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  1. Agreed. Given that the Bills and Browns have seemingly turned things around I can't think of any fanbase who truly has it worse at the moment than the Lions.
  2. Gasteineau's entire career was before my time. No opinion. Definitely a favorable opinion of Revis. Best player I've ever seen in a Jets uniform, was synonymous with the best stretch of Jets football of my lifetime. Revis Island is one of the few Jets memes/jokes/names that is positive. Was he a greedy mercenary? Sure. But I will never really hold it against a player for trying to maximize their compensation. Their careers are short, they should use whatever leverage they have when they have it. Bill Belichick is the anti-Christ. He's a bag of sh*t who hates and has no respect for th
  3. Do we need a new thread every time this guy gets booted from somebodies practice squad?
  4. In a general sense this is true. I do think the Jets fanbase (relative to most) has fewer homers and more cynics, though... And I also think there's a segment of the fanbase that truly thrives on negativity in a way you won't often see with most fanbases.
  5. I came in here to once again rail on the absolute idiocy of trading for Joe Flacco (the fact that he was known to be unvaccinated and this was eminently foreseeable is the icing on the cake) but naturally this has gone off the rails.
  6. If Wilson plays I'd like to see him play well. To be honest, I don't really care if we win otherwise. This is one of the only games remaining that will impact our draft position, so I'm not going to get bent out of shape.
  7. Leon Hess -- Indifferent, he's really before my time. Herm -- I remember pieces of his era fondly, but I think overall I'd say negative. It's hard not to feel like he squandered some talented teams even if he seems like a good guy. Parcells -- Positive. Best Jets coach of my lifetime and set the table for the most successful era of Jets football since Weeb. I don't think you can blame him for Belichick going to the Pats, as unfortunate as that was. Bowles -- Good DC, not a good head coach. I think with a talented roster he could succeed to a certain degree but with Mac he had no
  8. You can frame it how you want. He's in this third year since being hired as GM. He's had two offseasons (draft and FA period) to overhaul the roster. He's had one offseason with the current coaching staff/scheme. To me it's year two, since Maccagnan ran the 2019 offseason. He botched the kicker situation that year and dragging Ryan Kalil out of retirement flopped but he had very little input on that team.
  9. First, I’ll say that I think secondary play is hard to evaluate watching a live broadcast because they aren’t often in the frame until we’re seeing the outcome of the play. I’m not gonna pretend to be some film junkie watching the all 22. Second, I’ll openly admit I’ve been watching the Jets fairly sporadically over the last several weeks. I could easily be missing a lot. But I constantly see the guy out of position after a big play, looking confused and getting penalties. I was super high on him after the draft and have been waiting to see him make an impact. Certainly hope I’m off
  10. That narrative seems to be playing... I haven't really seen it, but he's been getting some love. Bryce Hall is easily looking like the best pick of that 2020 class. He's a solid CB. Moore is a stud.
  11. Tyler Linderbaum is, IMO, exactly what this Jets offensive line needs. He's a smart, physical, athletic stud at center, a former wrestler (who pinned Tristan Wirfs!) who will bring the whole thing together and raise the whole unit. I get that people don't want to use another first on the offensive line -- but he's the perfect pick to raise the level of the whole unit and lead to having a top tier line that pays dividends across the whole offense. We're likely to have two top ten picks -- depending on what happens with the Seahawks that is, but the blitz boi trade is looking good for
  12. I'd go the opposite direction and say he's a lock to return. He's clearly approached this as a long term thing from the beginning and Woody isn't going to pay three head coaches next year. Even if we don't win another game (which strikes me as very unlikely) I think he's 100% back for 2022. 2023, which I thought he was pretty much guaranteed to be here for originally, feels far less certain.
  13. That is 100% what it is, IMO. The Jets are horrendous and Saleh is feeling the heat. He wants to notch a few wins with competent QB play so he can say -- "See? My coaching staff knows what they're doing. The team isn't that bad. We just need to develop this young QB." If the Jets look competent and win a few more games down the stretch he can sell optimism for next year. If the team keeps playing like they have been recently he may not even make it to next year.
  14. Saleh is feeling the heat and wants to prove he and his staff can win with competent QB play. He clearly believes Flacco gives them the best chance to win Sunday. It's idiotic, but I get why he's doing it.
  15. Not a terrible line, as these things go. Kind of funny for a Bills fan to make it though, given they were in the exact same spot like four years ago.
  16. Does anyone else not get embarrassed by the Jets? They aren't a reflection of me. The only embarrassing thing about it is that I allow myself to care about them as much as I do. That said I think the "correct" answer to the question has to be the Buttfumble, if only because of how it's lauded and beloved by the media and fans of other teams. That stupid thing had to be retired by the SportsCenter not top ten after a year of winning every single week. Might still be winning if they hadn't retired it.
  17. Fascinating stuff here. Did you also know? Since 2015 the Jets haven't had a winning season. The more you know.
  18. A story in four parts: 1) Jets go into the year with no veteran backup, insist on starting rookie QB. 2) Rookie QB struggles. 3) Rookie QB is injured. 4) Jets, who opted not to have a veteran backup on the team deliberately, trade for Joe Flacco. Forget Wilson looking like a bust, the Mike White saga, Saleh's defense imploding, etc. The most Jetsy thing this year is going into the season with no veteran backup QB and then trading a draft pick for Joe Flacco when Wilson got hurt. It's just the type of clueless, inept, indefensible move that makes you lose all faith
  19. Mac is mediocre and would be Mike White on this team. Wilson may bust but I will never, ever regret not taking Mac Jones at 2 overall.
  20. Even in his best, most successful season here Rex went into a mega showdown with the Pats on MNF and got humiliated 45-3. He then "buried the ball" in practice to put it behind them and lost at home to a crappy Dolphins team the next week.
  21. Given all Rex's false bravado about "stepping over tougher guys on my way to a fight" I hope he recognizes that, for whatever coaching faults he may have, Bob Saleh would beat the ever-loving sh*t out of him.
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