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  1. Totally agree with this. If you think Wischusen is a homer you haven't actually listened to many regional broadcasts. He's not even close to what you get in most parts of the country. I specifically remember listening to parts of the Cincinnati radio broadcast during the Jets/Bengals Wild Card game in Rex's first year and being shocked at the way they were rooting for the team like a couple of fans.
  2. Yes, 50 years ago when there were three TV channels, no internet and no social media. There will never be another Joe Namath.
  3. Yeah, this just isn't true. Smaller markets have less media, get less attention. You fart in the wrong direction in New York and it's a story. Granted it's less of an issue in football (the NFL is truly a national league in a way the others aren't) but it's still true. Here's the reality -- the best teams limit distractions. They limit schisms. They limit stories. This allows them to keep the focus on football. You see this in all good organizations and when teams like the Steelers and Giants go off the rails and start becoming a circus, you see the decline. Look at how the overwhelming majority of Super Bowl winning QBs act in the media. There's a commonality.
  4. Based on what Joe Douglas has said and his reputation I think it's a given that he'll be active in trying to upgrade the offensive line depth on the waiver wire.
  5. I agree -- and I'm sure many of the lineman viewed Bell's "patient" running style as a product of their elite blocking. It was still odd to see them rip him. I have no real issue with Duke wanting out and I have no real issue the Browns holding onto him. Nobody is really in the wrong here, both sides are just acting in their own self interest. Standard stuff, IMO.
  6. I mean, this is pretty much the stance every athlete has ever taken. When it comes to "business" you never criticize a teammate (or another player, really) on how they manage their career. Leveon getting killed by the Steelers offensive line last year is honestly one of the only times I can ever remember players going after a teammate over something like this (which isn't' a great sign, tbh.)
  7. You'd have to be crazy not to see the disparity between the "Tannenbaum" drafts under Mangini and Rex.
  8. I mean, I think most posters see it for what it is. The most notable part of this for me is the contrast between Baker and Darnold, seeing as they were the two QBs we were most likely to end up with. Some like Baker's brash confidence and attitude but I think it's hard to look at how he carries himself and not think he'd be the Rex Ryan of QBs in New York. Who knows how their careers will end up measuring up over the long haul in terms of production but I can say I'm happy as hell Darnold has an Eli Manning/Derek Jeter type demeanor instead of a Rex Ryan one.
  9. Yeah, but it's not about what the fans want. It's about other guys in the locker room. The point of the article is that other Browns players didn't like what he said and confronted him about it.
  10. Agreed. I assumed when they got new unis the "all pickle" look would be gone but they were rocking green on green at the uni unveil. Hideous. I'm actually nervous that they're advertising a "green out" for the home opener against the Bills because usually that's when they go full pickle. They couldn't be that dumb, could they? To not wear the classic green on white for the first game?
  11. I kind of agree -- but he's friends with both Gase and Douglas and I'd assume Assistant GM will be a step up in pay and title relative to his role with the Bears. Either way it's a very encouraging sign that we essentially nabbed our first pick and the second most rumored guy on the market too. Feels like for once the Jets might be a halfway respectable destination that people actually want to go to.
  12. I'm sure there is some truth to this -- but I also think there's some truth to the idea that the Jets being bad for almost a decade has made it worse than it is in other stadiums. Hopefully that part of the issue will be coming to a close. But still, Cowboys, Steelers, Patriots, Giants, Dolphins, Bills, Raiders, Browns -- that's about as much of a "traveling/frontrunning" schedule as you can have.
  13. Supposedly Douglas values character highly, although I guess it's unclear the distinction between "off-field character" and "on-field/football character."
  14. Looking at the schedule literally every game we play this year is likely to be packed with opposing fans. It's honestly become a deterrent for me to attend games.
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