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  1. I love a thread like this because basically every single prospect rumored to go in the first two rounds gets mentioned at least once.
  2. I mean, he wasn't really shading Wilson. He was defending Darnold and shading Gase.
  3. IMO he's saying this because he's been told 23 to the Jets is one of the highest places he could conceivably go. Love the player but we have too many needs to go RB this early.
  4. Gun to my head I'd take Fields. I respect Wilson and Lance's upsides but I think Fields has the highest floor. He's a big, tough, athletic physical specimen. Reminds me of Justin Herbert.
  5. This seems far more likely to me -- that the 9ers offered something akin to a pick swap involving the 12th overall pick. I cannot fathom the 9ers offered 12 overall for Darnold or that JD wouldn't instantly take it.
  6. It's funny, my feeling through most of last season was that the Jets would end up with Fields (if not Lawrence) and I hated the idea of the Pats landing Wilson. Now it looks clear the Jets are going to get Wilson and I need to sweat the Pats somehow getting Fields.
  7. Yeah, we're not that far off -- I said in one of my earlier posts that if you just don't have strong conviction in these guys don't take them. I'm certainly not advocating to take a QB for the sake of it with a pick this high (and I'm not even sold on Wilson personally.) But it seems like some people really are, and I get that.
  8. Well it's correlation vs. causation right? Guys don't fail because they're picked high they fail because teams who pick high generally don't know WTF they're doing. At a fundamental level if JD and RS don't know what they're doing we're screwed anyway. Part of the logic in the Jets being able to pull this off is that via trade they've accumulated greater than normal draft capital the next two years and that the roster is actually not as bad as Adam Gase's coaching would have you believe. These are debatable points of course, but the blanket idea that you simply shouldn't take a QB in the
  9. The first point is kind of irrelevant and a product of the second. Having second choice of the crop doesn't inherently make the player worse than having third choice. The second is a fair point though. And really, if you don't think very highly of this group of QBs and think you can get a similar talent in 2022 or 2023 then I can see why you'd want to do that. It's what the Dolphins just did -- they seem lukewarm at best on Tua but decided to run in back with him again as they continue to build with tons of premium picks. But QB is still the most important position on the field and t
  10. In all seriousness, if you're really afraid of ruining Wilson just don't play him. I doubt anyone is truly worried about that in the Jets org, but like, if that's your huge fear you don't need to play him. Sign Alex Smith and give him the nod that he'll get the full season as a starter. It doesn't change the fact that the Jets are uniquely positioned to grab a top notch QB prospect in a way they likely won't be in the future. You can grab the guy and sit him for a year.
  11. It's genuinely a great question. I would not be at all shocked by a wide variety of outcomes for both players. It's absolutely possible that Sam plays really well in a much better offensive scheme with significantly better coaching and some good playmakers, most notably McCaffery. It's also possible the issues that have plagued him here continue to plague him, and despite having an improved statistical year he still turns the ball over a lot and is wildly inconsistent. I really think Wilson has an even wider range of outcomes. I would not at all be surprised if he struggled mightily
  12. Having a new coaching staff and new QB can completely change the complexion of a team overnight. I’m very excited to see what the team looks like in 2021.
  13. I think the trade off of him not making a huge stink, complaining through his agent and social media about the franchise, demanding a trade, and generally causing more controversy is well worth him not sending some phony PR inspired farewell.
  14. Interestingly I saw someone on Twitter (I think it was Matt Miller) who said his comp for Wilson was Kyler Murray.
  15. Seems like a practice squad guy.
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