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  1. 2015 is the only time the offense has been fun in 15+ years. That's the only year it felt like our O could go out and score TDs on any given drive.
  2. Doesn't matter. I don't live in Seattle but I know who Bobby Wagner is. I don't live in Arizona but I know who Chandler Jones is. I don't live in Buffalo but I know who Tredavious White is. Why? Because they're stud All-Pro players and I'm an avid football fan. Do you think those guys are "famous?" Because they are, and so is Jamal Adams. The Jets suck and aren't relevant nationally but any football fan who knows anything knows who Sam Darnold, Leveon Bell, Jamal Adams and CJ Mosely are.
  3. With all due respect you very clearly have no clue what you're talking about. People who follow the NFL and generally know who famous players are unquestionably know who Jamal Adams is. They also all know who Sam Darnold is -- every single starting QB in the NFL is "famous" in the terms I'm talking about. If you get drafted in the top ten and go to multiple pro bowls people who are fans of the game know who you are. End of story.
  4. I mean, if you follow the NFL he is...? Like, I don't even know what to say to this. Either you follow football and know who guys like Jamal Adams are or you don't really follow the sport and you don't. There are no big football fans who don't know who Jamal Adams is. If your argument is that he's not "QB famous" like Patrick Mahomes that's obviously true but I'd say Adams is just about as famous as any defensive player not named JJ Watt or Aaron Donald.
  5. That's not true at all. He's a top ten pick and multiple time Pro Bowler. Whether or not he's a "household name" depends on what kind of household you live in but he's definitely "famous" by the standards of any NFL defensive player...
  6. He had a bad rookie year but I think the overly negative impressions of him were formed during that horrific stretch where he was starting at LT. Not only was he totally hopeless there, without Beachum the entire offensive line was putrid so it stood out more. He was more "generally bad" at RT. With time and better players around him could he be better? Maybe. He's young. I wouldn't pencil him in at RT just yet though.
  7. I didn't ask Sar I anything. I made my point. If gimmick posters want to spew sunshine that's their business. We have years of evidence at this point. It's not just this year, and it wasn't just those four games. I'm not gonna kill the guy for the offense looking inept during a three game stretch (despite the fact that it was so unbelievably pathetic that no NFL offense should ever, ever look that bad.) I am going to kill him for finishing 32nd in the NFL in total offense after finishing 24th, 25th, and 31st in three years as a head coach. Don't show me excuses for why his bad performance isn't his fault. Show me evidence he's good at this and capable of being successful. I didn't stutter. You need to be a leader to be the head guy. People have to respect you and follow your example. Seriously, find me a successful head coach who isn't a good leader and doesn't command the respect of his players.
  8. Not at all true. It's abundantly clearly many players throughout the league cannot stand the guy. I don't give a crap about press conferences or the media. I think it's a bad sign when players on the team are taking thinly veiled shots at the guy for being a fraud.
  9. Realistically I think you want to keep things relatively balanced. A few easy games at the beginning (I think a 3-0 start inspires confidence on a young team that it's not "just like last year") but mix up the west coast trips and really tough games with easier ones.
  10. I didn't like the hire when it was made. Nothing that has happened since then has inspired any confidence that he's a good coach. He clearly is a churlish and arrogant guy who rubs people the wrong way. Nobody would confuse him for a natural leader of men, a charismatic CEO. He seems to have problems with players and executives everywhere he goes. And yet, we can forgive that for an offensive genius, right? Problem is, his offenses as a head coach have exclusively sucked. We were dead last in the NFL in total offense this year. His offenses in Miami sucked too. Outside of a record setting year where Peyton Manning ran the Peyton Manning offense, there's no evidence he's a good offensive mind at all. If you were defending Adam Gase, what would your position be? What is the argument that he's good? Is there any objective evidence you can point to that indicates he's a good NFL football coach? I can't find any.
  11. No, that's factually incorrect. They both sat for one year and then became the starter in year two -- and Brady won his first Super Bowl even faster.
  12. I think there's a strong possibility we have a better record over 2018-19 but I think we'd still be worse off long term. I just don't think Josh Allen is good and I still like Darnold a lot.
  13. Fair point about the injury guarantee, I forgot about that. It still seems unlikely to me that a guy not optioned will sign a big deal with his hometown team... If he reaches UFA I don't see why the Titans would really have an advantage in signing him. The team willing to overpay will get him.
  14. This is of course true and worthy of criticism... But the Chiefs proved during the playoffs they can basically score a gajillion points in a very short period of time. They have the ability to do this to anyone.
  15. I keep seeing people claim they doubt the Titans let Conklin walk... Why? Have you ever seen a rookie have their 5th year option not picked up only to be re-signed to a massive contract? They don't want to keep him, clearly. That's the real issue. It's a red flag.
  16. I don't think that's a controversial take in 2020. A lot of guys are better than Brady these days. Will his career be as good? I doubt it, but I hope so.
  17. There's a case to be made that Mac was worse. Mac 1) Had significantly more time. 2) Had no discernible plan. He didn't seem to understand positional value and neglected the offensive line to a criminal extent. 3) Drafted poorly and signed FA busts left and right. 4) Lucked into Darnold but only after passing on Mahomes. Idzik, for all his faults seemed to have a smart plan -- acquire picks, build through the draft, etc. He just drafted so unfathomably poorly and was such a goof with the media that he couldn't be salvaged. I think Idzik was more of a joke and his tenure basically had no positives so I voted for him, but Mac was also dreadful and had fewer excuses.
  18. I dunno. They went all in, traded all their assets and signed mediocre and/or injured players to bad contracts. It's possible McVay tweaks some things and they have a "get right" season after the post-Super Bowl slump but on paper there isn't a ton of room for them to improve. I guess I'm a Goff skeptic but it feels like this iteration of a veteran team has already peaked.
  19. That is definitely what they should do. Sign their own Tannehill and let Allen "Mariota" himself if he keeps sucking.
  20. So you think he's an elite QB? Would you trade Darnold and sign him to a big contract?
  21. Mahomes is on a plane by himself. He's probably the best QB in the league. I've always been a big Watson guy, he's next. Jackson I'll give the benefit of the doubt right below Watson. I don't really believe in him long term but the guy just won MVP, gotta give him credit for this season. The next tier are the unproven guys who have upside -- Darnold, Mayfield, Murray, Allen, etc. I like Darnold the best of this crew. Next are guys I've seen play enough to think they are frauds, with includes Trubisky and Goff.
  22. He had a good season, I'll give him that. He was on a run first team with an elite offensive line and was a super effective game manager for them. That's probably his ceiling.
  23. In general I'm not a huge fan of investing top flight assets (draft picks or money) in WRs. I think if you have a good QB and a good o-line a lot of "mediocre" type WRs can produce for you. Robby is the best WR on the team and he was an UDFA. That said if we let Robby walk the position clearly needs to be addressed. Good news is it's a great WR draft, lots of talent at the top and lots of depth. Draft two in rounds 2-4. IMO, our first five picks should include two OL, two WRs, and a CB.
  24. I have a hard time believing they really are going to make a play to keep him. Everything about Gase and Douglas suggest he's not their kind of guy.
  25. TE and S might be the only positions where we're well situated with above average players/depth. Olsen is going to be paired with Jim Nantz when ESPN breaks the bank on Romo.

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