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  1. Packers were mauled when they played 9ers in the regular season. Mismatch in the trenches. I think there's a better chance of an upset in the AFC Title Game than the NFC.
  2. Clemson's defense has been really impressive so far. Flying around making plays left and right.
  3. Why are we acting like talking to Joe Beningo is part of a "custom" that shouldn't be broken? The guy is an embarrassing goof.
  4. 1. Mahomes 2. Wilson 3. Rodgers 4. Watson 5. Jackson 6. Cousins 7. Garapolo 8. Tannehill
  5. Like 2/3 of the Bills starters are FAs, so their cap space is even more deceptive than ours. That said, definitely agree with the sentiment that signing FAs is not the best way to improve this team and we should focus on the draft. Having cap space as a bad team only matters when you offer dumb contracts like the CJ Mosley deal -- stupid money.
  6. Do you actually think that the head coaching population should directly mirror the demographics of the players? If so, why?
  7. Cowboys have tons of standing room so they end up with "attendance" way higher.
  8. 1) I have a genuinely hard time buying that 78k figure having been to many home games in the last few years. 2) We have the 2nd biggest stadium. It's not like some of these other teams don't have more demand.
  9. Under. The team should be better but the schedule goes from cake to brutal. Three west coast trips and the NFC and AFC West (9ers, Seahawks, Rams, Chiefs, Chargers.) The historically low level of travel for 2019 isn't talked about enough.
  10. Honestly, the only guy on that list that was an obvious mistake/whiff was Deshaun Watson. He should have been the pick at 6 in 2017. It was a need, he was a proven stud with ice water in his veins and we should have taken him. (You could argue Mahomes here too, but the guy from Texas Tech with gaudy stats was the less sure thing.) Wilson and Jackson were far from sure things (which is why they went so late) and Garapolo and Cousins aren't even that good.
  11. I agree that the reactionary announcement of the hiring makes them look weak. That said, Tepper went balls to the wall for the Giants first choice. Seriously, I like Rhule but giving a rookie HC with one year of NFL experience as an assistant OL coach a 7 year $60 million deal is bonkers. Tepper made him an offer he couldn't refuse and an offer the Giants wouldn't match. Frankly, keeping Gettleman feels a lot like the Jets keeping Rex in 2013. The best and brightest didn't want to be saddled with the guy, so we ended up with Idzik and the Giants ended up with a special teams coach from the Pats.
  12. Strange to hire such a young CEO type with such little experience. Coordinator hires will be huge.
  13. I mean, if this happens every Jets fan should be jumping for joy. The Pats letting Belichick go to the Giants in order to have 1 or 2 more years of a washed 43 year old Brady would be insanely stupid.
  14. Could easily see it being all three but for now I'd bet Brady and McDaniels are gone and Belichick keeps ticking.
  15. I would definitely prefer Metcalf to Robby (obviously) but I think you'd be surprised at the production Robby would have with Russell Wilson as his QB. Robby has only plateaued because he plays for the team with the 32nd ranked offense.
  16. I mean, it depends on the position. There's lots of evidence out there that it's a very significant measure for pass-rushers. Pretty much every good pass rusher since the combine has existed as had a good three cone and guys with exceptional three cones are almost always good pass rushers.
  17. I like this mock. I wouldn't trade Adams but if I did I would be very happy if the first two rounds played out like that.
  18. I mean, the guy holds every passing record ever and has one ring. A few bad defenses aside, he's not exactly clutch.
  19. I'm talking about beating the Pats. The Titans scored 14 points on Saturday. They didn't win because they dominated in the trenches (even though Henry had a huge day.) They didn't win because they limited New England possessions (Pats had one fewer possession than usual.) They won because they stifled Brady and held the Pats offense to 13 points. When the Jets beat the Pats in Foxboro they held them to 14 until garbage time. Giants held the Pats to 14 and like 19 in the Super Bowls. Ravens held them to 14 in 2009 Wild Card and 13 in 2012 AFC Title Game. To beat the Pats you need to stop Brady.
  20. I mean, in this scenario you're just swapping out "ground and pound" for generally ineffective offense that doesn't score much."
  21. Probably try to trade back because under that scenario Herbert is likely still on the board.
  22. The key to beating New England historically has been a stifling defense beating Brady. It's how the Giants did it, how the Ravens did, how the Broncos did it, how we did it, etc. The only team to really "outscore them" in a big playoff game was Philly.
  23. Generally speaking spending big money in FA is always a mistake. Big UFA contracts rarely work out. I'd still be willing to sign an OL though. We just desperately need to upgrade that position -- we should be targeting upgrades in the draft and in UFA.

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