straight face they're happy with the early returns. Its blind homerism.
  8. Nobody is trading for Sam for more than a conditional pick. Sam is a bust. 8 TDS and 9 picks and less than 2K yards in his third year in the league. You could get better production from a UDFA. Flacco is toast and in the same offense has 6 tds and 3 ints and mims and perriman looked like actual WRs with him.
  9. Being good at PR doesnt make you good at being a QB.
  10. He really doesnt. He has been a bad QB for 3 years in a row and has shown more regression than progression. He is geno smith at best.
  11. Calling him a rookie GM is disingenuous considering he was here to watch over the entire last season as well. And so far, he hasnt proven to be any better than the previous 2 GM's. What he does this off season will be massive, and rolling back with Darnold would be awful. I hope that isnt true. It's been 3 years. He isnt the guy. Take fields or Lawrence, or sign a stop gap QB to start this year while building up the weapons and o line this year and draft a QB next year. Sam Darnold should never start another game for this franchise.
  12. If Sam is back next year than this year makes Joe look unbelievably incompetent. The only way anyone can rationally explain this season is if we were intentionally tanking and getting a new coach and QB next season.
  13. At the time mo wilk was a great player and showed no signs of what he did after. Most fans were happy he was signed. Sucks that he turned out like that but it wasnt predictable.
  14. I mean, the majority of this board was calling allen a running back to start this season.
  15. Funny thing is, his stats and play are comparable to Darnold. Yet some people here still want to give Darnold more time.
  16. Jets fans love the idea of potential more than results. They'll sh*t on robbies production but celebrate 22 catches in a season for mims.
  17. If I'm the dolphins I consider QB. Tua looks like tyrod taylor. A borderline starter/great back up. He could improve for sure but he could also just be overly cautious his whole career.
  18. The fact is this, perriman and mims looked like different players with Flacco playing. Robbie anderson has had his best year in the league soon as he got away from sam.
  19. I'm side eyeing the fact William's got fired and suddenly Nate shepherd has gotten playing time and looks effective. When it looked like he had taken a huge step last season than suddenly wasnt being used this season.
  20. Browns look better without him. Hes been living off that one handed catch and first couple seasons for a while now. No thanks.
  21. Tannehill's success is built off henry's play. Any time henry gets shut down, like last year in the playoffs, and they have to rely on tannehil...well we saw what happens.

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