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  1. UntouchableCrew

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    Agree. Guy is a multi-billionaire. Why is he getting HJs from Chinese sex slaves in a Florida strip mall?
  2. UntouchableCrew

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

  3. Look at his contract. I do not think he has one iota of seller's remorse.
  4. UntouchableCrew

    Would you make this trade with Washington?

    I don't see how you could possibly move from 3 to 15 without a future first.
  5. UntouchableCrew

    The Gap is closing....or not....

    It's a valuable asset for sure. But if I'm picking a franchise QB to groom for the next 20 years I want the better passer not the better athlete. The athleticism is much more likely to get him injured and will fade much more quickly.
  6. UntouchableCrew

    The Gap is closing....or not....

    I mean, I think you're giving him way too much credit. When the score was 23-3 and the game was essentially over he had some garbage time stats that prevented him from having an all time historically bad box score. I mean, IIRC the Ravens didn't even advance over midfield until halfway through the third? Let's just say I'm not sold on the Lamar Jackson era. I think I'd take any of the 2018 first round QBs, any of the 2017 first round QBs and any of the projected 2019 first round QBs over him.
  7. UntouchableCrew

    The Gap is closing....or not....

    I mean, their stats weren't that close passing. Better completion percentage, better yards per attempt, better TD:INT ratio, better passer rating by 10 points. Darnold didn't set the world on fire but he was clearly a better passer than Allen, who was closer to last with Rosen than he was to Darnold... And it's ridiculous to remove Darnold's three best games without doing the same to Allen. Both guys (since, you know, they're rookies) are obviously hurt a lot by removing their best performances and both would be boosted a lot by removing their worst performances. Darnold was the consensus number one pick in 2018. People were shocked Baker went #1. To suggest anything else is disingenuous revisionist history. Right, that's your prerogative. Similar to how Baker clearly played better and would be the hotter commodity now (thus it's fair to assume that Baker would be the overwhelming favorite to be picked by the majority of GMs) the same is true of Darnold over Allen, as he was the more highly touted prospect and better passer as a rookie. "At halftime, Jackson was 2 for 8 for 17 yards and an interception for a 0.0 quarterback rating. Los Angeles led 12-0 at the break, marking the first time in franchise history the Ravens were blanked in the first half of a playoff game." Yeah, he played great. That was one of the most embarrassing performances by a QB I've ever seen in an NFL game.
  8. UntouchableCrew

    The Gap is closing....or not....

    Because GMs, scouts, and coaches have been falling in love with big, rocket armed QBs who are inaccurate since the dawn of time.
  9. UntouchableCrew

    The Gap is closing....or not....

    No, the 49ers won the Super Bowl in 1981 and 1984. Rice was drafted in 1985. They won two together, then Rice won his third with Steve Young in 1994. Montana won 4.
  10. UntouchableCrew

    The Gap is closing....or not....

    And Montana won two before Rice even got there... I'm just saying the "Brady never played with good players narrative" isn't really accurate and he was a game manager on a defense first team for three of his six rings.
  11. UntouchableCrew

    The Gap is closing....or not....

    Uh, Randy Moss. The real difference is that Montana had LT murdering him after every throw. If you breath in Brady's direction it's a 15 yard penalty.
  12. UntouchableCrew

    The Gap is closing....or not....

    I think if you think it's 55-60 you're the one that's way off base... I mean if you remove Allen's running ability he had very few things to be excited about. Darnold had a much stronger rookie season as a passer and was a better prospect coming out. I'd be genuinely surprised if there were more than 1 or 2 GMs who would prefer Allen over Darnold at this juncture. I'd go as far as to say more GMs would take Darnold over Mayfield than would take Allen over Darnold. That said the clear hierarchy based on last year is Mayfield > Darnold > Allen >Rosen who was the most disappointing by far, although his offensive line was in absolute shambles. Jackson is hard to get a read on. Played pretty well but was asked to do the least and had the smallest sample size... Then was completely hopeless in the playoffs.
  13. UntouchableCrew

    The Gap is closing....or not....

    Allen was inferior as a passer in pretty much every way -- but ended up higher in many metrics due to his legs. Guy is a great athlete. I would suspect that 32 out of 32 GMs would prefer Darnold at this point, so I don't really get the Allen drum beating either way. But yeah, the rookies have a big gap to close on arguably the best QB ever. Not exactly earth-shattering analysis here.
  14. Few kickers are worth really investing in and I don't think Jason Meyers fits that bill. Let him walk if someone is willing to pay top dollar for him.
  15. UntouchableCrew

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Is making yourself toxic and unemployable the same as being colluded against, though? Playing in the NFL is a privilege. Nobody is entitled to be paid millions of dollars to provide entertainment, which is what pro athletes are doing at the end of the day. (also, I'd argue Colt McCoy is actually better than Kaep... The rest of the guys on that list... Yeah.)

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