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  1. No it's not. It's our new LB talking about buying into our coaches plan for the future. Seriously, we're going to criticize our new coach for relaying his goals and expectations to his players? Obviously we all want results but I cannot fathom criticizing Gase for this.
  2. This isn't Rex boasting to the media. It's basically just Mosley talking about Gase's plan for the future... New coach sets sights on winning his division. Jets fans: WHAT A LOT OF HOT AIR! Total non story.
  3. UntouchableCrew

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    Seems the Browns thing was just a rumor -- and it's only Week 17 that's always a division opponent. It's not official but multiple sources have confirmed it, so I'd guess it's legit.
  4. UntouchableCrew

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    Honestly, it's not that tough. If we're any good we have a very real chance at the playoffs. No west coast trips, no brutal road stretches. Last place schedule and two solid but beatable divisions on the rotation. We need to win Week 1 and then split a few of the "tough" games in the first half to stay afloat, then go on a run in the second half.
  5. UntouchableCrew

    Super Homer Dream Draft! Traaaaaaades

    I'm not even sure they take him at 6 if he's there. Could me smokescreen but most people now seem to think they're passing on a QB at 6 and maybe taking one at 17.
  6. UntouchableCrew

    Bosa Not Meeting with Jets

    He's also the kind of guy who jumps for joy when the "best player in the draft" falls to him. It's a bulletproof pick because the guy was the consensus obvious pick and nobody can kill him if he doesn't work out.
  7. UntouchableCrew

    Is Bosa the right fit for us at 3?

    Agreed, he doesn't have elite bend. His three cone was pretty average. But I think he's stronger and more powerful than you would think... He's no Von Miller but he's an athletic and versatile player. I also like the work ethic. Some of these guys are basically all potential -- elite prospects with elite athleticism that haven't really proven anything yet. Allen was a two star prospect who improved every year he was in college and had elite production in the SEC his final two years. That seems like the kind of guy who knows what hard work can do for him and is going to be hungry to keep producing at at high level.
  8. UntouchableCrew

    Rosen's Value Dropping

    This is the big fear, IMO. Would be awful if he panned out for the Pats.
  9. UntouchableCrew

    Trading next years pick for picks this year.

    I don't think this year will turn into a disaster but I don't have anywhere near enough confidence that this team will be good that I'm trading future firsts.
  10. UntouchableCrew

    Why did Adarius Stewart fail so quickly?

    Pretty much this. We could have had him much later and overdrafted him because Morton apparently wanted him... And then of course he was fired a year later.
  11. UntouchableCrew

    Did the Jets get rid of their forums?

    No BS... Frasier > Cheers. Might not be a popular take but it’s true. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. UntouchableCrew

    Ty Montgomery to Jets

    I don’t hate Montgomery but I agree with the sentiment entirely. Why do we always have well compensated vet running backs? No position contributes immediately rookie year like RBs.
  13. UntouchableCrew

    Did the Jets get rid of their forums?

    This thread inspired me to go look at JI -- there's been one thread started in like three months and it's PatsFanTX and shasta trolling the Jets uniforms. Jesus that place is nothing now. Thank god for JN. So much better than the old place.
  14. UntouchableCrew

    What is your local NFL team?

    I live in Manhattan. Jets/Giants obviously, although obviously the city has a ton of transplants.
  15. Would it? Robby is better than every 2nd round pick Mac has made.

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