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  1. MO Wilkerson deactivated for Saints game

    I think this is spot on.
  2. Washington Redhawks

    That's always been my thought too. Rolls off the tongue and you can keep the logos. I think they'd be hesitant because you'd lose the "Hail to the Redskins" song and whatnot, but I think it's better than Redhawks or Redtails personally.
  3. Kirk Cousins is trash

    I'm confused -- am I ripping off Daniel Jeremiah or Jim Mora? Are there any other analysts that see the obvious comparison for me to rip off? Maybe Todd McShay could mention the similarities and I can copy him too. But you're right, any consensus is clearly an example of mass plagiarism of the first person to see. That makes perfect sense.
  4. Kirk Cousins is trash

    If only we all could make crappy, inaccurate comparisons that are original (since, you know, nobody agrees with them because they're bad.)
  5. Kirk Cousins is trash

    What an obnoxious post. Since I didn't even know Jim Mora said it, maybe it's just multiple people drawing the same conclusion because... You know, it's obvious? Darnold is a gun slinger and a risk taker. He goes for the big play. Moves well outside the pocket but keeps is eyes downfield. He's a lot like Romo in terms of his physical talent and playing style... The comparison is obvious.
  6. Head Coaching Candidates

    I call it like I see it. This years team is clearly a better, more competitive team than last years. I'd have no problem dumping Bowles (I don't think he's the answer) but clearly the team is better than last year. You'd have to be totally delusional not to think so, even if the only reason was McCown's shockingly competent play.
  7. Head Coaching Candidates

    I would say so. Last year the Jets had 7 double digit losses, so far this year we only have 2... Record may be the same but last years team was a pathetic sad sack that had no business being on an NFL field for half their games. Anyone who watches the games would have to agree this years team was clearly better...
  8. Head Coaching Candidates

    I'm pretty confident Bowles will be back.
  9. Zero problem doubling down on QB. It's the most important position and it should be the most aggressively addressed.
  10. Kirk Cousins is trash

    They're not going to franchise tag him. They'd have to pay him $34 million.
  11. Kirk Cousins is trash

    If Darnold reminds me of anyone it's Romo, not Cousins.
  12. Baker Mayfield

    Mac's history of QB evaluation shows he values "traits" and "physical tools" over actually being good at playing football. Josh Allen is our guy.
  13. Baker Mayfield

    If we really want to draft Mayfield we need to fire Macagnan. Look at his history of QB evaluation and you know he's never going to pick Mayfield.
  14. I thought four wins was in the cards, and I definitely thought the "NFL insiders" who claimed we had the "worst roster in 20 years of evaluation" were buffoons. But based on my own judgments the team has performed better than I ever expected, especially on offense. As bad as this team has looked in some games (Raiders, Broncos, Bucs) the reality is we're still a couple of blown 4th quarter leads from being a playoff team which is pretty crazy given the lack of name talent on the roster. I think Morton deserves a lot of credit. He has a patchwork offensive line, no name skill guys and a QB that was, what, 2-18 in his last 20 starts before coming here? Admittedly the standards for offense are low around here because we've probably only had a "good" offense for 2 of the last 20+ years, but this years O was honestly pretty entertaining.
  15. The question wasn't "why did the Jets suck and lose yesterday." It was "why have they overachieved relative to expectations this season." Clearly the offense this year has been far better than anyone anticipated and Josh McCown, a veteran journeyman with a horrible record as a starter, has played well under Morton. This team has a TON of problems, Morton doesn't appear to be one of them.