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  1. Good news. Better to just hold him out until the Cardinals game though.
  2. I mean that total non-competitiveness is all about Gase, IMO. I've seen well coached, young, scrappy teams everyone thought would suck go out and win games. Look at the Panthers. Everyone though they'd be terrible, have the worst defense in the league. Went on the road and beat the Chargers yesterday. That's exactly the kind of impact a good coach can have right away. The biggest year to year shift you see is always based on coaching, culture and scheme and not on talent.
  3. Thanks for starting this thread. We needed you to come in here and change the culture on JN.
  4. They have two games against the Redskins and Eagles, and came down to the last play against the Bears who are 3-0. They're "run of the mill" 4-12, 5-11 "Todd Bowles" bad. They cannot compete with our ineptitude. Our real competition -- are the Broncos and Redskins, IMO. Follow the dreadful QB play.
  5. I mean, based on Mort's report and what happened yesterday this isn't surprising at all. Gase is getting fired Friday morning.
  6. I wanted to see a competitive team. I wanted to see signs of progress that indicated it's getting better, and that Sam Darnold was our franchise QB. The exact opposite is true. This team is embarrassingly, laughably bad. They don't belong on the same field as the majority of the competition. They get blown off the field every single week in completely non-competitive fashion and Sam Darnold looks terrible. But it's shocking that fans are upset? I still have faith in Joe Douglas, but clearly this is not the way he wanted the season to go either.
  7. I'll be the first to admit we miss him more than I thought we would. I'd still make the trade 10 out of 10 times.
  8. Pretty much this. I never actively root for them to lose once we kickoff but winning this game is absolutely to the detriment of the team. Really, the biggest concern with going 1-15 at this point is infecting the young players/draft picks etc. with the negative, losing culture. It's almost better most of them aren't playing.
  9. Well.... We'd be hiring him to coach in the NFL, so....
  10. I like Greg Roman but I'd be okay with a big picture CEO type guy. Dave Toub is on the radar.
  11. Because it makes more sense to do it when we have a mini-bye after this Thursday game. The writing is on the wall. Gase will be fired Friday morning.
  12. Honestly, this is the bigger concern to me. Overall the offensive line is better than last year across the board -- he wasn't going to fix it in one off-season. The fact that basically every move he's made at WR or CB hasn't worked out is more troubling.
  13. I think the Jets screwed him up. He was a flawed prospect for sure but he definitely strikes me as the kind of guy who could have flourished in the right environment. This was the exact wrong environment. I genuinely don't think there are many young quarterbacks who could have been successful on this team the last three years. As far as if he's salvageable? Not here. I could see him going to a good organization with a good culture and talented pieces and starting fresh and playing pretty well. I have a really hard time seeing him turn into a star QB on the Jets.
  14. What makes you think Sanchez doesn't throw those? Sanchez made idiotic boneheaded turnovers all the time. Guy was literally a turnover machine the entire time he was here. I get that the fact that we were winning is coloring people's perceptions but the idea that Darnold makes bad turnovers unlike Sanchez is preposterous. Sanchez was the turnover king.
  15. He'll go to the Steelers, or the 9ers and turn his career around. But it doesn't change the fact that it's over here.

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