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  1. Rex. Rex obviously wasn't a good "offensive" coach, but at a minimum he had an offensive identity. He wanted a great offensive line and he wanted to run the football. It meshed well with wanting an elite defense. What is the Jets identity on offense, or defense right now?
  2. The fact that we went from 1-15 to 12-4 in the AFC Title game in two years is truly remarkable, even if Parcells did make some critical personnel moves that hurt us after he left.
  3. The Colts are 1st in the NFL giving up 205 yards per game. They held Kirk Cousins to 11 of 26 for 113 yards. 0 TDs, 3 INTs. They are going to massacre us. 38-7 Colts.
  4. It reminds me a lot of Idzik. Two years in things were terrible but what really sealed his fate was that fan revolt and that terrible mid-season presser. I'd still bet he survives the season but there's no way Gase can be back in 2021.
  5. I've thought about this too. I simply cannot imagine the coaches (and Jordan Palmer, and anyone who advises him about football) don't look at his tape and tell him to set his feet. He's never set, and half the time he's like throwing a fade off his back foot. He just has awful tendencies. And I kind think he's just dopey and undisciplined. Gase is clearly a problem but this kinda reeks of a guy who has bad instincts and falls into them when things are going poorly.
  6. I said 3-13. My guess is they beat the Broncos and Dolphins at home and steal one more in a shocker upset. Darnold finishes with 3250 yards or so. Gase is fired after the season. Jets don't make a move at WR unti after the season. I said Mims makes the most impact but that could be wishful thinking. Mann is the safer pick. Williams finishes with 8 sacks.
  7. My buddy (Giants fan) just admitted he was jealous and wishes the Giants had taken Becton over Thomas. Small things to be positive about.
  8. This is mainly just because Florio liked us more than most entering the year. He had us at 24th (I think) and picked us to beat the Bills. We'll get to the bottom soon enough.
  9. We'll find out a lot about this team the next two weeks. If we get our asses kicked in Indy and lose to the Broncos to go 0-4 the race to number one is very much on -- with Arizona (2-0), Chargers (1-1), Buffalo (2-0), Kansas City (2-0) and New England (1-1) on the schedule after that 0-9 feels very possibe.
  10. I agree, it was a joke. But clearly Adam Gase is not conducive to a "good culture" in more ways than one.
  11. Last season Jets games often became a game of "how far into the game do I make it until i exclusively watch Redzone." Haven't seen much of the 4th quarter the last two weeks.
  12. I definitely don't think "weak minded" would be the way to describe it. I think of "weak minded" being someone who shies from a challenge and takes the easy way out. Being a Jets fan definitely isn't "easy."
  13. He looked good in pass protection and mauled in the run game, multiple pancakes. It's early but he looks like he's on his way to being a perennial Pro Bowler. Probably the best player and most valuable asset on the team, two games in, IMO.
  14. It seems Douglas' plan to create "the best culture in sports" is well on its way.
  15. We're not debating resumes. We're saying how good we subjectively think they are. If Adam Gase went to the Super Bowl because his DC Sean McDermott had an elite defense with an MVP edge rusher despite never having a good offense, and then as soon as McDermott went to Buffalo the team collapsed while McDermott thrived in his new environment I'd feel like Gase was pretty similar to Quinn. Quinn will always be able to claim he took a team to the Super Bowl, but everyone knows Kyle Shanahan and Matt Ryan got them there.
  16. I think some fans are a little misguided about the Jets chances to land Jim Harbaugh. Why on earth would he ever even consider coaching the Jets?
  17. Rex won four playoff games his first two years. Bowles, at least, had a winning record his first year. It's all about what they can sell the fanbase. They dumped Mangini after only 3 because they needed to sell PSLs. They dumped Idzik after 2 because the fans revolted. If this season continues the way it's going now they'll dump Gase over the fan revolt. They care about that sort of stuff even if they are cheap.
