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  1. TEAM SPEED RANKINGS Method: We found players' average yards covered per second by computing their five top speeds -- run and pass plays only -- recorded during the 2020 and 2021 seasons (through Week 6), using player-tracking data from NFL Next Gen Stats. Team, unit and position group speed were calculated with the top three WRs, two TEs, two RBs, two QBs, four DBs and 2 LBs from each team according to weighted average of top speed and snap count. Offense speed was weighted with 45% WR, 25% TE, 20% RB and 10% QB, while defense speed was weighted with 70% DB and 30% LB. Team speed is 50% of
  2. It's not about him. It's about the offense. If the offense looks okay with him (the offense last year was clearly better with Flacco than Darnold, IMO) that's info worth knowing.
  3. I've heard people that have no interest in seeing Flacco play, but personally I'm curious what this offense looks like with him in there. Like, can this offense -- under Mike LaFluer -- look decent with a competent vet QB in there? I think that's something worth knowing in terms of next steps.
  4. It would be difficult to come up with a less respected member of the "coaching fraternity" if you tried. There's a reason Rex isn't coaching.
  5. Rex is a clown, but the inability of this defense to defend a screen pass has been a baffling trend all season.
  6. The argument that we should have taken player "X" at 2 baffles me. Clearly the choice was always QB or trade down. If we weren't taking a QB we should have made the SF trade.
  7. Trade down with the first pick. Then continue to spend as many picks as you can on OL and WR/TE/RB. Just take shot after shot after shot on offensive players. Invest everything you've got on offense. If the best player available is clearly defense? Trade down to someone who wants defense and draft more offense. This league is about scoring more points than the opposition and we are the worst team in the league at scoring points. We will never be any good until we change that.
  8. I'm not giving up on anyone but let's be clear -- Joe Douglas hired Robert Saleh. You can't blame the coaching and not Douglas. He hired these guys.
  9. No question. He's a much bigger project than I realized and much less accurate. There's absolutely no reason he should have been the Week 1 starter based on what we've seen. I still cannot figure out why they didn't bring in a QB with experience in this offense. Like, just a Nick Mullens type who knows it and has looked competent in it.
  10. If your big fear at this point is that we might start winning games I think you're in luck.
  11. Obviously they sucked yesterday (and I admittedly didn't even watch much of yesterday's game.) But for the majority of games this season, in a league dominated by offense, they've been "fine." When you consider most of the guys on that D are no-name late round picks or unheralded FA signings they've been good "enough." They are not "the problem." By contrast the offense continues year after year to be the worst in the entire league. That's why we suck and why our record continues to be so bad. It has nothing to do with the defense. It's the offense. Let's put it this way -- the
  12. Serious question. What does his stat line look like on the Jets?
  13. Yeah, but the reason things seem to be working out for the Bengals is that Joe Burrow has the goods. I'm not going to give up on Wilson but the "reasons for optimism" with the Jets are... Meh.
  14. 1) The QB has been awful. 2) The OC has been awful 3) Overall youth and lack of experience, especially on defense. I think overall the defense has been fine, as bad as they were yesterday. They were always going to be a work in progress and have been pretty solid most of the season. If we have a competent offense they aren't a topic of conversation. When your offense goes three and out every drive it's hard to play defense. It's hard not to quit when you have no hope of competing on a week to week. The reason we suck is the same reason we have sucked for 10 years now -- thi
  15. I mean, I'm not jealous of Mac and Cheese. I think he sucks. But BB knows what he's doing and our guys are clueless.
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