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  1. I mean, the Jets haven't had a consistently above average QB since I've been alive. We replaced crap with crap. Hopefully Darnold is the end of that.
  2. Maybe your definition of "replacement level" is different than mine, but to me it's backup caliber, i.e. you can pick up a guy off the street to play at that level. I think FItzpatrick was above replacement level in 2015 -- he was top 10 in QBR. Although it's probably fair that Sanchez was below that level, at least in 2009 and 2012.
  3. Sanchez being high on a "wins above replacement" list is utterly laughable. He's a replacement level QB.
  4. I guess I'm in the minority but I thought Bell looked pretty good for most of last year behind a putrid line. Never went down against the first defender, always fought for yards, fairly elusive, made some great catches. Speed was never his game but frankly, we just had a bad offense that used him poorly.
  5. I think the casual fan has already labeled Darnold a bust after the "Seeing Ghosts" game. There are lots of experts who still really like him but the idea that most people are expecting him to blow up this year is not accurate.
  6. I still hate the pick (26 year old bouncer from Fort Hayes State) but I was pleasantly surprised by the 2nd half of his 2019 season. Hope he continues to play well.
  7. Becton and Fant feel like locks to be the starting tackles. I have a hard time imagining Edoga will start over Fant considering the money they paid him. McGovern is going to start at center. The guards are most up in the air. I'd bet on GVR and Winters with Lewis backing up both spots... If they didn't see Winters as a starter I don't think he'd still be on the team.
  8. If there's one thing we've learned about JD it's that he's got a value/price on guys and won't budge. I wouldn't be shocked to see more signings if prices come down on some of the bigger names.
  9. For sure. Obviously agree. I'm thinking another modest improvement where he's solid but we aren't seeing a big leap that you'd want from a franchise QB. Maybe misses time again, QB ratings in the high 80s. Slightly better TD/INT ratio but nothing overly impressive. What then? I also think my comment depends on what actually happens with Adams. If they deal him it's obviously a moot point but I really think you're underrating the the locker room issues of telling the best player on the team "we don't do this" and then doing it for a below average QB a year later.
  10. Pretty sure favoring the QB over elite defensive players is what ruined a potential Seahawks dynasty. I'm not sure I agree everyone would see it that way, especially if Sam is only "pretty good" in 2020.
  11. No, the difference is that Eli Manning and Joe Flacco were much better QBs who played for a long time and had successful careers and Mark Sanchez was never good and is now out of football.
  12. You're literally the same guy who gives Sanchez credit for beating the Chargers going 12-23 for 100 yards. The reality is the 2008-10 Ravens and 2009-10 Jets were mirror images of each other -- Hell, in 2009 and 2010 the Flacco led Ravens ultimately lost to the same teams the Jets lost to just one round earlier.
  13. People don't really hate the Jets. But.. 1) They hate New York. and... 2) They like to sh*t on New York teams that don't win. You'll never have a "lovable loser" from New York like you do Chicago. New York is the economic and cultural capital of the country, and subsequently has the arrogance to go with it. It's a hyper competitive city that draws the best and the brightest. It's full of winners. If you're a loser here you suck. Nobody loves you. So the solution is simple. We need to win.
  14. I genuinely hope he has the kind of season that would dictate negotiating a contract extension next season. Let's see it first... Also, if Douglas is refusing to negotiate a contract extension for Adams based on timing this year I don't see him changing course and doing it for Sam next year. Sends a bad message.
  15. Yeah, we'll have to agree to disagree here. When the greatest offense in the history of football is held to 14 points I'm not going to heap praise on Eli Manning for making one or two big throws when the offense had only scored 10 points prior to the final drive. The simple fact of the matter is that he was a career .500 QB despite having lots of talent around him for most of his career.

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