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  1. UntouchableCrew

    If week 17 is Darnold vs Brady...

    Darnold is the youngest starting QB in NFL history and Brady is 41. The answer to the question is yes.
  2. UntouchableCrew


    I didn't say he sucks. In this very thread I said he's awesome and possibly the best back in the league. It's just that RBs are irrelevant if you don't have more important pieces in place. Today was evidence to that -- the Giants have Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckam Jr and dropped a goose egg at home because they don't have a QB or an offensive line. If Darnold sucks and the Giants draft Herbert or some other guy in the first round next year and that new QB is great they will be vindicated. But drafting a RB 2nd overall when you have many other needs will always be questionable and if Darnold pans out and they have trouble replacing Eli they're going to look like fools.
  3. UntouchableCrew


    That stud was so dynamic he led them to zero points today. Running backs don't matter in the NFL.
  4. UntouchableCrew

    Brandon Shell

    He's okay. For a fifth round pick he's solid but I think that's a position we should be trying to upgrade... Same for C, LG, RG, and LT.
  5. UntouchableCrew

    49ers, Cardinals, Raiders, and Falcons

    Threads like this are kind of pointless. The "bad" teams ahead of us likely aren't winning any more games. The Cardinals and Raiders in particular are totally lifeless and terrible... And I think we might beat the Packers next week.
  6. UntouchableCrew


    Barkley is a stud. He's going to be an elite RB for the next ten years. He's arguably the best RB in the league right now.... And the Giants are 5-8. RBs don't really matter unless you already have the important pieces in place. Here's to hoping Darnold is a stud and the G-Men wander in the QB wilderness for 20 years.
  7. UntouchableCrew

    The human penalty machine strikes again

    He struggled yesterday (which is a common occurrence for CBs when facing DeAndre Hopkins) but he's generally been very good for us the last two years. I'd want him back, personally. The CB we shoudl be concerned about his Trumaine Johnson. He's making a lot of money and has generally been terrible.
  8. UntouchableCrew

    The human penalty machine strikes again

    He's a free agent... And one we should probably re-sign.
  9. UntouchableCrew

    Did Kearse blow off Darnold today?

    The drop off from Kearse in 2017 to Kearse in 2018 has been enormous. I can't tell if he hates the scheme or just doesn't enjoy playing with a rookie QB but he has totally sucked and should be out the door next year.
  10. UntouchableCrew

    Here we go again - McCown taking snaps with the 1's

    I tend to agree. We saw what McCown has left in three starts. The answer -- absolutely nothing. I know we're giving him too much money but if Darnold really has issues I agree, play Webb.
  11. UntouchableCrew

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    I'm going to be legitimately upset if we end up green and blue. We're not the Seahawks.
  12. UntouchableCrew

    Holy.... Sugar. Williams is the new Mo Wilk

    This. No question about him dogging that play. It's inexcusable. But it's not like that play should define his day. He made a few good plays in the backfield.
  13. UntouchableCrew

    John DeFilippo fired - joins McCarthy on the PASS list

    Kirk Cousins is 4-24 in his career against winning teams. I was a DeFilipo supporter but this year is clearly a huge knock on him. I can't imagine anyone hires him as head coach for 2019. Even if this isn't his fault the optics don't work. If we (god forbid) go with a defensive HC I could see him in the mix for OC though.
  14. UntouchableCrew

    Josh Rosen's best game

    It's too early to make any unequivocal judgements but Rosen has probably had the most disappointing overall season of the young QBs relative to expectations. Similar to Darnold and Allen though, he's in a tough spot.
  15. It's a concern but in today's NFL he's just not going to take that many big shots. It matters less now than it ever has.

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