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  1. He's 27th after the Ravens game (out of 33 qualifiers.) Baker Mayfied is actually 33rd, so maybe heaping praise on him for beating the Ravens is a little out of context too.
  2. Adams, clearly. He'll win the actual award in a landslide, easily the best player on the team.
  3. In terms of athleticism and college passing performance there's never been anyone like him in the history of the game. So I dunno if there's a "next" Lamar Jackson. Honestly Kyler Murray was probably the closest thing in the last few years.
  4. If you remove the MNF debacle he's 223 of 347 (64% completion) for 2556 yards. That's 7.4 YPA with 17 TDs and 8 INTs. Passer ratings of 93.05. That jumps him from 27th to 17th in Passer Rating, roughly league average just ahead of Carson Wentz and just below Matt Ryan. Of course, if you dropped everyone's worst game that's no longer true, I'm sure those guys leap up, although I do think Sam's worst game (one of the worst games I've ever seen a QB play) is more of an outlier than the worst game for most guys.
  5. Yeah, I thought Bowles only signed the one year extension, so I guess they'd be paying three coaches and two GMs in 2020. Absurd that guys literally get extensions just to avoid the "lame duck" designation.
  6. When people act like Darnold is a bust or the problem with this team I really wonder if they're watching the same games I am. Put this kid on a good team he's making Pro Bowls. The problem isn't Darnold. The problem is the Jets.
  7. Honestly, Shepherd, Austin, and Fatukasi have all been playing well. Mac was a terrible GM but he had SOME good picks. Nothing wrong with acknowledging that.
  8. 1) Gase had enough power/influence that he was able to get the GM fired after running the entire offseason. Guys with pull like that don't usually get axed after one year. 2) The Johnsons are cheap. They don't want to spend the next three years paying two head coaches.
  9. Yeah, let's trade a top ten pick for an overrated team cancer who has blasted his way out of town on two bad teams.
  10. The fact that the Gase hire has been a total disaster is the big problem. Theoretically there are other things to be optimistic about.
  11. Bell's greatest strength is his patience and vision. That, coupled with his elusiveness and physicality, make him really tough to deal with in the running game. Patience and vision don't mean anything when your offensive line sucks. The cold truth is Powell has been more effective as a runner because he makes one cut and hits the hole hard. That's what you need to do when the line sucks. Make a quick decision and run as hard as you can to get up field before things close up or the defense reacts. Combine that with Gase not being creative about how to use him, and we are where we are. On a team with a good offensive line and a smart OC (like, you know, the Steelers) Bell is a dominant player. But we have neither so he's a total non-factor.
  12. The "we should bring Rex back" stuff is ludicrous but this is a little unfair to Rex. Look at the 2008 defense and then look at the 2009 defense. Revis, Harris, Jenkins, Ellis, etc. were all already here. We went from mediocre to dominant because of Rex.
  13. I have a really hard time imagining us beating the Ravens or Bills. The Ravens are the best team in the NFL. In their last six games they've beaten the Seahawks, Patriots, Texans and Rams by double digits and beaten the 11-2 49ers and just beat the Bills on the road. Short week on a Thursday night on the road, that feels like a massacre. If we lose by less than 21 I'll be shocked. I expect the Bills game to be a worse version of the season opening Bills loss where our defense keeps the game halfway competitive but we have a hard time getting a first down. We have an outside shot against the Steeers... But I wouldn't bet on that one either.
  14. The bold is also true for me. Normally I would have gone to the Jets/Bills opener this year but I couldn't because I was traveling back from a wedding (who gets married during football season, btw?) Anyway, Darnold gets mono and by the time there's another home game worth going to the season is literally over already.

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