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  1. I guess I'm just less concerned about Becton and Moses because they are, to a certain extent, known commodities. I've seen them play (and look very good) against NFL defenses. Hard to gather too much from a bunch of tweets considering we aren't there in person but I'm getting a little nervous about Wilson.
  2. Raiders game was probably his 2nd worst game of the season but I don't know if I'd say Ferrell abused him. Although that is admittedly more concerning because Ferrell sucks.
  3. I'm beginning to agree with this. Seems like he's struggling a bit now that the live bullets are flying. I don't really understand going into the year with zero NFL starts on the roster. I think he demonstrated enough last year that I'm not overly worried about this yet. The only pass rusher who really gave him fits last year was Myles Garrett who might be the best edger rusher in the league. He held his own against just about everyone else.
  4. Yes, they're doing One Jets Drive again. Debuts next week.
  5. They'll never actually leave. It's just leverage.
  6. I think he just means the "vets" will get the early first team snaps and Moore would have to "earn" his way into the lineup (which he inevitably would.)
  7. This is the only explanation to me. They've got to be sending a message. There's absolutely no other reason why Mims should be running with guys who won't make the team.
  8. Tebow sucked in both practice and real games. He was not a "game time" guy he was a guy who couldn't' play QB at the NFL level.
  9. Well, when he kinda sucks despite facing no live rush and vanilla defensive looks, that can tell us something.
  10. If this was really just about the timing of the bonus payment Woody is a clown.
  11. I would agree with that but I would also argue that the Ravens have been arguably the single best drafting org in the NFL over the last twenty years and the Steelers have probably been 2nd. That structure and the culture of success has played a role in Flacco's success (and Big Ben's.) While the Jets are terrible at identifying and evaluating QBs we also have never had an offensive identity or had the coaching and infrastructure to get more out of the raw talent we have. It's hard to be as bad as the Jets have been at the position for as long as we have been without essentially doing ever
  12. I'm not sure I agree with that. Steelers or Pats without great QB play are closer to the Ravens -- still a great org, just not as consistent without the top notch QB that puts them over the top.
  13. Well it's not your point. I would much rather be a Colts or Saints team that was one of the elite NFL teams deep in the playoffs every year with one SB win than a team who sucked for ten years and won once in a fluky year. Either way you only actually win one Super Bowl (which is all I really need, tbh) but part of following the team is the fun of the chase. It's 100x more exciting for me when the Jets are good. This past decade has really sapped my enthusiasm.
  14. I think Ty Johnson and Perine both make it, although if Perine weren't a 2020 draft pick I'd be less sure. Berrios seems like he's clearly making it. Less sure about Smith. Kroft will clearly be on the team. Yeboah seems like more of a long shot. I think Shepherd probably makes it. He came on strong at the end of last year and we're going to have a deep DL rotation. Marshall might be practice squad. Don't have a good read on him. I'd assume Bless and Jackson both make it, but CB is probably one of the least predictable positions on the team. They brought in a lot of youth,
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