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  1. It's nice that we are just signing these guys with none of this offset language drama. Just getting it done.
  2. Honestly, might seems weird but as I get older I care less about a Super Bowl. Just give me a competent, competitive team that makes this hobby worthwhile. Being a "die hard" of a team that goes 5-12 every year increasingly just feels like a poor use of time.
  3. Adding "LMAO!" and "LOL!" to the end of your sentences doesn't make your arguments stronger it just exudes insecurity and makes you completely insufferable, FYI.
  4. I have no idea what you’re talking about here. Outside of Chris Simms and a handful of Jets homers nobody on the planet thought anyone but Lawrence was QB1 and plenty of people myself included viewed Fields as a better option than Wilson — it wasn’t really until after the season that Wilson really started shooting up mocks as it became clear he was seen as the number two prospect. Fields has literally been the 1B to Lawrence’s 1A since they were in high school. So no, I don’t agree at all that Wilson was seen as a slam dunk generational prospect in the vein of Lawrence. I really don’t think that was a common narrative anywhere. I’m just taking exception to your assertion that Fields showed himself to be as advertised while Wilson did not — I have zero idea what I have in Fields if I’m the Bears. Like, he’s a big physical athlete with a strong arm, so yeah, I know I have that… But I have zero idea if he can play QB at this level. He couldn’t in 2021. Lawrence, Fields and Wilson all looked like huge busts as rookies and the 2021 QB class looks like a massive whiff so far. Lance can’t get on the field and noodle armed Mac was easily the best of the bunch with future journeyman Mills in 2nd. No other assessment of the situation is in touch with reality, IMO.
  5. Not the one I quoted... I mean, this just seems like subjective cherry picking. Zach Wilson had his two best games against Tom Brady and the defending champion Bucs and the number 1 seed Titans and I'm sure we could dig up some obscure "stats" that suggest he was better than he was. Wilson certainly displayed his arm talent so I guess he proved something there? Fields was 2-8 passing for 155 yards per game and had 7 TDs to 10 INTs. He's literally the only qualifying QB in the NFL with a worse QBR than Zach Wilson. This isn't even a pro Zach or anti Fields thing (I wanted Fields at 2) it's just intellectual honesty. By any measure Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Justin Fields all sucked as rookies. They were keeping Sam Darnold company in the absolute basement of all rankings. Trying to pretend Fields "proved" anything as a rookie that WIlson didn't is kind of a preposterous argument. He was absolutely terrible.
  6. Other than his athleticism what did Fields really verify? He too was awful last year.
  7. I've been saying this since the middle of last season. LaFleuer is the best OC we've had in 20 years.
  8. It's heavily weighted toward past performance early in the season. If it's used the same way as college FPI it won't be until like six weeks into the season that it no longer is factoring in 2021 performance into their numbers.
  9. I’m pretty sure preseason FPI (which is a statistical metric, not an opinion) is heavily skewed to past performance so this isn’t shocking.
  10. This is obviously an extremely negative take -- but the sentiment (that he's not an elite edge rushing prospect, that a lot of his production was against weaker competition, that he's better against the rush and is more of a high motor try hard than an athlete you have to deal with) is fairly consistent with the more negative views of him. The hope here is that because Saleh and the coaching staff saw him up close and literally coached him for a week and because clearly the braintrust is confident he's a perfect fit for what we do he'll click and be the "best version of himself" here. Seems like he gives a sh*t and is going to play his tail off which is rarely the sign of a "bust" even if he'll never be an elite edge rusher. Given that we got him at 26 instead of 4 or 10 I could theoretically live with that -- a 7-8 sack type guy who's great against the run and great for team culture.
  11. I think Breece Hall as OROY is easily the best value on there given it seems conceivable and +700 are decent long odds. It's not clear if any of the rookie QBs will start this year whereas Hall should be a Day 1 starter who gets fed a lot. If the Jets are halfway decent and he stays healthy he should have a solid statistical profile -- I think he's more of a "slam dunk" than any of the WRs.
  12. I don't think this will happen but this sort of thing is exactly why I think it's weird Douglas didn't go out and get a real veteran QB. If Wilson crapped the bed I wouldn't want Flacco and Mike White being the guys I was depending on to show everyone the progress the team has made.
  13. Who are these people? There were certainly a camp of believers but most were skeptical of the pick (IIRC) and it became clear it was a disaster very quickly.
  14. We're 27-70 since 2016. 6 consecutive losing seasons. I have no issue with anyone doubting us until we actually demonstrate tangible progress. Frankly, I'm a little surprised that so many in the mainstream media are as bullish on the Jets as they seem to be given what we saw from Wilson last year. If we were fans of the Bills, Dolphins, or Pats we'd certainly be moving forward with the assumption that "Wilson is a bust, the Jets still suck" and counting both Jets games as "W" when reviewing the schedule. No time better to prove everyone wrong that right now, however.
  15. When I say 2022 is all about Zach what I mean by that is 1) I think the rest of the team is ready to win some games and 2) I'm pretty confident we're rolling with Zach and the outcome of this season (in Ws and Ls) will be determined by his play. But I agree -- in fact, if I'm Saleh and/or Douglas I want a capable veteran on this roster ready to step in if Wilson sucks. You don't want your progress undermined just because you whiffed on a QB. Frankly, if Wilson sucks but the rest of the team is looking good and trending in the right direction I'd be fine letting them pick another one, which I know is not a popular opinion.
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