  18. So you have no doubt that Jackson would have been successful on any team? You don't think going to the Ravens has been a big part of his success?
  19. The Jets were a horrible team with one of the worst rosters in the league. Mike Maccagnan and John Idzik (and for that matter, Rex era Tannenbaum) had drafted poorly for 10+ years. Joe Douglas wouldn't come here at first because he knew the team was in really, really bad shape. We "godfathered" him with a massive 6 year offer that would guarantee he had the long term security and flexibility to do things his way. The first step was to move on from bad deals of yesteryear. He moved Leonard Williams for a 3rd and a 5th. He moved malcontent Adams for two firsts and a third. He dumped Trumaine Johnson and the albatross of Quincy Enunwa. He acquired picks and started to build the team through the draft -- which doesn't happen overnight, hence the 6 year deal. Because of Covid uncertainty he was frugal in FA giving out only short term deals. Depending on the cap next year he wanted a lot of flexibility. The overall strategy makes sense. Jets fans don't like it because they're sick of losing -- but Joe Douglas isn't responsible for the fact that we haven't made the playoffs in ten years and doesn't have to answer for that. The only real questions with regards to Douglas (at this point, anyway) are this: 1) What does he think about Adam Gase? This guy is his friend and helped him get the job. Does he actually think he's a good coach? Does he actually want to tie himself at the hip with this guy? He had to know that a down year would lead to pitchforks for a guy the fanbase already didn't like. 2) What does he really think of Darnold? He had to know this was a sink or swim year for Darnold, and he obviously went the slow build/bargain route in terms of adding pieces to the offense. Thus far I'm still high on Douglas even though the team is worse than I thought this year. It will be very interesting how this plays out though. If we bottom out and Gase and Darnold are replaced you'd have to wonder if it was by design -- it would certainly be the best opportunity for Douglas to build the team in his image.
  20. I think he's probably the worst coach on that list but I clicked Bill O'Brien, Matt Patricia, and Dan Quinn as three guys who clearly stink and haven't done anything to improve the side of the ball they're supposed to specialize in. I'd feel equally hopeless with any of them at the helm.
  21. I think there's definitely some truth to this -- specifically that being a good coordinator (in particular being a good play caller) doesn't mean you'll be a good head coach. That doesn't mean you disqualify great coordinators. The reality us none of us fans know what kind of personality these guys have. We don't know what it's like to be in the room with them. We don't know if they're natural leaders. We just know 1) what their track record is and 2) what we read about their reputation. Beyond that we need to hope that Douglas and (gulp) the Johnsons make good calls on that stuff. That said Greg Roman has an impressive track record, IMO. He's taken guys like Kaepernick and Tyrod Taylor and gotten more out of them than anyone else has. He's taken an elite, raw talent like Lamar Jackson and taylored the offense to his strengths and the kid is an MVP already. He has been around successful, winning coaches like both Harbaugh brothers. If he has no personality and isn't a natural leader, sure, don't hire him. But in a league that is more and more taylored to QBs who can run the ball he's been at the forefront of that movement. Personally I love the pairing of Roman and Trevor Lawrence.
  22. What's amazing to me is that even when the talent is poor you often see NFL teams change their culture overnight with the right coach. Gase is the opposite of that. He seems to magnify underlying issues.
  23. The only way we have a chance to take him is if we have the worst record in the NFL. If we have the worst record in the NFL Adam Gase will be fired. I agree that simply replacing Darnold with another QB isn't going to make us that much better, but I think the idea is 1) replace Gase with a good coach 2) draft generational QB 3) use the rest of our picks on key players on offense and 4) use the fact that we'll be one of the only teams in the NFL with cap space to again, add more pieces around the rookie on offense. Personally I'm okay with the defense continuing to suck if we have a clean slate on offense and go all in on Trevor Lawrence. Instead of doing what we did with Darnold we go all in on Lawrence and his rookie contract from the jump. The guy is Josh Allen if he were a good passer.

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