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  1. The nature of football just does not lend itself to an exhibition all star game. Doesn't really work.
  2. I think what you're saying makes sense in a vacuum -- I just think that years of Maccagnan's neglect left us barren of talent and the "we need to save/salvage Darnold" narrative made taking a QB seem like a real head scratcher at the time. It's still a terrible pick but given the way things played out it's probably less bad in hindsight. Agree the Perine pick was probably worse in that RB is a much easier position to scout/evaluate and he had very little upside at the time.
  3. Cincy just played a soft underneath zone and waited for him to implode -- but he didn't. He made all the short, easy throws the system asked him to and the offense cruised against a defense that failed to adjust. The real question is why couldn't Zach Wilson make those throws during 90% of the season.
  4. Took the full two months of paternity leave when my son was born. Nobody will ever convince me that's not the right thing to do.
  5. Seemed fairly obvious if you read between the lines, but tragic nonetheless.
  6. Pats are 8-9 at home the last two seasons. Didn't post a winning record at Foxboro for two straight years. Again, Brady is gone and so is their unbeatable aura. They're just another team. This is about the Jets. We get swept every year because we suck. It's time to not suck anymore.
  7. I mean, I don't own the team so I'm not making any ultimatums. But expectations should be high. I had low expectations in 2020. I had pretty low expectations in 2021. This is year three. It's time to start winning games. The Patriots are very much "just another team" in 2022 and if we go 0-6 in the division again that's a huge problem, IMHO.
  8. I was exceptionally jealous of the Bills just annihilating them in humiliating fashion in the playoffs last year in front of a raucous home crowd. That's been a fantasy of mine for a long time.
  9. I agree but they aren't a team we should be completely overmatched against. Having an offense with that little skill talent score 50+ against us last year was disgraceful. Jonnu Smuth was a non-factor for them last year. Agree with all of that -- specifically that BB always wants to turn the screws to us even when we suck. I just don't think that's an excuse. Talent wise I don't think we're far apart from them at all -- I almost think we're better. If they kick our ass x2 again it's a huge indictment of Saleh and Wilson.
  10. Historically, you're right. But as you mentioned we're starting to trend in the other direction. I don't know if we need to go "all in" on a Stafford type as much as just get a Tannehill type who can play and will give us baseline competency.
  11. I think it's the exact opposite. The team has dramatically improved it's overall talent is is trending in the right direction. No reason to re-start anything. If Wilson busts you write him off as a whiff and acquire a capable veteran. The window for this team to win is 2023-24.
  12. They're a well coached team that is always prepared, has a great game plan, and won't beat themselves. They're ready to pounce if you want to beat yourself, the way Zach Wilson did Week 2 last year. But they're just not that talented of a team. Brady is gone. They're not "special" anymore. Getting swept by them yet again just isn't acceptable.
  13. He certainly seems to be committed to getting better. Hopefully it takes.
  14. It's nice that we are just signing these guys with none of this offset language drama. Just getting it done.
  15. Honestly, might seems weird but as I get older I care less about a Super Bowl. Just give me a competent, competitive team that makes this hobby worthwhile. Being a "die hard" of a team that goes 5-12 every year increasingly just feels like a poor use of time.
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