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  1. 1 hour ago, Paradis said:

    Well he's not a split end for starters. That right there should be enough. We desperately need an X. Maybe i'm neurotic, but we need to be thinking bigger than just 2020. 

    Secondly, we'd be letting Robbie go, just to replace him with a luxury model of the same player. I'm not convinced that Ruggs can be an offenses WR1, and you're going to find reasonably similar talent in rounds 2 or 3. He's a playmaker, no doubt, but fat chance of us finding a OT1 in round 2... while i can say we definitely have a shot at some WR1s in round 2.

    Also, he was the 3rd best WR on 'bama last year IMO. 


    Well, if you believe in Ruggs you don't see him in a specific role or as a similar player to Robby. You see him as Tyreek Hill.

    I want a OT at 11 but if we trade up into the back end of the first for Ruggs I would be happy with that.

  2. 23 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

    I actually think you could make a very reasonable argument that it isn't a pass happy league anymore.  It's still a QB driven league, but I do think offenses are shifting away from the pass happy game plan of 5-10 years ago.

    Look no further than the two assumed best young offensive minds in the game in McVay and Shanahan.  Both of their offenses are predicated on running the ball and indiscernible play action passing.  Add in the heavy use of too and zone read around the league, I'd argue modern offense is more centered around the run game than it has been in 20 years or more 

    I think two things

    1) Balance always has been and always will be important. Misdirection and forcing defenses to compensate for either aspect of the game is always key to being successful.

    2) As defenses got lighter and faster and played more nickel as a base teams that actually had an "old school" offense had a competitive advantage against these smaller defenses. Zig when everyone else zags.

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  3. I expected Darnold to make more of a jump in 2019 than he did. I think that's partly related to a historically bad offensive line, partly related to scheme, and partly related to the fact that Darnold continues to make bad decisions.

    I think he has all the physical skills necessary and there are certain areas where he is significantly above average if not elite -- outside of Patrick Mahomes and maybe still Rodgers I can't think of many QBs that throw better on the run and I can't think of many who make some of these plays through the air when things break down. I was watching 2019 highlights the other day and he made a few "how on earth did he make that throw" type throws -- under pressure, across his body, lightning quick release, etc. He's an instinctual playmaker.

    The most problematic negative is that he still makes boneheaded decisions when trying to make a play. This is, of course, tough because it also seems to go hand in hand with his greatest strengths. When we discuss his upside I don't think he'll ever be a super efficient QB who doesn't turn the ball over (Brady, Rodgers) he'll always be a bit of a gunslinger. He just needs to make enough plays and score enough points that it's not a huge issue.

    I'm also a bit concerned about his deep ball accuracy. For all the talk of his improved arm strength in pre-season his deep ball was notably less accurate than in 2018, IMO.

    Overall -- last year I thought the hire of the new HC was the most important hire the Jets would make in 20 years and I think they botched it hiring Adam Gase. I think Gase is stubborn and arrogant and doesn't play to Sam's strengths. Ironically things were really clicking with the Appalachian trail guru from last year by the end -- his offense actually fit Sam, bad play caller or not.

    TLDR: Sam has the potential to be really good but thus far I think we've mismanaged him and I'm not optimistic he'll reach his full potential. I'd still guess he becomes a solid starter and is around for a long time.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    Is there a HC that doesn’t want that from his WR’s?

    Of course they all want that. But how much of that are they willing to sacrifice it in the name of talent? With most guys there's a balance -- every now and then you have a Larry Fitzgerald who checks every conceivable box but usually there's a give and a take.


    My impression of Gase (and to a lesser degree Douglas who has incessantly preached character) is that they'd rather have Demarius Thomas on the cheap than pay for Robby Anderson.

  5. 1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    lol no.  He's a "volume writer".  He's not well-connected and is rarely correct about a lot of his predictions.  But he'll crank out a 3,000 word column and that's what he's good for. 

    @Sperm Edwards or @Bleedin Green could do that just as well or better.  And in fact sometimes they do just that here but don't get paid for it.  

    His job isn't supposed to be be well connected, he's not Schefter. He's an analytics guy. I think he's very smart, if a bit dry.

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  6. 12 minutes ago, slimjasi said:

    I have no idea what Gase thinks of Anderson, but it will really annoy me if we let Anderson go only to give Sanders a huge contract. 

    There is a good argument to me made for not overpaying Anderson to keep him, but that argument falls apart if you then intend to overpay Sanders, who is much older and not a homegrown talent.  

    All of these WRs are getting paid, so if you are going to pay any of them, it’s very likely going to be more money than you want. 

    To me, you either resign Anderson (which sounds unlikely to happen), splurge on Cooper (who is only 25), or dedicate two of your top 4 picks to the WR position in what is a loaded draft class.

