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  1. I would have preferred Mahomes vs. Rodgers, but honestly the generational greats (Brady vs. Mahomes) is a great matchup. Easily the 2nd best option of the potential matchups for me.
  2. He wasn't great yesterday (clearly the story of that game was the Bucs d-line dominating the Packers' o-line) but you can't deny his greatness. This is a team that had the second longest playoff draught in the NFL going into this year. He has them in the Super Bowl year one.
  3. Brady has been a starting QB for 19 seasons and has gone to the Super Bowl in 10 of them. It's truly remarkable. Just glad he's out of the division. Maybe he'll play ten more seasons and terrorize the NFC South.
  4. Rookie for sure. Stafford can still play but doesn't make sense for a team like ours.
  5. You're arguing against your own point here. Aaron Jones is probably the best RB on this list -- he was a 5th rounder. Jamaal Williams was a 4th rounder. Devin Singletary was a 3rd rounder. Ronald Jones was a 2nd rounder. Zach Moss was a 3rd rounder. Darrel Williams was undrafted. Leveon Bell sucked so much we cut him and got better. Ty Johnson was literally better in the same offense. Fournette was a top ten pick -- and the team that drafted him flat out cut him. CEH is the only RB who is a first round pick and falls into the "feature back" conversation and he's out injured -- and it doesn't seem to matter at all.
  6. Be prepared for a move you may not like. I'd be shocked if the first three picks were all offense.
  7. We just have too many needs to take a RB that high -- there are good RBs that can be had later. In the first you want a EDGE, OL, CB or WR, IMO.
  8. We can move three first round picks over the next three years and still have two first round picks -- this the luxury of having five first round picks over the next three years. I'm not sure what you mean re: Darnold (I mean, if it's 4 firsts, a 2nd, and Darnold I'm not sure I do that) but the reality is we still would have a good number of picks and a lot of cap space when other teams are going to be crunching the cap and moving guys. It's one of the reasons the Jets and Dolphins are the front runners -- both teams can give up a lot and still not be screwed by doing so.
  9. I wouldn't take Etienne at 23 (and I'm confident Douglas won't) but I think he'd be sexy in this offense.
  10. 21-11 the two years before that. The idea that people seem to think we can't continue to upgrade the roster despite upgrading at QB is baffling to me. Somehow we can only improve the roster if we stick with Sam Darnold.
  11. I'm not talking about their defensive rankings this past year. I'm talking about all the info available on each.
  12. I've heard him referred to as the "Sean McVay of defense." Seems like a really bright, talented guy. Probably neck and neck with Saleh for the best hire of this cycle IMHO.
  13. I think the hope is that he's got all of Rex's best qualities -- but is also smart, organized, humble, etc.

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