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  1. This 100%. Only way we see Zach again this year is if White struggles and we fall out of the playoff race.
  2. We’re a much better matchup for a team like this (poor defense, good offense) than the reverse.
  3. What’s funny is he spends his job trying to provoke these types of reactions from Zach Wilson.
  4. Not that we can’t win but it’s interesting how many folks are assuming we beat the Vikings. They’re 9-2. 4-2 guarantees playoffs, 3-3 might be a coin flip. 2-4 we’re out. Obviously we need to win both remaining home games. Then you need to steal 2 of the remaining 4. I think it’s a tall ask to sweep the Bills or Dolphins. This weekend is a big one… Seattle is a tough place to play for east coast teams.
  5. People are allowed to have faith. That said I think the sample size is large enough of god-awful play that suggesting Zach Wilson will ever be anything resembling a difference maker is a pipe dream. It strikes me as highly unlikely he even carves out a role as a backup, TBH.
  6. Agree to disagree. Despite what they're saying publicly this feels like the beginning of the end of the Zach era to me. He'll be on the roster next year but there will be a starting caliber QB brought into fight him and likely win the job -- the question is just whether or not they essentially move on from Zach by going to the top of the market or keep him in a real competition in the middle of the market.
  7. It would be a homerun hire but Reich is well thought of. I don’t see him taking a role as a QB coach.
  8. Drafting QBs isn’t easy. He bet on talent and it didn’t work out.
  9. What Moore did remains completely unacceptable and unprofessional. Clearly the WR room collectively is frustrated with the passing game — only Moore acted like he did.
  10. I think you’re underestimating the fact that their jobs could easily be on the line in 2023. They’d be morons to bet on Zach Wilson with everything on the line. They’ll do whatever they need to to ensure the highest probability of success.
  11. Wasn’t that the plan this past offseason?
  12. He was a project coming out, and was dreadful as a rookie including long stretches where he couldn’t complete simple passes. Year 2 not only has he not made a leap he’s worse than ever. There’s no reason at all to think he’s going to be good other than blind faith. He’s worse than Darnold, Geno and Sanchez pretty clearly.
  13. Sports media isn’t a dying industry lol. These guys don’t work for local newspapers. Cimini works for espn.
  14. I would bench him. They will not. How short of a leash he has will be interesting though. Saleh can’t afford to lose the locker room over Zach.
  15. I mean, it is a given Fields will “outshine” Zach. Even if Fields has a poor passing day he’s a highlight machine. Zach is garbage. The question is can the Jets beat the Bears despite him. With the Vikings and Bills up next a loss means the season is over.
  16. This, 100%. Obviously LaFleur didn’t have a banner day but the QB can’t play. He is unplayable.
  17. I think you’re confusing personal “hatred” with “they know he sucks and the fact that he sucks is impacting their careers.”
  18. Pushing the ball aggressively, getting first downs and turning it over would be better than this. Non-competitive, three and out football where we can’t rush for positive yardage or complete a pass.
  19. I was thinking that. It’s hard not to say he’s actually worse than Sanchez, Geno, and Darnold. Not sure if Hackenberg counts but Zach’s performance today is pretty much what we thought would happen if Hack went out here. Just pathetic, non-competitive football.
  20. Absolutely not. Bring in a veteran. Garappolo, Tannehill, Minshew. Someone who may have a limited ceiling but can play.
  21. Herbig has been a clutch addition after all the injuries. A pleasant surprise.
  22. I agree. The 2015 Patriots win felt big at the time but given we choked the following week and did it with older/patchwork veterans that wouldn’t last it feels pretty meh in hindsight. This is our best team since 2010 and a win over a legitimate Super Bowl contender.
  23. Zach was an efficient game manager overall. He played well enough to win. That said, as has been the case pretty much all season, this team is at their best when his role is minimized.
  24. One of the nice things about this win is that when you win a big game against a top opponent (that’s being seen in many markets) people notice. I had like 5+ people (former college buddies, cousins, old work pals) text me about the win. Honestly might be the biggest win this team has had since 2010.
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