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  1. Agreed. …although I find it interesting you’d say “to go a step further” because this makes it more palatable to me.
  2. Why would you need a "mentor" at WR? If you can't play special teams you have no business as WR 5/6.
  3. Not a fan of the trade. I think Moore is good and wanted to see what he'd do with Rodgers... And Moore and a third for a second feels like poor value.
  4. Not a bad move. He'll be a return man and get some gadget plays and screens drawn up for him.
  5. You don't own a franchise, you're just a guy who incessantly complains about everything on a message board. So I think we're all set here.
  6. I don't think there's any chance that happens but if it does I think you have to take him. JC and QW are interior foundations of a team that offenses just can't block.
  7. If they take a OT at 13 I think the expectation would be that they play. Brown is the insurance -- if the rookie and Becton look good and are healthy they're the starters.
  8. From that list give me Josh Johnson.
  9. This is just speculation because Green Bay has a need at Edge. Not gonna happen.
  10. Jets/Chiefs feels like it has a chance to be Sunday Night Football -- our first since 2011 -- given that it's the first ever matchup between Rodgers and Mahomes. Jets Cowboys has a good shot. But could easily be a 4:25 national game or even a Thanksgiving contender. Jets Bills and Jets Dolphins both have potential especially for MNF. But yeah, assuming the Rodgers trade goes through I think we're a lock to end the SNF streak and I'd anticipate 4-5 primetime games.
  11. I think there was a Plan B. They met with Carr for a reason, etc. But clearly they became confident they were going to get Rodgers. It strikes me as extremely unlikely he doesn’t end up a Jet at this point — the only way I see that happening is if someone unforeseen suddenly expresses interest in trading for him. Folks keep pointing out all the other options for the Jets have dried up — but so have all the other landing spots for Rodgers.
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