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  1. If we're going to turn this around we're going to do it by Joe Douglas drafting good players, which means we want to get him as many draft picks as possible to work with. If we can get a third or better this is a no brainer.
  2. Sadly enough he's been our best d-lineman this year. Also glad we're keeping him.
  3. I do too. Lamb is a stud. He can do it all at the next level.
  4. 4-12. I think we win three games in the “easy” stretch of Dolphins x2, Giants, Redskins, Raiders, and Bengals and steal a game against one of the good teams on the schedule.
  5. With the exception of the Pats game the defense has generally played well enough for us to win every game. The offense just isn't doing anything. The real key for us to have a punchers chance is just the offense moving the ball, scoring points, and looking like a real NFL offense. We're the inferior team but if we are remotely competent on offense we obviously have a chance. Any given Sunday and all that.
  6. No Saquon, no Engram, no Shepherd. This is going to be a bloodbath.
  7. Agree. There isn't much for him to say. He could do the GM speak stuff "we evaluate every position every week" and "we're going to get it right" but the reality is he inherited this situation. What's he going to do? Take blame for a roster he didn't build? Trash Maccagnan? Bury Gase? After the season is over he can give more candid thoughts and offer a plan for the future. But Week 5? Not much to talk about.
  8. Playoffs are a pipe dream. I just want to see a competitive game where we don't embarrass ourselves. This is the 4:25 Jim Nantz/Tony Romo national game. I want to see us score at least two offensive touchdowns and not look like a clown operation.
  9. I've thought long and hard about whether to force any of my loser franchises on my kids. It would be easier if I had left NY (grow up outside Chicago? Root for the Bears!) but I'm still in NY and would have a hard time with a kid who liked the Giants. So should I ruin his/her sports life to spare my own annoyance? Time will tell.
  10. I don't think you realize how bad of a job the Redskins job is. Like, the Jets job is a "bad" job by NFL standards. I would guess 99.9% of coaching candidates would choose the Jets over the Redskins. It's the worst job in the NFL by a comfortable margin. Bengals is the only other one in the conversation.
  11. Good fit for who? Imagine choosing to go from the Steelers to the Redskins. It's like going from Harvard to community college.
  12. Not kidding when I say it will be 60% of the fans or more. It makes for an unbearable viewing experience... This might be the first time in 20+ years I don't make it to a game.
  13. Outside of maybe a small handful of superstars the idea that NFL players are going to not play hard because they don't like the coach is absurd. 90% of these guys are essentially playing year to year for their jobs. Do you know what happens to NFL players who look like they aren't trying hard? They become ex-NFL players very quickly.

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