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  1. UntouchableCrew

    Bridgewater trade-market; DEN

    Only trade him out of conference? Get real guys. He's a one year rental virtually assured to be off the roster in 2019. We will (and should) flip him to anyone who offers a tangible asset.
  2. UntouchableCrew

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    Oh, you mean Jets fans are frequently dumb and wrong? Who knew. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. UntouchableCrew

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    He’s literally the best player on the team. Let’s get rid of him.
  4. So basically the Redskins kicked our ass up and down the field? That’s not encouraging. I wonder how the preseason game goes on Thursday. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. Mayfield looked fantastic. Darnold looked good but Mayfield looked like he hasn’t missed a beat since college.
  6. I mean people who are being honest recognize that the Jets have basically leaked "Darnold is the Week 1 Starter" and "Teddy Bridgewater is on the block" within the last few days. There is no question what they want to do.
  7. UntouchableCrew

    Darnold #1 after pro day

  8. Not to mention Patrick Willis, Marshawn Lynch and Revis a few picks later. 2007 Draft is among the best ever.
  9. UntouchableCrew

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    It actually took me a really long time to realize @TeddEY was EY from JI.
  10. This is what I'm beginning to think. If Darnold is as advertisted they aren't paying a third string QB $6 million. They'll move him for whatever then can get and cut him if they can't get anything.
  11. UntouchableCrew

    Who would you rather - for sh*ts and giggles?

    I was playing this game recently, and the list of QBs I'd take over Sam is pretty short. Most of them are too old, not good enough or have injury issues -- and let's be real, the allure of "our guy" the 21 year old mystery box with lots of upside is hard to pass up. The real question is, how long is Rodgers going to play because he's the only slam dunk obvious HoF guy who's still in his prime. I think if you make the move that's the guy and you hope you can win a Super Bowl in the next 6 years. Wentz and Watson are two other appealing options but both are coming off ACL tears... And lets be real, it's hard to know how good a guy is off a small sample size. Dak Prescott looked All World as a rookie then Zeke got suspended and he completely fell apart. Andrew Luck's shoulder is terrifying.
  12. UntouchableCrew

    Jets Training Camp - 8/8

    Because Tebow's jumping TD throw was an iconic play.... And because he wants to troll Jets fans a little bit.
  13. He had 7 last year with Petty playing the final quarter of the season. I think Robbie could do it. Agreed that having two guys hit that mark is a pipe dream.
  14. Anderson almost certainly. If there's anyone Pryor is fighting with for time (which one can stay healthy?) it's Enunwa, IMO. Anderson and Kearse are definitely going to be two of our top three.