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  1. Giants trade JPP

    Ideal scenario would be a Browns trade up insuring only one QB goes top 2. Broncos jumping us for Rosen would be teh suck.
  2. Giants trade JPP

    Well this is only one year after that massive contract. They certainly thought he was elite a year ago.
  3. Giants trade JPP

    You think? My reaction was "big blow to the Giants want to win now crowd." This sounds like waving the white flag and taking the QB.
  4. Dilfer on Rosen

    Completely agree with this. It's not anti-semitism as much as it's anti-intellectual mouth breathers who would be low paid blue collar guys if they didn't have a connection to football.

    Plus holding only really hoses you if you run a "ground and pound" 20th century offense where 3rd and long means the drive is already over.
  6. Rosen too much a risk?

    I think injuries/passion for the game is the only real question mark with Rosen. Stepping away from the game due to concussions and a relatively thin an brittle body relative to other similar QBs is worrisome... But I think it's worth the gamble because if he stays healthy and plays I think there's very little chance he doesn't pan out.
  7. Totally agree. IMO, this is why Rosen and Mayfield are my guys. Rosen seems like he's good to go and will succeed anyway and Mayfield feels like he's going to will himself into being good anywhere. Darnold seems like he needs the right system. Give him to Andy Reid and the kid is a stud. On the Browns or Jets? Turnover machine. Allen feels like he'll be a failure anywhere.
  8. Allen is definitely the guy to avoid, IMO. He seems unlikely to put it together.
  9. NFL Scouts' Perception Of Baker Mayfield

    I think if you averaged it out he's the #4 in the "consensus" but there's zero doubt there are plenty that have him higher than that.
  10. Tell me when it’s time to worry.

    What kinda scares me is that the Bills obviously think the Jets are going after whoever they want -- which kind of feels like Josh Allen to me. The Jets and Bills trading away their futures in a bidding war for Josh Allen might be the most Jets and Bills thing ever.
  11. To be clear, I'm not agreeing with the article and arguing this is some flawless move. It obviously has potential flaws and is extremely flawed if he's moving up to 3 with his eye on one specific prospect. I'm just disagreeing with the premise that it's blind luck if the move works out. Obviously there is an element of risk involved because the outcome depends on the actions of other actors which is your main point. But the actions of those actors are not pure chance. It's a calculated move based on available information and his own evaluations of the talent themselves. It can still be a smart risk and not total luck.
  12. Small in relative terms I'd agree... But certainly not insignificant.
  13. I thought I was stating the obvious but there are people legitimately debating me that it's a "good trade" even if the player we select busts...
  14. None of these rook QBs will...

    Teddy Bridgewater's best season is inferior to Ryan Fitzpatrick's 2015 season and Josh McCown's 2017 campaign. So, for the sake of all four of these QBs, I hope you are wrong.
  15. I'm just saying that trading three picks to move up and take a guy who is bad is inherently a failed trade. I don't even see how anyone could argue otherwise. Doesn't mean it was dumb or bad at the time but if the end result is a failure the trade was a failure. I don't even see how we can debate this. Once we have hindsight we know for a fact if the trade was good.