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  1. Interesting not to have Lee or Adams on the list. Were you expecting them to be really good? I was very high on Adams but I'd say Lee has been the player that has most exceeded my expectations.
  2. UntouchableCrew

    Kirk Cousins

    Would it be nice to kick his @$$? No doubt about it... But thank the good lord he didn't sign here. Thrilled to have Darnold over him.
  3. Did anyone actually make that claim? I certainly don't remember it that way.
  4. UntouchableCrew

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    I generally agree, I see them as 4-12. My guess is they don't have a shot at THE top QB but you never know. I like Herbert, personally. Haven't seen Finley play much, don't really like Grier or Lock.
  5. UntouchableCrew

    The difference between winning and losing

    You're confusing correlation and causation. We ran the ball way more in the Lions and Broncos games because we were blowing them out. We didn't blow them out because we ran the ball more.
  6. UntouchableCrew

    The difference between winning and losing

    This, pretty much. It's not about an unwillingness to run the ball. The Jets have tried to run the ball in all five games this year -- in the ones where they were successful they continued to do so. In the ones where they fell behind big, they didn't as much. If anything, creating big plays in the passing game then opens up the run game because defenders have to respect the deep pass -- that was one of the biggest differences against the Broncos. The deep Robby bomb made them respect the vertical game.
  7. UntouchableCrew

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    I think you're being too harsh. They probably should have beaten the Panthers last week barring some bad calls by the refs and a 63 yard field goal. I think they end up 4-12 at worst.
  8. UntouchableCrew

    Grade the Starting Offensive Linemen So Far

    It's hard to know given the inconsistency week to week but I gave Beachum and Carpenter Cs and gave Bs to Long, Winters and Shell. Quietly the right side of the o-line has been pretty solid.
  9. UntouchableCrew

    Is Sunday a White out?

    I mean it has nothing to do with students. Most fans of schools like Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State didn't go to the schools, man. They're just people from those states, and they typically travel extremely well, much better than any NFL fanbase. I'm really not even sure what we're arguing at this point.
  10. Definitely a positive sign. You can't teach clutch, you can't teach big playmaking ability under pressure. You can teach better accuracy/efficiency on early downs.
  11. UntouchableCrew

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    I honestly wish they were a little better -- I don't want them drafting in the top three and having a shot at Herbert. Would definitely prefer they go 5-11 and wander in the QB wilderness for a decade.
  12. UntouchableCrew

    Is Sunday a White out?

    Do you think that 1) the majority of fans filling up 100k stadiums in college are actually students or that 2) the majority of Broncos/Dolphins fans at MetLife actually traveled from Colorado/South Florida? Because neither is true.
  13. UntouchableCrew

    Is Sunday a White out?

    I don't see how that's relevant. There are simply more passionate PSU fans in central PA than there are Jets fans in the NYC metro area.
  14. UntouchableCrew

    colts ruined luck

    This is actually a pretty good indictment of the Colts. Imagine losing to Chad Pennington and Herm Edwards 41-0? (I was at that game and it was SICK)
  15. UntouchableCrew

    What Games are the Jets Supposed to Win?

    Games in which we are favored. So, home games against bad teams.

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