    And, either way, you are still drafting at least one WR from this loaded draft class.  

    My general impression is that Gase likes his WRs to be 1) smart 2) hard working 3) well-rounded 4) high effort players who 5) run great routes.

    I love Robby, but he checks literally none of those boxes. He's basically the exact opposite type of guy. This is obviously my conjecture but I just don't see him as someone the Jets would consider giving big money to under this regime.

    Personally I think the draft is loaded with WR talent and that's where we should be replenishing the well. But I would not be surprised at all to see Gase sign a veteran WR who fits his mold.

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  7. 13 minutes ago, JiF said:

    Every RB on the team enjoyed the worst season of their careers.  The OL was historically bad.  

    Gase used Bell plenty.  I dont think the knock was usage (though he would tend to go away from him late in the game) but more so, how he used him but this isnt uncommon of Gase.  It's been his biggest knock as a player caller.  

    Bell had 310 touches of the Football.  He was the 2nd leading WR on the team.  He had 500 more yards from scrimmage than the next guy on the team.  He caught 85% of his passes.  Bell provides a ton of value to Darnold in both pass protection and as a safety valve.  He's still got wiggle, can make people miss and he never goes backward.  He was met by the 1st defender closer to the LOS than any other RB in the league but he always seemed to manage to get positive yards.   Build the OL and Bell will have a bounce back season.


    Totally agree with this. I didn't notice him being noticeably slower last year. The issue was that the offensive line sucked and his game is predicated on having a good line. If anything he often impressed me finding ways to turn nothing into a gain.

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  8. 16 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    Whether Robbie Anderson is here or jot next year will be totally dependant on whether Adam Gase likes him as a player or not.  The jets will be able to compete with most teams on his salary and I do not think other teams are going to love him so much they will go way over the top.

    I think Gase hates him and he's going to get paid a lot more than Jets fans realize. He's 100% gone IMHO.

  9. On 2/10/2020 at 8:06 AM, greenwichjetfan said:


    Funny, these are the two things I’ve been saying for much of the season and started getting really annoying about after the championship. Still, people think I’m in left field by myself. That’s fine.

    The bengals have a lot of needs and should absolutely be sellers this offseason because they will likely get a haul that could set them up well in the near future. 

    The really scary thing to me is the massive leap between 2018 and 2019.


    The guy goes from mid-round nobody to the greatest QB season of all time and the 1st overall pick... What changed? Not the LSU talent. It was the scheme. Which makes you think he's only going to reach his potential in an offense perfectly tailored to him.

    The likelihood of that with the Cincinnati Bengals? (Or Adam Gase?)  Not great.

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  10. 50 minutes ago, Rangers9 said:

    That is just my opinion not based on anyone else on the board. I thought there were games he made mistakes in that were not in line with what we expect from a developing franchise Qb. I didn't see those amount of errors in year one. Again I still think he's going to be a good one and I would stay with him. He's our starter. But I have more questions than I did in year one. So I'm not talking stats I'm giving an opinion.

    I think it's obvious he didn't regress so to speak.

    But I definitely agree with the idea that he didn't progress as much as I was expecting and I'm generally less confident in him coming out of 2019 than I was coming out of 2018.

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  11. 5 hours ago, nyjunc said:

    They missed 3 FGs against Cleveland, all makeable ones.  If they make one they don't need to win in OT or if the D doesn't blow a TD lead late to Colt McCoy.

    The O had a few clunkers but was very good for the most part that season.  I just wish they had one more possession in the AFC Championship Game.


    Don't get me wrong, the 2010 offense was solid. But the 11-5 record was still the product of a great (top 5) defense. The 2015 offense (while they did choke against Buffalo) was a top ten offense, the only one we've had in 15 years.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Warfish said:

    If you think Adams is as well known and discussed nationally as J.J. Watt, great.  

    I guess reading comprehension isn't your strong suit but I specifically mentioned JJ Watt as a player that is better known than Adams.

    1 hour ago, Warfish said:

    If you think Darnold is as well known and discussed nationally as Mahomes or Watson, great.  




    Of course, I said no such thing. I just said that every starting QB in the NFL is well known by people who follow football. Nobody who follows the league doesn't know who Sam Darnold is. Same goes for Derek Carr, Carson Wentz, Josh Allen, and Jacoby Brissett. If you're a football fan you know those names and can place what team they're on with ease.

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  13. 2 hours ago, nyjunc said:

    Until we needed to score against a mediocre bills team that was really banged up.

    The 2010 O was really fun, they saved that team numerous times late in games

    I mean, they made some clutch plays late against teams like the Browns and Lions -- but the were only clutch because the offense wasn't scoring for 3+ quarters.

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